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A Minimal Aesthetic Gives The Lively Website A Modern Edge

Lively is a brand that specializes in creating lingerie for all women and all bodies. Founded with a progressive mission in mind, this brand connects women with the underwear that looks good, feels good and makes women feel empowered.

This is a modern and motivating initiative and one that is geared towards an open-minded and welcoming audience. And Lively targets that audience beautifully, with a minimal and simplistic aesthetic that keeps its modern audience in mind.

This simple, streamlined and effortless design is easy to navigate and serenely made. It’s made up of a host of pastels, creams and subtle colors that create an experience that is pleasing and intuitive. There's also a heavy emphasis on product imagery to put the focus on the brand’s wide bra and underwear offering.

You notice the simplicity right off the bat, with the homepage made up entirely of a photograph above the fold, and with only a soft infusion of typography beneath.

The product pages are similar, with the images and the models — of all shapes and sizes — taking up most of the screen with only a few words and additional information scattered throughout.

This makes navigating throughout the site simple. And the elegant, intuitive menu bar that sits at the top of the screen gives consumers all the options they’ll need right up front.

There’s a softness to this design, an airiness that’s refreshing and stunning. It’s light and bright and welcoming. And it has its minimalist backbone to thank for that.

This website sells thanks to its reliable products and its heartfelt mission statement. Everything else is just an added bonus. But it is this simplicity that really drives home the success of this design, and makes it a real winner that innately knows how to reach out and engage its target audience.

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The Lively Website Design's Embedded Video Grabs Users' Attention Right Off The Bat

But it’s not just the clean layout, easy navigation and minimal aesthetic that grabs attention and leads users on a journey. The dynamic and compelling video that auto-plays on the home screen also has a hand in that.

This video is stunning on its own — and if the overall website design was lacking, which it’s not, it would easily make up for it.

This video is about a minute long. And it plays like its own short indie film or music video. It tells the story of these products and a woman’s everyday life. In the video, you see a woman waking up, getting ready and heading off on her day.

There is music playing in the background, but that’s the only noise and context you get. There is no textual overlay. There is no dialogue. There is just one woman, dancing around her bedroom in her underwear and showing these products in action.

This video is compelling because you can actually see what these products look like. And you can relate to the dancing model — who doesn’t enjoy a little morning underwear dance session, right?

But not only that — this woman isn’t necessarily a stereotypical model. And these products aren’t for those unrealistic expectations of women that the media portrays. This is a real woman going about her day as usual.

And you can picture yourself doing the same.

This video creatively and effectively tells the story of the average working woman — the woman who works hard and plays hard, the woman who knows comfort is key, the woman that is empowered, confident and rocks it.

And it gives off an uplifting message right from the start that fills visitors with enthusiasm and inspiration all their own.

Embedded videos are a great way to grab attention and lead users on a journey through your site. And this video does just that and more.

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Body Positivity & Transparency Create A Brand Identity That Consumers Gravitate Towards

What makes this brand stand out is its products, of course. They're top-of-the-line, stylish and comfortable. But it’s not just the products that speak for themselves — it’s the brand identity as a whole that really grabs attention and shows consumers that this is a brand that you should trust.

Lively is pioneering the body positivity movement, infusing a host of different body types into its web design and product pages to show that it’s a brand that isn’t here to cater to the typical, media version of the female form. It’s here to celebrate all women and provide them with the underwear that will make them feel proud, empowered and sexy — but comfy at the exact same time.

This brand cares about women and cares about changing the dialogue that currently exists about female bodies. The founder of this progressive brand pinpointed these areas, and worked to transcend the traditional molds to create a product line that wasn’t just great on the surface, but empowering and strong all the way through.

This is a business with a heart and a soul. It’s got a pulse and you can see that in its video, in its social media presence and embedded throughout the design in its dedication to making sure you, the consumer, are comfortable, engaged and confident.

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Dynamic Images Make The Lively Products Stand Out & Remind Consumers That The Brand Cares About Real Women

This minimal website is made up of a heavy amount of empty space, a clean layout and organizational structure and powerful imagery. And these images really bring the brand to life and put a focus on the products in a life-changing and sophisticated way.

From the second you land on the page to the second you choose a product, you’re met with a variety of images and photographs that not only show these bras and underwear in action but also show consumers women of all types rocking these items.

It’s an inspiring and cool thing to see — women just like you wearing underwear and showing off their comfortable, sexy selves.

From the product pages themselves to the style guides, this brand wants you to know that it’s a champion of body positivity with the goal of empowering and enlightening consumers, changing the atmosphere of women’s representation in media.

And the reliance on images also makes for a more pleasant user experience, guiding users more efficiently from page to page and giving them more information to digest in a simple and serene way.

Lively Products Web Design

What Makes The Lively Brand So Special?

“Inspired by women with wild hearts and boss brains.”

That’s how the Lively brand came to be. Founded in 2016 by a woman who had been in the industry for years, this brand opened up with the goal of shaking up the industry as Lively CEO Michelle Cordeiro Grant describes it.

And this is the Lively movement:

LIVELY is not just about the products it offers, it is about a mindset we want to share with women around the world. One that reminds, empowers and enables us all to live life doing what we love, with the people we love! We call this #livingLIVELY.  We knew women were waiting for this kind of movement, but even we were surprised at the global response we received pre-launch. It was tremendous, and our message of strength and confidence resonated far and wide. Notes came pouring in; ‘It is an amazing thing to find a brand that not only aligns with my values but encourages us to stand firm in our own skin.

The brand has grown quickly in two years, rolling out more garments and more size options for its widely expanding audience.

And this digital presence is just one indicator of the brand’s stunning success.

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Lively Fun Web Design

Why Lively's Web Design Is Effective

The Lively website is a powerful destination for female empowerment, body positivity and the elimination of stigmas and harmful dialogues in the fashion industry. This lingerie brand is changing the way people look at women’s underwear, and it’s doing so with style and finesse.

From the minimal and modern interface made up of a clean, image-driven layout to the impactful embedded video and positive messaging, this website stands out for its dedication to its heartfelt mission.

It’s an enchanting design that leads users intuitively from the homepage to the checkout and empowers them around every corner. It incorporates real-size guides made up of actual people, helpful popups to answer questions and encourage a sense of urgency and other creative and cool effects that show its talent.

The creators behind this web design understood the audience and the atmosphere that it was getting itself into — and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

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