81% of SMBs use email marketing as a #1 customer acquisition channel. DesignRush talked to Shani Boston of Mailchimp about the relevance of email marketing.


Emarsys found out that 81% of SMBs leverage email marketing as a primary customer acquisition channel. Concurrently, 80% of them use the channel for client retention.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, interviewed Mailchimp Senior Director of Product Development Operations Shani Boston about the potential and relevance of email marketing.

Interview highlights include:

  • How businesses can create targeted email campaigns with Mailchimp
  • How the company chooses which eCommerce platform to integrate with
  • The biggest email marketing trend businesses should focus on
  • How to use email marketing to maximize revenue this holiday season

Get to know these and more in the full Spotlight interview.

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