Carcel Clean Homepage

Are you ready for a closet makeover and want fashion that stands out from the boring clothing hanging in your local stores? Then you need to buy a couple of chic outfits from Carcel! Made from natural materials, the clothing is of high quality and integrity.

Unlike typical clothing stores, this company manufactures its products in prison. Women are trained with new skills for better job opportunities by designing and creating high-end fashion. The stylish shirts, sweaters, and more will make you feel like you just walked out of a magazine.

Right from the site's home page, you can tell that Carcel website embodies modern and chic appeal. The site is clean and elegant, using light colors and negative spaces to make the content look fresh and orderly rather than tacky and jumbled together. The photographs are of high resolution, and the revolving video clips make it look as if you are staring through a window rather than a screen.

Content pieces are broken into small sections so information is not a clustered mess. The menu and option selections are in a small font, which may make it hard to read for some viewers, but the neutral background and dark lettering contrast in the layout.

Carcel Clean Product Page

The product displays are strategically set up to allow viewers to see both pictures and details on a single page. Again, the pictures have great resolution, and they make it easy to see the intricate threading patterns and stitches on the clothing. A convenient feature allows viewers to browse through multiple pictures and a video demonstration by clicking through the visual content without having to leave the page. This makes it easy for users to keep track of product details, such as the manufactured material, while studying how the clothing looks both still and with movement. The white negative space helps the product colors grab the user’s attention at the center of the page.

Carcel Clean Blog Page

The journal selection neatly presents blogs and articles in tidy rows that make browsing for something to read uncomplicated. The display pictures look professionally taken and have an attractive appeal to snag the audience’s interest. The article content in the journal is gracefully presented by being broken down into groups of limited sentences and dividing them with sharp illustrations and pictures.

Overall, Carcel has a visually alluring site that effectively highlights its products and key information with quality pixel resolution and coloring placements. It is a great example of how to use digital formats to speak to your audience.

Carcel is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Manufacturing industries.