Smash Virtual Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic spherical image
  • Sleek and contemporary layout
  • Slashed logo detailing

97 Switch has ingeniously illustrated Smash Virtual's innovative spirit through a logo that mirrors the studio's cutting-edge approach to virtual filmmaking. Its focal point? The glossy, black spherical logo represents the studio's comprehensive capabilities in the digital realm.

Encircling this globe, the 'V' motif is an aesthetic centerpiece symbolizing Smash Virtual's ability to envelope and transform reality with its state-of-the-art LED stages and screens. This design choice symbolizes the studio's mastery in blending real-time 3D game-engine technology with the artistry of traditional filmmaking!

The branding's monochromatic color scheme exudes elegance and modernity. It signifies the studio's position at the vanguard of film production innovation. This strategic design choice enhances the brand's sophisticated aesthetic and reinforces its role as a pioneer in the industry.

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