14 Best Coffee & Tea Packaging Designs

14 Best Coffee & Tea Packaging Designs
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Last Updated: January 02, 2023

Nothing beats a cup of coffee or tea to start the day right. Millions of people worldwide get that average cup of joe or tea to get going. It boosts their mood, wakes them up, and even perks their feelings to have a great jumpstart for the day.

Some of the best coffee and tea packaging designs influence people's choices, especially if the visuals are appealing enough to make the buyer get one and add it to their carts.

People may have different preferences when it comes to their cup of coffee or tea – how bold the flavor profile is, how sweet or bitter the taste is, but the packaging... that is something else entirely. Pairing with some of the best packaging designers, coffee and tea brands can help you feel the taste, even before the first sip. 

These examples of the best coffee and tea packaging designs are the ones to beat when choosing the best product for their morning cup.

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1. Vale do Aco by Enzo Venancio

Best Coffee & Tea Packaging Designs
[Source: Enzo Venancio]

Standout features:

  • Luxurious layout
  • A deep and rich color story
  • Expensive-looking design

Luxury coffee still appeals to many people. Who wants to avoid sipping a luxurious cup of joe to start the morning? This coffee packaging design by Enzo Venancio is perfect for those who value quality over anything else.

For one, the colors used in the packaging design are not the usual ones brands use, such as red and black. They used deep greens and glittery metallic colors to show how refreshing each cup of coffee would be. Green is considered a cool and refreshing color based on color psychology.

The logo placement is manageable, which is a plus for those who get turned off by the excessive display of brand logos in the first place. It is expensive-looking, and everyone would want to have it in their cupboards.

2. Caucas Tea by Yugen Branding

Best Tea Packaging Designs
[Source: Yugen Branding]

Standout features:

  • Clean and crisp presentation
  • Minimalistic visuals
  • Legible typography

As we all know, vintage aesthetics are now back in fashion. From decorations at home to fashion choices, it is undeniable that everyone loves the retro train again. Coffee and tea packaging designs are no exception, and this one nailed the assignment.

Designed by Yugen Branding, they tapped into the attention that vintage aesthetics have been getting with this hip design. Back then, the packaging designs were not that elaborate, and it undoubtedly appealed to those who love the aesthetic now.

The choice of legible font style in this tea packaging design has highlighted their commitment to providing only the best drinking experience without straying away from the design aspect. It looks crisp and clean, and everyone would love to have it in their cupboards and pantries.

3. Grain Café by Rafa Martins Design

Best Coffee Packaging Designs
[Source: Rafa Martins Design]

Standout features:

  • Swiss-centered aesthetic
  • Use of metallic colors
  • Streamlined design execution

When people say Swiss, coffee and tea are the last things that come to their mind when they hear the word. However, Swiss chocolate is known for being sweet and decadent. This exquisite coffee packaging design wants to capitalize on the luxury side of things.

The creative minds at Rafa Martins Design decided to bank on the fact that Swiss food products are the epitome of expensive dining. They want the coffee drinkers to feel that with every sip.

We all know how gold and silver can heighten luxury in every design. Still, they did not pour a heavy hand on it in the overall design execution. The outlines of the mountaintop were traced using metallic colors, which lent it just the right amount of expense.

This is an excellent example of a packaging design in which we do not need to dump all the expensive elements to make a statement.

4. Ochaya. Matcha. by Kinoto Studio

best tea packaging
[Source: Kinoto Studio]


Standout features:

  • Japanese visual aesthetics
  • Serene color story
  • Cultural significance shown

Matcha took the world by storm once it gained mainstream popularity. Many companies have tried to angle their promotions on the fact that their matcha ingredients are authentically Japanese. Many have tried, but only a few have succeeded, such as Ochaya. Matcha.

Kinoto Studio's packaging design focuses on the Japanese aspect of things, from the rising sun to the glorious mountaintop decorating the packaging. The watercolor effect on the pictures also lends a layer of a handcrafted element to them.

They succeeded in capitalizing on the Japanese side to convince their buyers that they only use the best and most authentic ingredients to preserve the distinct matcha flavor they know and love.

5. Cafe Land Of Volcanoes by Jose Luis Castellano

best coffee packaging
[Source: Jose Luis Castellano]

Standout features:

  • Earthy color palette
  • Excellent font choices
  • On-point design execution

Coffee packaging should entice the buyers to pick one bag and add it to their carts from a glance, and the choice of colors and shades matters a lot. This coffee packaging design is an excellent example of using the right blend of colors to entice buyers.

You will first notice the rich brown hue used in the packaging design. We all know what coffee looks like, and Jose Luis Castellano sees the same way too.

The color choices are not overpowering nor too bland, which makes it an excellent choice for those who want a deep flavor profile for their coffee.

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6. Isy & Lily by White Studio Istanbul

tea packaging ideas
[Source: White Studio Istanbul]

Standout features:

  • Compact packaging design
  • Pastel color story
  • Focus on the product information

Isy & Lily markets themselves as a comfortable choice for those who want to sip a relaxing cup of tea in their homes. They believe that cozy does not have to be expensive, and a soothing cup of tea will do.

Thanks to White Studio Istanbul, their stunning tea packaging design prioritizes the fact that it should be aesthetically pleasing and functional simultaneously. With these designs, you won't have to transfer the tea packets into a jar anymore.

The design concepts fit so well in many pantries and living rooms, so there is no need to throw them away. The pastel colors are very friendly to the eyes.

One thing this packaging design has is attention to the information about the product placed right in front of the box. This shows their commitment to informing people how to drink tea and enjoy it well.

