RD Construction Elegant Homepage

Take a chance on something new, something different, something innovative. Take a chance on RD Construction, trendsetters in the industry determined to create the foundation for your successful business.

The company’s trendsetting nature also bleeds into their website design. A stunning skyline breaking through the clouds during sunrise greets your eyes, creating a breath-taking introduction. Bold lettering laid over the image is easy to read in white, but doesn’t take away from the effect the image has on you.

Scroll your mouse once and watch the entire page transform before your eyes in a series of blocky movements to remind you of rotating a photo cube! With every rotation of the virtual cube, you’re given another piece of the puzzle to tell you about RD Construction. The experimental way of drawing on your interaction from the minute you enter their site is brilliant.

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RD Construction Clean About page

Take a chance and get to know RD Construction by heading to their about page. The centered set up of the page makes it a breeze to scroll down. Each segment of information is broken down and condensed easily into text boxes so reading is minimal, but still makes an impact on you as you go.

Adding to the simplicity, font changes in color and size assist your transition between ideas. It couldn’t be any easier to read. The occasional photograph is used to drive home the point of a specific thought. It only adds to the meaning of the company’s profile and gives you a real idea of who you could be working with.

RD Construction Elegant Gallery

It’s essential that RD Construction put together a portfolio to showcase what they’ve done. Each portfolio page is extensive, relying on a white, gray, black color scheme to walk you down the page through every aspect of the project.

The minimized text presentation lets you truly take in what they were there to accomplish and how they did it. Additionally, the page adds vibrant and defined photographs to walk you through the biggest parts of the project. It lets you truly see what the company is capable of creating for their clients.

Setting the pace in their field, RD Construction knows how to do so as well with their website. The interactive introduction sets the tone for a pleasant user experience the minute they hit the company’s homepage. Dynamic photographs only carry users further, immersing them in the visual designs of the company.

RD Construction is a professional website design in the Architecture and Professional Services industries.

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