Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport Top Travel Website Design Homepage

Welcome to Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, where the future is always expanding. Dive into the luxurious changes that the airport is planning to employ as they make your future flying experiences better than ever.

Sit back and let the homepage showcase the sleek new design Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport has put together for their expansion! Experience the expansion first hand as you’re immersed in a 3-D visual design from the moment you land on the website. Be fascinated by the great details and depth in the virtual experience, giving you a strong understanding of how these new changes will benefit your future airport endeavors.

The implementation of this grand design covers three different phases over multiple years and the site gives you the control to interact with each phase. You choose which parts you want to dive into and when, giving you the ultimate ability to experience the new Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport.

Essential navigation tools meet creativity as Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport makes it easy for you to find your way around their site! Take a moment to open the menu from the side of any page you’re on and explore the quirky design. Every page is assigned a color, which ties in across the site for a fun and diverse look.

Within the menu, this color separates the pages from one another. As you move your mouse over a page title, it transitions quickly from a plain box to vivid shapes that fidget around to create an abstract shape. It’s a fun and full of personality way to help you guide you around their site!

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Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport Amazing Website

As the project grows and changes to meet the expansion needs, Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport is making sure you’re in the know-all with an updated news page. Detailed photographs of the progress are the central focus of the page, taking up a majority of your screen as you scroll.

Peppering in visual variety, text boxes zig-zag down the page as they alternate left-right with every article presented. Updates are brief and clearly written out for easy reading as you keep tabs to find out when you’ll be able to use the updated airport!

Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport is preparing to change the way flyers experience their terminals and they’re making sure the dynamic website design experience begins long before it opens. The virtual experience of their site takes the experience to a new level of immersive and makes user involvement in the site fun.

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