GORCO Great Logo Design

4:00 AM. The sound of the alarm crackles the air.

Groans are absent. Focus sets in. The previous summer revealed a startling discovery on a trail cam.

There is a monster in the wood.

He has 12 points. His back is swayed and coat is dark. He is old like the wood. Wise. Cunning. This is his territory.

Lace your boots. Your weapon of choice lay before you and by the outdoor gods themselves do you have many.

A quiver of arrows to court a handcrafted long bow passed down from your father and his before him.

A Remington .243 with a rifled barrel with a scope dialed in to ping the point that makes 11 more the monster that lurks in the wood.

You remove your vest from the coat hanger. You placed the ammunition perfectly in the pockets the night before.

The walk to your stand is the longest walk of your life.

The crunching of leaves with each step permeates the deafening silence as you walk into pure darkness. This is not your home. This is his. You are walking into his lair.

Welcome to Gorco.



GORCO Modern Logo Design

Gorco is an outfitter website for outdoorsmen to research the best outfitters to put them into scenarios like the one above.

Before Gorco, the only way to connect with an outfitter or guide was through their website, a tradeshow, or a hunting consultant.

The time is now changed.

Gorco has created the best outdoor website and community to connect and research guides from all types of hunting. The adveturous nature of the brand is reflected in the cohesive logo design. 

And the logo is astonishing. An arrow with three fletching marks is loaded into a circle that resembles the letter “G”.

Gorco is helping hunters locate their outfitter with the precision of an arrow. They are pointing hunters in the right direction, like a Yelp for outfitters.

GORCO Logo Design

The symmetry of the arrow symbol is beautiful, and signifies a forward motion -- in life, and in hunting. The font type is a custom Arial bold and wrapped in a light camouflage which pays homage to the hunting tradition.

A logo that stirs the imagination of hunters everywhere makes this logo design iconic. Because one shot is all we need.

The monster in the wood awaits.

GORCO is a modern logo design in the Hospitality, Professional Services and Sports & Leisure industries.