7. Submarine Specialty Coffee by lovemedo agency

Best Coffee & Tea Packaging Designs
[Source: lovemedo agency]

Standout features:

  • Cosmopolitan design concept
  • Fun visual elements
  • Geared towards younger drinkers

Your cup of coffee should have personality, and Submarine Specialty Coffee never fails to disappoint with its gorgeous coffee packaging design. Their coffee packaging design targets a specific demographic, which works for them.

This coffee packaging design from lovemedo agency is simple yet does not crimp on the personality department. Images of flamingoes and other fun animals put a youthful spin on the packaging.

This works so well with their target audience as they want the younger generation to enjoy coffee as a drink every morning and as a lifestyle. For them, coffee is a lifestyle choice.

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8. Coffee Box by Afterglow

Coffee & Tea Packaging Designs
[Source: Afterglow]

Standout features:

  • Design concept with a story
  • Earthy color story
  • Creative use of visual elements

Standard coffee packaging typically has the brand name, an image of coffee or anything related, and some text describing the variety of the coffee beans. Coffee Box has done all that, but they made it so exciting that people enjoy reading the packaging before having a cup.

At first glance, it might seem simple and generic to all coffee brands. Upon closer look, you would realize that the minor details matter. They paid attention to the varieties of the coffee and even added some information about it.

Afterglow has made it a point to entertain and educate the buyers of the coffee with its sensible packaging.


tea packaging designs
[Source: NOSIGNER]

Standout features:

  • Splash of elite exclusivity
  • Polished metallic colors
  • Neat execution of the design

People would pay dearly for a cup of tea, and Japanese tea makers know precisely that. That is why they often promote their tea brands so that Western teamakers have no edge in the competition – the authenticity of their products.

This tea packaging design has given the words "gold standard" a whole new meaning, from the packaging design concept down to the execution of the minor details.

NOSIGNER is determined to make the buyers feel exclusive and elite whenever they buy these tea packets from the company. They succeed in making the buyers feel expensive even without experience yet.

All in all, this is a masterclass of luxury done right.

10. Lirios Coffee by Vectorial Studio

coffee packaging designs
[Source: Vectorial Studio]

Standout features:

  • Understated elegance
  • Mellow color story
  • Solid logo placement

Another excellent example of showcasing premium quality coffee is Vectorial Studio and its interpretation of this marvelous coffee packaging design. You can easily see this in a luxury café in the streets of Paris.

The designers focused on two things: quality and impression. They want to give the best possible image to the buyers that they're paying the correct amount because it will make them feel pampered and cared for from top to bottom.

The packaging reminds us of the iconic Gucci and Hermes packaging, with the logo placement printed conspicuously in a pattern that looks polished yet does its job of promoting the brand.

The colors used are also on the mellow side of the spectrum, which plays with how lowkey the elite can be as opposed to the flamboyant members of the new society.

Indeed, you would feel elegance seeping from every drop of coffee once you laid your hands on this exquisite coffee packaging.

11. SachsTea by Brandex Agency

tea packaging design
[Source: Brandex Agency]

Standout features:

  • Asian-inspired design concept
  • Clever color contrast
  • Strong brand identity

Drinking tea is undoubtedly an Asian thing, and Asians do it the best. From the tea cultures of East, South, and Southeast Asia, drinking tea is now a lifestyle and an integral part of the culture of so many people worldwide.

SachsTea wanted to focus on that and encourage people that drinking tea is a cultured act with their stunning tea packaging from Brandex Agency. The designs are very Asian but not too stereotypically Asian. It is a fine example of cultural appreciation for businesses.

Gold has never failed to make the packaging look more luxe, and the proper contrast of colors has played it so well. We are sold, and we want more.

12. Shroo by Numinous

tea and coffee packaging design
[Source: Numinous]

Standout features:

  • Sans-serif font styles
  • Clean and neat branding
  • Straightforward design

Sometimes, we want coffee or tea without any frills or special effects. We get so overwhelmed with everything life offers us that we need a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Shroo offers fresh air with its tea selections in clear and straightforward packaging that tells it like it is.

There is no need to flaunt the qualities of your tea variants with elaborate words and loopy font choices when you can tell them what this tea can do in simple text blocks that are easy to read and understand.

The images used are very aesthetically pleasing. They remind us of Polaroid images taken by us whenever we want to cherish great memories. And indeed, drinking tea is a memory worth cherishing.

Job well done to Numinous, who thought of these designs for the tea brand.

13. Feltea by Gapsy Studio

green tea packaging design
[Source: Gapsy Studio]

Standout features:

  • Festive design concept
  • Clever use of pastel colors
  • Packaging with personality

One problem that most coffee and tea packaging designs have is monotony. So you sell coffee and tea, hm. What's next? This is where most designers need help because they often hit a dead end.

Lucky for Gapsy Studio, that was not a problem because they managed to inject some personality into the products thanks to their packaging design.

These designs were created to win over the younger demographic in place. With these fun and whimsical designs, you can quickly grab some and bring them home with you. Pastel colors are all the rage these days; this is their way of saying they are here to stay.

14. Koicha Te by Laura Inat

best tea packaging ideas
[Source: Laura Inat]

Standout features:

  • Refreshing visuals
  • Soothing color palette
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

This last inclusion on our list is a perfect example of keeping it fun and straightforward without pushing it over the top. The designers of this tea packaging design toyed with the elements of creativity to make it manageable for the buyers.

Laura Inat's creative thinking has brought us to the soothing images of Asian and Western cultures, where tea has been a popular drink of choice for generations.

She capitalized on the visual elements to make it seem like drinking tea is not some tedious activity reserved for the elderly but a fun activity that gives you a sense of life and personality with every refreshing sip.

You won't ever be ashamed of drinking tea in public with these cute and charming designs.

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