Branded7 Elegant Homepage

Based in London, UK. Rob Palmer created Branded7 in 2007 to fulfill his personal passion for illustration and the arts.  Specializing in traditional and digital artwork, Rob takes a naïve art form stemming from a combination of life experiences and raw imagination. 

With qualifications in multimedia design and a professional career spanning over a decade in the industry, no doubt Rob’s website is tailored and executed to perfection. Not only serve as the window for purchase, it’s a home showcasing the quality of his creation, sharing his passion and vision of arts. His illustration works intended to invoke light-hearted emotions and wistfulness to his audience; the same philosophy is carried over to the design of this website. The fresh approach is full of personality and artistic touch.

Branded7 Elegant Website Design

“Texture” is the visual grammar Rob loves. He even developed a customized, limited set of brushes for his illustrative work. He knows visual textures can create a physical illusion, evoke emotion and bring life to any design. The use of textures is one of the most powerful methods for creating compelling graphic art without relying on the complexity of different elements. The background treatment produces an unique tone, it enriches the visual presentation, builds the connection with the artworks, and at the same time sets off the imageries and texts. Rob shows his great taste on “Colors” as well, which can only be described as beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and distinctive. The subtle gradation in color generates implicit charm in rhyme. 

Branded7 Elegant Website Design

On “Homepage”, the narrative of the contents is along with the story-telling style. It’s presented interestingly by parallax effect with one deep-scrolling fashion. The featured full-screen illustrations in-between is powerful and memorable. It’s also clear to see his motherly love towards his own creations by “Design” page and the detail page of each artwork. His artistic approach and attention to detail are all solid delivered.

Branded7 is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation and E-commerce & Retail industries.