10 Best Makeup Brand Designs That Add Prestige to the Brands

10 Best Makeup Brand Designs That Add Prestige to the Brands
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Last Updated: May 15, 2023

Makeup brands, including makeup artists, are known for their branding strategies that hit both sides of the spectrum: some are extravagant, while others rely on sophistication and understated elegance. Either way, these branding strategies are perfect for effortlessly hooking up the target markets.

Let's look at some of the best makeup brand designs created by some of the best brand designers in the industry today.

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1. Desideria Lipstick by Altea Uva

[Source: Altea Uva]

Standout Features:

  • Impressive vector art
  • Tropical feel
  • Subtle incorporation of shades

With its impressive, illustrated vector art of a woman enjoying lush foliage, Altea Uva's packaging design for Desideria Lipstick lands a spot on our list of best makeup brand designs.

The design features a woman highlighting the shades worn on her lips, surrounded by gorgeous tropical flowers and leaves as though she is enjoying the jungle around her. It looks refreshing yet beautiful, and the lips on the illustration are the same as the lipstick inside the boxes.

When placed beside each other, the box packaging design showcases the bigger picture of the woman enjoying nature's wonders.

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2. Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette Set by The Rare Form

[Source: The Rare Form]

Standout Features:

  • Zodiac wheel center
  • Nature-inspired elements
  • Elegant mirror strip

This next-best makeup brand design draws inspiration from astrology and the zodiac signs, which ideally appeals to younger people.

Designed by The Rare Form for an up-and-coming beauty brand, the design features 12 different shades categorized into the four main elements of nature: water, fire, earth, and air.

Each palette has a mirror strip placed conveniently inside the palette, and when put together, all four palettes form the zodiac wheel.

3. Me May Makeup Artist by ANV DESIGN

[Source: ANV DESIGN]

Standout Features:

  • Warm earth tones
  • Stunning photos
  • Classy serif typeface

One notable feature in the Me May Makeup Artist's branding design by ANV DESIGN is the array of stunning photos that tell people what the brand is about.

Since Irene Meiser is a seasoned makeup artist, the agency used high-quality, stunning photos of a glamorous woman, the earth-toned eyeshadow palette, and a set of gorgeous lipstick shades.

The designers also chose earth colors in the brand design to relay that Irene Meiser is happy working with clients from all skin colors, another clever nod to inclusivity. Finally, the serif font style adds a touch of class to the concept.

4. Iara Livia Beauty Studio by Wox Studio Criativo

[Source: Wox Studio Criativo]

Standout Features:

  • Laurel leaf accent
  • Enclosed logo
  • Vibrant color story

Iara Livia Beauty Studio's brand design by Wox Studio Criativo features the client's brand name in a serif typeface, enclosed inside shapes such as circles and squares. The end is decorated with a stem of laurel leaves.

The logo design looks crisp, clean, and classy, perfectly fitting the branding as a hip and modern makeup brand for all generations. It also features a gorgeous and vibrant color palette inspired by the wonders of nature, like the dunes, lush greenery, and the open seas.

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5. Tata Milet by Fabiana Lisboa

[Source: Fabiana Lisboa]

Standout Features:

  • Closed clam symbol
  • Bold sans-serif fonts
  • Feminine color story

Brand designer Fabiana Lisboa unleashed her creativity when she designed the branding for Tata Milet, featuring a feminine color story and other appealing features that endeared the brand to its target market.

The design features a gold-plated symbol of a closed clam to represent a woman's untapped beauty that Tata Milet can help bring to the world. You can also interpret it as a budding flower, symbolizing a woman's blossoming journey into becoming a beauty.

The bold sans-serif fonts have edges that look like flared bellbottoms, another nod to the fashion styles of the 70s, together with the hues of red and fuchsia.

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6. Helena Lira by Jaya Studio Criativo

[Source: Jaya Studio Criativo]

Standout Features:

  • Cursive monogram logo
  • Fresh pink color
  • Rounded edges and straight lines

Eyebrow and makeup artist Helena Lira asked Jaya Studio Criativo to create a branding design for her business, and she wanted it to look feminine and youthful. Thus, the design agency created a monogram logo in baby pink with rounded edges and straight lines.

The result is this stunning logo design that perfectly fits her brand of modern and youthful makeup for today's young women. The monogram logo looked expensive, and the fresh pink color added a pop of femininity to the design.

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7. Rafaela Dantas by Brand RP

[Source: Brand RP]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized R
  • Sophisticated color story
  • Minimalist logo

Eyebrow artist Rafaela Dantas wanted to establish a simple yet remarkable branding design that would make people remember her as a seasoned eyebrow artist. Thus, the design agency Brand RP made a logo connecting Rafaela's initials with a line shaped like an eyebrow to create a minimalist logo.

The design looks very cohesive, instantly generating brand recall for those who can see it. In addition, using rose pink and muted gold as colors adds sophistication to the brand.

8. Alexandra Leroy by French Lemon Studio

[Source: French Lemon Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Signature-like monogram
  • Gold-embossed print
  • A mix of different fonts

What makes Alexandra Leroy's makeup brand design by French Lemon Studio a standout is the mix of fonts that convey different feelings about the brand.

The design agency used a signature-like font to create an elegant monogram logo for the brand, while they spelled out the brand name and the profession in thin sans-serif fonts to signify that they mean business.

Adding an expensive touch to the brand design is the gold-embossed print for the logo.

9. SAMIA Make Up Artist by Studio Zena

[Source: Studio Zena]

Standout Features:

  • Monogram logo
  • Diamond enclosure
  • Rose gold finish

SAMLA Makeup Artist's brand design by Studio Zena is a perfect example of how minimalism and glamor go hand in hand.

The design agency created a monogram logo of an S in a serif font and an M in a lowercase handwritten font, with the M overlapping on top of the S. The M is also rose gold, while the S is black. These two colors reflect the elegance of the brand.

The monogram logo is enclosed in a rose gold-colored diamond highlighting the high quality of their services. This monogram logo is ideal for their brand as an up-and-coming high-end makeup artist.

10. Samantha Raven by Yuri Figueiredo

[Source: Yuri Figueiredo]

Standout Features:

  • Mauve color story
  • Thin serif fonts
  • Minimalist concept

One of the most notable features of Samantha Raven's brand design by Yuri Figueiredo is the striking mauve and white color story. Mauve was the primary color in the brand design and is the right color to highlight femininity and power.

They also used thin serif fonts that signify class and substance, ideally fitting the brand design.

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