9 Best Party and Event Poster Designs

9 Best Party and Event Poster Designs
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: April 21, 2023

Everyone loves parties. And to celebrate any joyous moment, it's only fitting to have the best event and party posters to announce your gathering to the world.

Advertising your party to your target audience is crucial because you must convince people to attend. A well-designed event or party poster is a great way to excite and motivate your target audience to show up and have fun with you.

A cool event poster shows you can have fun without losing your branding. You don’t need to shed your corporate coat to have fun, but it often takes a professional print designer to show it. These party posters will do their job of inviting as many people as they can.

If you want inspiration, these stunning examples of the best event or party posters should give you an idea.

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1. Post Design Tangle by Formal Settings

best event posters
[Source: Formal Settings]

Standout features:

  • Retro
  • Neat and stylish typography
  • Creative photo collage

Post Design Tangle is an art and design event on graphic design trends and techniques to help aspiring artists stand out.

They invite some of the best and most creative minds in graphic design to inspire people and network with future employers.

This event poster, designed by Formal Settings, blends professionalism and creativity into one fantastic event poster that reflects what the event is about while retaining its personality.

The photo collage reminded us of the old music festival posters in the 70s and 80s when artistic expressions were more evident worldwide.

The font style also lends a glow of sophistication to the whole event poster, showing that even though most people here are fun-loving, they are still professional and dedicated to their crafts.

This retro approach is an excellent way of reconnecting to the roots of artistic expression and advertising an event as fun and hip.

2. Suddenly this summer 10 by Dimitris Kanellopoulos

cool event posters
[Source: Dimitris Kanellopoulos]

Standout features:

  • Unique interpretation
  • Meaningful color story
  • Nostalgic

This is a summer film festival held in Greece. In its tenth year, they want movie fans and film critics to band together and celebrate ten glorious years of modern Greek cinema during one of the most romantic seasons of the year.

Ten years is a milestone worth celebrating. This poster, designed by Dimitris Kanellopoulos, is an excellent example of mixing and matching contrasting visuals to create harmony in the overall picture.

Dimitris Kanellopoulos created ten posters, each signifying a year for the film festival. One poster combined all significant elements from other designs and presented them as one.

Each year is designed differently, showing people's evolving tastes in film preferences and film posters -- a unique interpretation of celebrating ten years.

The designer has tapped into the retro elements of the design for inspiration, but with minimal colors.

This makes sense because, as mentioned earlier, the retro years saw a boom in artistic expression in all aspects, including cinema.

The main poster is also a great example of how contrasting elements can come together under one aim: to entice the target audience and spark action.

3. Society of forms by Nico

party posters designs
[Source: Nico]

Standout features:

  • Clever execution
  • Smart concepts
  • Design that inspires action

Event posters for the Society of forms show how visual noise can attract as much attention as its audio counterparts. The designers created a series of attractive and evocative posters to spark curiosity in people who see them.

Nico designed five different posters with one theme: visual noise. Each poster depicts a specific letter of the alphabet, all sculpted in some gooey-slimy font art.

A simpler font style was used for other texts to keep things balanced. This design move also helps direct the viewer’s attention to the loud, flashy, slimy letter formation on the center of the event poster.

The execution of this mind-blowing design concept is excellent because it did its job of making people curious, and now they want to go to the festival to see things for themselves.

4. Malta Festival 2021 by Bekarty

graphic design event posters
[Source: Bekarty]

Standout features:

  • Striking color story
  • Bold imagery
  • Vibrant energy

It is common for event and party posters to get inspiration from several art periods. This poster for the Malta Festival borrows some elements of a famous art movement: pop art.

Bekarty designed these fun and creative event posters inspired by said movement, characterized by bold prints and loud color choices.

Festivals are supposed to be fun and lively, and this series of posters for the Malta Festival is nothing short of that, especially since they are celebrating their 31st year.

The colors are loud but not overwhelming, which can also be said for the imagery and icons used. The elements mesh so well that you won’t expect it to have that outcome in the end.

Overall, they did an excellent job delivering a festive event poster that people won't be able to resist!

