Bitter Renter Great Homepage

Bitter Renter is an interactive site where users can explore the renting options available to them throughout NYC, based on a variety of personal criteria and limitations.

The guide is meant to help first-time renters find something that works for them, without having to scramble at the last minute or compromise any of their wants and needs.

This home page serves as a terrific visual introduction to the site, creating a sense of possibility and initiating a truly user focused process. The visual component of the page is largely vacant, with nothing but an orange background and small, hardly noticeable silhouette of the city.

This serves to create a sense of omniscience and control. Users are above the city, which has been scaled down to diminutive portions. It makes the typically intimidating scope of NYC much more manageable and launches users into a very easy and user friendly journey through a series of forms that slowly hone their search down to a fine point.

Bitter Renter Great Website Design

This is the body of the site where users can really get into the meat of the experience’s personalization and interactivity. Here users can begin entering a variety of personal information into this incredibly graphic interface.

This further immerses them in the experience and gives them a sense of autonomy and control. As they go through the site, entering more and more information, the questions the site asks adapt to best suit their unique situation. This interactivity and responsiveness is unprecedented, proving that the designer was truly motivated to construct an incredibly immersive and effective experience for each individual user.

Bitter Renter Great Contact Page

After users have submitted a vast array of information, they’re brought to this page, which shows them their results. This page is broken into two panels; one presents their living options textually, while the other is an interactive map that shows them where they can and can’t afford to live.

This is a different but equally powerful format for user immersion and interactivity. Users have been carried, on the wings of their personal information, from a home page that viewed New York from far away, to a page that shows the specific niche they should live in. The designer has constructed a highly personalized experience that, in function and visualization, helps users find their way through the dense city of New York.

Bitter Renter is a great website design in the Hospitality and Real Estate industries.