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Set in sunny Miami, Florida, The Mansions at Acqualina give you the chance to soak up the sun and walk on the beaches in a luxurious living community.

Your every wish and desire, anticipated. That’s the promise of The Mansions at Acqualina from the moment you enter their website. A photo of a beautiful poolside veranda with luscious red chairs, marble walkways, and crystal clear waters is shown, creating a relaxing and high-end experience. Instantly, you feel a life of luxury may be closer than you originally thought.

This initial image isn’t the only strong visual impact on the site. All the way down the long homepage, luscious photographs are embedded on the screen to showcase some of the lovely interior options The Mansions at Acqualina has to offer you. It’s a fantastic way to both entice and inform users. 

Complementing this rich lifestyle feel to the page, The Mansions at Acqualina incorporates an eye-catching gold color into the font as you scroll down the homepage. To amplify this effect, many of the words are scrawled out for an added element of elegance. The combination is a great way to make certain words and ideas “pop” off the page, drawing your attention.

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The Mansions at Acqualina Website Design About

An attention to detail is present in everything, as The Mansions at Acqualina lays out everything you need to know about the luxuries behind their residences. The page shies away from a highly visual design and opts for something more written. The linen-white background showcases the golden brown font and carries a feeling of richness. 

Playing up the organization of the page and downplaying the visual aspect is a practical choice that works smartly in The Mansions at Acqualina favor, as it maximizes the impact the page has on being informational.

There’s no better way to truly understand something than to be immersed in it. The Mansions at Acqualina relies on this concept as a way to draw you and let you feel that you’re a part of their incredible residential building, even if only for a moment.

To do so, they employ a series of videos embedded into their building gallery. Instead of scrolling through several pictures and trying to imagine, these well-done and gorgeous videos create an experience. Turn up the volume and fall into each video -- you’ll feel like you’re living the high life long before you ever set foot at The Mansions at Acqualina.

A life of luxury. This is what The Mansions at Acqualina promise to give you when you choose them as your permanent place of residence. Vivid and stunning imagery combines with elegant colors and font choices to instill into users the concept of a finer way of living as they explore all that The Mansions at Acqualina offer.

The Mansions at Acqualina is an elegant website design in the Luxury and Real Estate industries. 

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