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5. Across The University 2022 by Sail Ho Studio

event posters designs
[Source: Sail Ho Studio]

Standout features:

  • Soothing color palette
  • Aesthetically pleasing imagery
  • Hand-painted visual elements

Nothing beats a hand-painted poster; paintings make people feel at ease upon seeing them, and this event poster for Across the University 2022 is a perfect example. Sail Ho Studio has done a fantastic job putting these mural-themed posters into a portrait layout where the characters and images harmonize.

They made two versions of the poster: one in shades of green and the other in shades of red and orange, a nod to the comforting fall season.

The event poster is so gorgeous you can even frame it and put it on display in a museum. This means that the detail in the hand-painted figures is top-notch; it could be mistaken for an actual painting with the naked eye.

Students need to feel at home in their schools, so this event poster design has just hit the right spot.

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6. Stahlberger by Jerome Bizien

event design poster
[Source: Jerome Bizien]

Standout features:

  • Nostalgic visual
  • Clear font choices
  • Sparse color story

Event posters aim to stir the viewers’ emotions or trigger reactions. And this event poster design did an A+ job doing that. How the letters were laid out on the spread, with various visual elements joining them, is well-thought-of and artistic.

Borrowing some elements from the modern art movements, designer Jerome Bizen has crafted this event poster design with all the aspects in the right place.

You might notice that this event poster design has minimal colors, unlike the others on this list. There are splashes of color here and there, but not throughout the poster.

This is done to capture your attention with the details printed in big, bold letters. After focusing on the details, you can now take a step back and admire the poster altogether.

This poster hit the nail because it made the audience curious and focused on the details it presented.

7. JAM JAM FEST by Gonzalo Rodriguez Studio

event poster
[Source: Gonzalo Rodriguez Studio]

Standout features:

  • Striking color palette
  • Bold typography
  • On-brand design concept

JAM JAM Live Music Festival’s event poster is a feast for the senses, thanks to the various incorporations of still and moving art into one compelling design. This poster design is perfect for an event full of life.

Designed by Gonzalo Rodriguez Studio, this is a unique GIF event poster because the movements add a layer of life to the overall design. The cymbals and hands clapping in the poster's center make it look livelier than ever.

The choice of colors is more on the darker, dimmer tones, which is perfect for the genre of music played during the festival. This shows how on-brand the design process and execution are.

Lastly, with vast and bold letters advertising the event, it has undoubtedly delivered its message without any blips.

8. Festa da Cerveja by Estudio Tei

Best Event Posters
[Source: Estudio Tei]

Standout features:

  • Inspired by Latin America
  • Sensible color choices
  • Visually friendly aesthetics

Festa da Cerveja is a beer festival to eliminate stereotypes that most people have regarding beer by drinking cool and soothing drinks in public squares.

This event poster, designed by Estudio Tei, represents those who want to be culturally accurate without losing vibrancy. Beer is a significant part of Latin American culture, and this design gave it justice.

The color story pays homage to the vibrant Latin American culture with vivid reds and warm yellows. The font choices are easy on the eyes, too. Overall, the layout looks like an explosion of colors but in a good way.

This event design poster successfully preserved the cultural elements of the event without losing its identity.

9. Alfonso Organiko Festival by Kintal Creative Studio

Best Event Poster
[Source: Kintal Creative Studio]

Standout features:

  • Colorful
  • Symbolic, minimal visual elements
  • Evocative of the festival's origin

Working with Alfonso Tourism Office, Kintal Creative Studio had the privilege to create the brand identity design for the renowned Organiko Festival. Established in Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines, the festival aims to promote the town's abundant organic produce and boost their efforts to expand organic production beyond the borders of its municipality.

For this project, Kintal Creative Studio came up with a "loud" and colorful design concept that effortlessly conveys the event's message as well as the essence of the festival to a large and varied audience.

Beyond the colorful presentation, the poster is adorned with a variety of visual elements that aren't here just for show. In fact, each one of these represents one of the festival's unique aspects and/or a product offering.

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