US Mobile Colorful Homepage

US Mobile is a lesser known cellular provider that offers extensive coverage at an unprecedentedly low price. Customers can save a vast amount of money by switching, and they won’t experience a noticeable decline in coverage. This is critical information to keep in mind when evaluating their site, because it’s this focus on consumer care and coverage that informs the design of US Mobile’s entire site.

Their home page features a variety of illustrations that represent a diverse selection of lifestyles, each of which stands to benefit by switching. Such a human impact speaks to US Mobile’s focus on consumers, and it helps users to see their respective identities represented as a customer. By depicting users as consumers, the designer has effectively implanted the intention of switching into the user’s mind.

US Mobile Clean Product Page

From the home page, viewers can easily navigate to US Mobile’s online store, where they can find a variety of products. The shop is an important part of US Mobile’s branding and sales initiative, as it gives users an idea of the experience they can have by switching to their company.

Users can browse phones and plans that best suit their needs and lifestyle, further indicating that US Mobile is a customer-first provider. By supplying users with easy access to an online store, the designer has made the consumer conversion process that much easier, while also elevating the company’s customer-focused brand.

US Mobile Colorful Website Design

Toward the bottom of the site, users will find a comprehensive testimonial and review section, where a variety of industry leaders and former consumers have left positive endorsements. This very small section is essential, not only to communicating the integrity and quality of the company, but also to the idea that US Mobile is customer-focused. They’ve earned these customer approvals, and by displaying the impressions that the company left on users, the designer has validated US Mobile’s brand. Their entire website is a masterclass in how to depict a customer-focused brand, from top to bottom.

US Mobile is a colorful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Technology industries.