Le Cafe Noir Studio Minimal Web Design Homepage

Fashion is meant to be bold and eye-catching… and that’s exactly what Le Cafe Noir Studio creates in their clothing line and their website design.

The introduction approach Le Cafe Noir Studio takes is to drop you right into the excitement that is their clothing shop. Sharp photographs put their eclectic products on display for you to dive into. Each product is enclosed within a light gray rectangle, separating it from the others in the organized grid. Each image is labeled with the product name and the cost so you can easily scroll through the page and find items that fit within what you’re searching for.

The page offers a number of odd quirks to make the experience fun. The site’s designated font looks like something from a horror movie, adding flair and personality to the page. Amplifying it is an animation of a moving eye whenever you put your mouse over a product, inviting you to look more into that piece.

Finding your way around has never been easier as the site puts their menu right out there from the moment you enter the website. Hugging the left side of the screen, page titles are big and bold and hard to miss as they use a black-against-white design. Only made to pop more, the page you’re looking at becomes illuminated in red. There’s no getting lost on Le Cafe Noir Studio’s site!

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Le Cafe Noir Studio Website Product Page

Pick a product and let yourself explore it! Front and center on the page, a model casually showcases the product in question. Drop shadows add dimension to create a realistic 3-D feel.

The page has an even division between images for an organized appearance, letting one side help you explore the product to its fullest capabilities and the other side help you add it to your cart. The dynamic layout is easy on the eyes and pleasant to move through, creating a friendly shopping experience.

With a dash of experimental fonts, a clean background and bold imagery, Le Cafe Noir Studio grabs your interest from the moment you enter the website and holds you until the very moment you check out. The astounding design does wonders for generating interest in their eclectic product.

Le Cafe Noir Studio is a minimal website design in the Fashion & Beauty and E-Commerce & Retail industries.

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