5 Best Business Card Designs Ideas

5 Best Business Card Designs Ideas
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Last Updated: March 21, 2023

Business cards are an ideal opportunity for creatives of all backgrounds to prove their mettle. After all, a well-designed business card is not only a stepping stone to a profitable partnership but an introduction to both the business that adorns it and the designer who mapped it out.

It is basically a miniature portfolio, a small-scale creative resume. Your typical business card is based on proven templates, but it usually leaves much to be desired. It lacks originality.

The best of the best take this opportunity to stand out in the design world, making new prospects, clients, partners, and acquaintances leave your office with something more than a well-made piece of carton – a powerful impression that lasts. They carry a chunk of your brand identity, which is why business cards are a perfect marketing tool to show (off) your offering, service, and unique style.

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Without further ado, here are the five best business card design ideas that are bound to turn heads:

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1. Recoop Vitamins by Sofia Parker

business card designs ideas
[Source: Recoop]

Standout Features:

  1. Teal color scheme
  2. Striking logo
  3. Minimal design

The first of the best business card designs from our list is reserved for Recoop an Australian eCommerce brand that offers customers personally designed vitamin packs custom-tailored to their needs and interests with a mission to achieve greater health and wellness.

The whole visual identity, including the business collateral and, more importantly, business cards, captures the brand’s mission masterfully.

Since general well-being is at the front and center, Sofia Parker, the designer behind the project, opted for an on-brand teal color scheme that communicates balance and tranquility. It retains the quality of both the Earth (green) and the sky (blue) to bring the best of both “realms” to Recoop’s clients.

The two “O’s” in Recoop’s logo design form an infinity symbol that proudly adorns the back of the card, conveying the endless possibilities the brand brings to the table.

2. 2creativo by Abeldb

great business card designs
[Source: 2creativo]

Standout Features:

  • Speech bubble
  • Embossed logo
  • Infinity symbol

2creativo, a graphic and industrial design studio based in Barcelona, worked closely with Abeldb to refresh its visual identity. To convey the studio's main value – strategic support for the launch of new products – the agency came up with a design that quite literally speaks.

Besides the red and white palette and a solid image with strong character, the 2creativo business card transcends your typical corporate imagery with multilayered, albeit simplistic visual elements.

The brand is based on a graphic that reflects the shape of an infinity symbol or a Moebius strip on two points (or pillars): strategy + design, innovation + design, graphic design + industrial design, etc. This duality also refers to the brand’s name; the business card is ready to announce it with the convenient speech bubble used to reinforce the values mentioned above.

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3. ModerniseYourStairs by Scene Print & Design

best business cards design
[Source: ModerniseYourStairs]

Standout Features:

  • Simplistic design
  • Prominent logo
  • Salient typography

Ever heard of the phrase “keep it simple, silly?” Well, Scene Print & Design took it to the next level when they designed Modernise Your Stairs (Vale of Wigan) business cards.

The agency adorned it with their previous creation, a classy, evocative, and modern (pun intended) logo, and made it a main graphic element. By using contemporary brand typography (similar to Sony’s PlayStation typeface) and combining it with a symbolic graphic representing their main USP, SP&D created an awesome business card showcasing an established and successful brand.

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4. Hurrah! by Lemon Graphic

top business card designs
[Source: Hurrah!]

Standout Features:

  • Charming illustration
  • Masterfully captures the brand’s values
  • Unconventional, Simpsons-inspired typography

Hurrah! Productions is a Singapore-based creative video agency that is used to being loud in the best possible way. Or, as the agency itself would put it: “All bark. All bite.”

Thanks to Lemon Graphic, Hurrah’s business card design took this sentiment to heart, as it struck a perfect balance between conventional and creative.

Besides the zany illustration, the letterpress black edge business card design wows with subtle, albeit premium quality. It is simply visually stunning and absolutely awesome to hold.

5. Mariana Vilas Boas Advocacia by Nicole Groff

best card designs
[Source: Mariana Vilas Boas Advocacia]

Standout Features:

  • Tranquil color scheme
  • Modern and symbolic
  • Prominent typeface

As a self-employed lawyer who offers legal advisory and consultancy services using judicial and extrajudicial methods, Mariana Vilas Boas required a conspicuous business card able to integrate multiple facets of her services.

With a mission to empower people to resolve their conflicts constructively so that the judiciary is called only when necessary, Mariana wanted to become a go-to person, an expert in the field that is simultaneously so much more - a diplomat, writer, and integrative therapist in the future.

When designing her business card, Nicole Groff infused the cardboard with the client's preference for contact with nature and concepts of Hindu philosophy (mainly resolving conflict). She merged them with the tranquil blues and contemporary design trends.

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