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Anggun Residences Logo Design Combines The Brand’s Distinct Elements

Anggun Residences is a luxurious condominium ideally nestled at Batu Kawan, the third satellite city of Penang, Malaysia. Fronting a lush linear park and located right next to an outlet mall, Anggun Residences offers the kind of life urbanites love – cosy, healthy and convenient.

The logo for Anggun Residences was designed by Ken Ray, a Malaysian design agency.

The agency’s rationale behind the Anggun Residences logo design is to showcase the four distinct elements that emphasize the unique marketable qualities of this property.

The first element is the sans serif typeface. A clean logotype font is legible and easy to understand on different media and platforms. That's why many logo designers opt for this typeface to ensure clarity and simplicity, allowing the brand name to stand out and be easily recognizable.

The second element, closely related to the first, is the lowercase interpretation of the brand name. It lends a certain understated and unpretentious feel to the logo, making the Residences appear more accessible to “regular people.”

The choice of alluring rose gold color is the third element that added a dash of luxury and affluence to the logo, reflecting the nature of Anggun Residences.

Finally, the logo’s subtle centered glow provides depth and dimension while adding luster to the overall composition.

Anggun Residences Logo Design Shows How To Create A Branding That Lasts

One of the primary questions in evaluating a logo design is: does the logo embody the brand well?

Not only does the Anggun Residences logotype literally introduce the brand, but it also emphasizes what makes this brand stand out.

The four aforementioned elements match up to what the property provides to its tenants. The logo supports the property’s purpose and conveys its message of attainable opulence, a brand positioning they successfully achieved without even uttering a single (marketing) word.

Additionally, Anggun Residences logo design is most likely to remain relevant to its audience, thanks to its modern combination of color and typeface.

Anggun Residences logo variety

The Anggun Residences Logo Aesthetic Is Expertly Executed

Ken Ray’s logo design for Anggun Residences is clear, crisp and easy to read and understand. The fact that it’s a logotype and not an abstract illustration certainly helps in that regard.

The high-quality render of the brand’s name coupled with the hi-res gloss and sharp edges hints at the designers’ expertise and wealth of experience. Furthermore, their top-notch execution of the logo design idea is beneficial to its brand recall.

The logo has a decidedly minimalist appeal with its clean and luxurious feel that's derived from its sans serif logotype. The rose-gold color adds to that affluence, along with a dash of femininity that is a welcome change of pace in a sea of mostly masculine property logos.

In addition to the choice of color, the metallic gradient fill lends a very tangible dimension to the logo. Branding experts often use gradients to add depth, visual interest, and a sense of modernity to a design – a principle that's beautifully executed here.

Anggun Residences are, naturally, open to guests from all over the world and the logo’s global appeal, devoid of any local cues, communicates this openness.

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The Flexibility Of Anggun Residences Logo Design Fits A Variety Of Media

The Anggun Residences logo applies to a variety of sizes and media, such as computer and phone screens, business cards, billboards, social media outlets, email newsletters, brochures and so on.

This is because the design agency has created several iterations of the logo against different backgrounds and different font colors.

Although the rose gold color is the primary version, the logo also comes with white fonts on a black background, rose gold font without the shine effect on a white background and black font on a white background.

In their brand book, Ken Ray specialists advised against using the gradient version on a light background (for poor contrast), as well as against adding drop shadows, distorting, rotating or flipping the logo.

The whole purpose of these guidelines is to ensure consistent representation of the brand across different platforms.

Anggun Residences logo

Anggun Residences Logo Design Is Both Memorable And Highly Functional

The timeless and universal nature of the Anggun Residences logo design results in a great business branding experience while also being highly functional. This means that it serves its purpose successfully in both digital and physical environments.

A unique color palette, the unconventional use of gradient effect and trendy lowercase typeface are the three key ingredients that give the logo its “zing”.

Ken Ray’s logo design for Anggun Residences is, above anything else, simple, practical and fresh. The clear instructions on its use ensure that whoever uses the logo does it properly in every possible scenario.

This eye for detail, dedication to excellence and showcase of design expertise merit the brand a DesignRush Best Design Award.

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