What Does a Video Production Company Do: An Overview

Video Production
What Does a Video Production Company Do: An Overview
Article by Jelena Relić
Last Updated: February 16, 2023

Video production is one of the most creative ways to produce videos for multiple needs and purposes. The process of video production involves a whole range of work that professional teams must perform.

This is where video production companies come to play, but you might wonder what a video production company does.

While we delve deeper into the various functions of a video production company in this article, it is essential to remember that video production plays a significant role in marketing. The material created by a video production agency directly affects your business’s product marketing strategy.

Let’s understand video production companies in detail.

What is a Video Production Company?

Before going into what a video production company does, let’s understand what a video production company is.

A video production company or VPC creates video content as a part of other brands’ and businesses’ marketing strategies. This video content includes online ads, commercials, product showcases, corporate videos, and employee training videos.

The video production agency comprises a team of professionals specializing in producing video products of any complexity. A good agency offering a full range of services, from creative development, and concept to ready-made video solutions, is what you need to produce high-quality material for your brand.

The main point of difference between a film production company and a video production company is that the former produces movies and TV shows. On the other hand, the latter creates shorter content on various subjects, often as a part of a larger marketing strategy.

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What does a Video Production Company Do?

The service scope of a video production company depends on its focus and clients’ expectations. It might be engaged in commercials, video marketing for real estate, documentaries, explainer videos, social projects, and others.

Video production companies work in three major stages: pre-production, production, and post-production and cover the following functions:

1. Conduct Research

One of the primary responsibilities of a video production company is conducting product and market research. This comes in the pre-production or the planning stage.

Every project starts with research that offers deeper insights into the business and its audience. The experts from the project’s timeline, concept, and budget based on the goal, context, and audience, derived from the research.

2. Collaborate with the Clients

At this stage, the video production agency collaborates with the client to discuss ideas and the video brief. In this regard, it is essential to understand the audience, context, and goal of the video that needs to be created.

Businesses must realize that one video can solve only one goal at once. This is because you need to communicate the message in a 10-30 second video explainer, which is challenging. That is why choosing whether to create a brand image or inform the audience is essential.

3. Audition Actors

Casting is an exciting part of the pre-planning stage in video production. Not only do the agencies audition actors, but they also source props and create appropriate wardrobe pieces. Before starting with the filming, everyone must be on the same page.

3. Film and Record

This responsibility is a part of the production stage, where the material is filmed and voices recorded based on the script.

It is often natural for a few things to go wrong. The producer usually has some ready-made solutions for the most common issues arising in the process.

4. Mix Audio and Music Tracks

The texts and voiceovers should be ready before deciding on the final cut. The process gets more manageable when the tracks are selected beforehand. So, the audio production company creates tracks and informs the client about the mood and style of the same.

5. Create Animations and Motion Graphics

Visual appeal is indispensable when you are aiming at viral video marketing. Experienced motion designers, as part of video production teams, produce excellent storyboards and materials to improve the quality of the outcome.

6. Post Videos Online and for Broadcasting

Sometimes, as part of the post-production process, companies organize video distribution per the clients’ agreement. They can further promote the video and gather analytics. However, all this depends on the service scope that has been decided between the client and the video production company.

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How is a Video Production Company Different from a Videographer?

Many assume that a video production company and a videographer are identical, but they perform different jobs.

Videographers take on projects like weddings, conventions, and other live events. They stay in the background, capturing what is happening.

VPCs specialize in one or multiple aspects of the creative filming process. They often interfere in the other business areas and are hands-on throughout the process, including the planning and editing phases. A VPC, on the other hand, is way more involved as the experts work with your brand and marketing.

Video Production Company vs. Studio

Companies specializing in video production work for other brands and businesses, enabling them to create the desired content. The studio is more of a type or category of a video production company. However, studios produce films for the general public.

Studios are more prominent, often with a corporate business configuration. Video production companies can widely vary in size and employee strength.

Takeaways on What a Video Production Company Do

Video production companies and their broad range of services are indispensable for brands willing to create unique video content ideas. The experts offer businesses innovative strategies to reach out to the target audience.

Understanding all that a video production company does is necessary to utilize their services and choose an ideal video maker.

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