Swiss International Airlines Clean Homepage

Flying internationally can be a fantastic adventure and Swiss Airlines works hard to make sure that they make it the best one possible for you. Discover the world of Swiss and see what makes them an incredible choice to fly with!

Splashes of red against white catch your attention the moment you land on Swiss Airlines’ website.

The name of the company stands out vibrantly as they make it their goal to introduce you to the exciting stories and insights that make up their company.

Showing rather than telling comes into play as you find the homepage lined with intriguing video snippets. Each one is well-put together and cleanly narrated to make the best viewing experience possible. Pick and choose your adventure in getting to know the company, whether you take the option to search by topic or collection.

Great navigation is essential to any website and Swiss Airlines brings their menu to an entirely new level. At the top of every page, you’ll find the four main areas of the website boldly listed out horizontally across the page.

The page titles stick out to catch your attention, but the real magic happens when you move your mouse over one page to select it. Your selection expands into a highly extensive design. Each sub-topic on the page is bolded and lined up in a table format.

You’re given a list of smaller topics to pick from, each one presented as a bullet point under its parent page. The dynamic control and easy reading format make it incredibly simple to find your way around the website.

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Swiss International Airlines Clean About Page

It’s natural to want to know the company you’re going to fly with and Swiss Airlines respects that. The company takes the chance to introduce themselves to you in a minimal way. Their company profile combines a monochromatic color scheme with dashes of red to guide you through the page. The three key points they showcase to you are broken down in an easy-to-manipulate table. Each tab allows one bit of narrative to be shown at a time, lessening what’s offered to you. It’s highly organized as they walk you hand-in-hand through what you want to know.

Swiss Airlines understands the hassle of choosing an airline company and is dedicated to creating a user experience like no other. Their focus shifts yours to building a connection by offering personal videos about the company. Easy navigation tools and an organized platform enhances your experience to a pleasant one.

Swiss International Airlines is a corporate website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Travel industries.

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