University of Queensland Organised Website Design

Take a chance on your life and give the University of Queensland, Australia a try. As one of the top fifty universities in the world, the opportunity for an exceptional secondary education is at your fingertips!

Acquaint yourself with a little bit of everything about the University of Queensland as you start your adventure on their website. Royal purple and white are the university’s colors and they’re not afraid to show them off, greeting you with their vibrancy instantly. Check out some of the best university web designs here.

A combination of sharp photographs fill up the page to showcase different aspects of life at University of Queensland. Nearly each photograph is partnered with a call to action of sorts. Bright white font overlays the image so you can’t miss it. These prompts create a dynamically interactive experience, drawing you to push further into learning about the university rather than just skim through the home page. It’s the perfect way to get you involved immediately.

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University of Queensland Organised News Page

Being a huge university, there’s a large number of events going on at the University of Queensland. Make use of their event page to keep track of what’s going on and when. The page relies on good organizational skills to make sure it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Up and coming featured events within days are presented at the immediate top of the page. The combination of event information and event photographs creates a visual depiction that draws you in. The red bar used for the date catches your attention and has you instantly thinking of your calendar.

Below these featured events, the University of Queensland gives you a three tab table to break down the list of campus events. Each tab cleanly lists out the events in rows. The gradient gray coloring within each row helps to make the black and blue pop, creating an easy to read list of events. The listed organization of these events is vital to giving everyone an accessible platform and ensuring the success of each event. It’s a minimal presentation that’s effective in letting you move through event information quickly.

The University of Queensland presents users with an organized website that helps them make the most out of their visit. The initial introduction of call to action prompts ensures a heightened user interest that is easily held by the ease in which the rest of the website can be utilized.

University of Queensland is an elegant website design in the Education industry.

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