Fueled Dark Homepage Design

We are fueled up… and ready to showcase a dynamic company dedicated to designing excellent experiences for potential clients. Fueled focuses on creating award-winning experiences for potential clients and their consumers.

Site visitors are introduced to the website with a texturized homepage that makes use of a customized font for the company. The use of this specialized font creates a three-dimensional effect, allowing the words to pop off the page.

The homepage makes use of a vertical slider to showcase a variety of aspects of the company to visitors. Each segment on the slider coordinates with a vibrant color to separate concepts from one another. The stylized font previously used is replaced with a universal sans-serif in white. The simple change ties each of the segments together.

Fueled makes a sidebar menu available from any point on the website, which slides open from the left side of the page. The menu utilizes a charcoal gray background to contrast with the white font used on the page titles.

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Fueled Dark About Page

Fueled is all about experiences and does not skimp when it comes to their website design. Expanding on what the company offers, they include a number of effects and animations to create an experience where potential clients are actively involved in what they learn.

Animations and effects are combined with detailed paragraphs of information against a light grey negative space. Sans serif font in combination with the company’s specialized font wording is left-aligned against the edge of the animated image.

Fueled Elegant Blog Page

Fueled offers up a blog filled with a variety of information for potential clients to work their way through. The blog platform utilizes a grid format where each row differentiates a number of articles, showcased from either a single article all the way up to four articles at once.

Articles are presented initially with a photograph pertaining to the content of the blog. Each post is tagged, allowing potential clients a heads-up on the content area it involves.

Only recent articles are presented in a grid format, going back several days. Beyond that, toward the bottom of the page, potential clients can find an archived timeline of previous articles written going back months. Beneath the archive, access to the tags allows potential clients to pull up various articles within a certain category with ease.

Fueled's website design is a strong example of easy navigation and modern effects, creating a truly wonderful digital experience for all users. 

Fueled is a best website design in the Professional Services industry.

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