Backlink-rich web pages rank better on search engines than pages with only a handful of backlinks. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the ways businesses can generate more backlinks without sending outreach emails.


According to a Backlinko study, web pages with many backlinks outperform pages with a few backlinks in search results — the page that appears first on Google search results has 3.8x more backlinks than positions #2 - #10, on average. While backlinks are one of the key Google ranking signals, there are no shortcuts to earning links, and most outreach-based strategies turn unsuccessful.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 16,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the ways businesses can generate more backlinks without sending outreach emails.


Rankings CEO & Founder Chris Dreyer shares that developing software solutions is a great way to earn links naturally.

“Create software,” said Dreyer. “Software requires little to no outreach and earns links passively. One of the primary reasons Neil Patel acquired Ubersuggest is because it naturally earns backlinks.”


According to Cecilia Loreto Mack, director at Agencia Comunicado, one efficient way businesses can increase the number of backlinks is by developing organic media exposure in high-quality news media.

“It is totally possible to increase backlink profiles without depending on outreach emails only,” said Mack. “One very efficient manner of doing this is by generating organic media exposure in top-tier news media through a good public relations agency. This kind of result is generated in a strategic manner. It involves communications with journalists which may include emails, for sure, but goes far beyond that. It may include interviews, conversations through various ways and, above all, strategic PR thinking”


In the opinion of Ursula Blackwell, founder, principal creative director and brand strategist at UPGCC | UPCREATIVES, the best way to increase the number of backlinks and rank higher on Google is to create and publish relevant and useful content that the audience finds interesting.

“Content that has been supported by other sites suggest domain trust and authority which represents 30% of Google's ranking,” said Blackwell. “[...] One way [to rank higher on Google] is content strategy with effective link building. In order to get backlinks, first, you must develop content that other websites are willing to link to. Relevant and useful content can lead to success and better indexing. Knowing your audience and what Google wants can improve ranking, build trust and brand recognition. Make sure that the content is unique and interesting so that readers want to share it with others.”


Clio Websites Owner Nat Miletic claims that businesses should rely on social media posts to drive natural backlinks.

"Leveraging social media is our favorite way to gain backlinks without outreach,” said Miletic. “Share unique and insightful blog articles and infographics and always include the website links in the posts. While this strategy requires good quality content and a large social media following, it results in natural backlinks, which Google loves."


Ashbi Creative Studio Marketing Director Cameron Ashley highlights that infographics are one of the most shared type of content that people often link to.

“Research suggests that infographics are the most shared type of content that can increase web traffic by up to 12%,” said Ashley. “Because of the visual information they contain, they can be easily understood, and are appealing and fun to read. Therefore, they tend to be shared online by other bloggers and are a great way to get organic backlinks.”


As stated by Bhuvan Poudel, founder of Dotmax Digital, businesses should create web content around keywords that journalists and bloggers are likely to use.

“One way to increase your backlink profile without sending outreach emails is to rank your web pages for keywords that journalists and bloggers are likely to search for,” said Poudel. “Thus, pick a relevant topic and make sure to publish quality content of at least 2000 words since long-form content gets more organic traffic and backlinks, as reported by Ahrefs. Include relevant graphics, images, videos and data on your posts to make them more attractive.”

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