7 Best Bakery Logo Design Ideas in 2023

7 Best Bakery Logo Design Ideas in 2023
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Last Updated: February 15, 2023

What makes some bakeries superior to others? Is it only the taste of their authentic pastries or is there more to it?

Offering their delicious delicacies is one way; creating a brand logo so strong and inviting is another (Learn more about branding here). Before the customers decide to come back for more, a bakery needs to stand out in a sea of pastry shops. A brand logo so strong and inviting helps them achieve this.

We’re long past the times when it was enough to have the food look fresh and desirable. Along with the flavor, the pastries now need to be accompanied by eye-candy visuals making the bakery unique. And who better to knead such a "pastry" than some of the best logo design agencies working today?

Think of it as a bakery’s ID card. It needs to speak about its style. So, as much as a specific taste defines a bakery, the design needs to reflect the brand. A good logo design provides food for thought and gets you curious.

Overall, the logo must be inviting and teasing, telling tales about the brand to every potential customer. So, grab a cup of coffee and illuminate your day with these seven best bakery logos that set a great example.

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1. PAINPAIN by La Petite Grosse

best bakery logos
[Source: La Petite Grosse]

Standout features:

  • Elegant contrast
  • Shadowed letters
  • Expressive font

Can you think of a better place to have a croissant than a local, high-end Parisian bakery? With its self-explanatory name (“pain” is bread in French), PAINPAIN’s expressive logo designed by La Petite Grosse encourages you to have some of their oven goods.

The designers from La Petite Grosse did a wonderful job with this logotype. A simple yet effective blue inscription is stylistically complemented by the golden shadows, bringing out the brand’s elegance.

The Thorogood sans shaded font is a delicate touch for this color combination, as it breathes new life into the contrasting colors. The final product showcases the elegant nature of this pastry shop.

2. Tozzo di Pane by blueorange

best bakery story designs
[Source: blueorange]

Standout features:

  • Playful wordmark
  • Translucent imagery
  • Stylized color scheme

You can’t really experience Italy’s entire allure without having some of their fresh pastries! Get a glass of wine and help yourself to some delicious bagels. The Tozzo di Pane’s logo design immediately lets you know where to get them.

The brand believes in serving fresh delights. And partnering with design agency blueorange helped them serve a unique and creative logo. The beautiful blend of orange and red is a testament to the rich bread they make in the kitchen.

Nothing says that flour is Tozzo di Pane’s bread and butter more than the creative typography in their logo (Here's how to choose the right brand typography). The agency took an authentic approach to this design, cleverly applying texture to the lettering.

This intelligent design and creative composition found here is not your average logo. It’s also a menu because the wordmark can be found on various translucent imagery of their products, tempting you to have a taste.

3. Baked Rituals by Friendly Label

famous bakery logos
[Source: Friendly Label]

Standout features:

  • Minimalist layout
  • Symmetry
  • Contrast

By definition, rituals mean a solemn series of actions performed in a prescribed order. Baked Rituals, however, is a bakery committed to producing a series of everything baked! It's instantly perceived in their logo featuring two grains of wheat reminiscent of many golden-colored bagels.

Friendly Label designed this creative bakery logo with this mission in mind: to stand out through a stylish minimalist layout. Simple, yet effective, this layout encapsulates the wheat emblem in the center accompanied by the playful font for the logotype.

The logo cleverly indicates the simplicity of making fresh goods, and once you see it, you’re left to think about the raw and organic food that awaits you at Baked Rituals.

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4. Homecake by Roverts

bakery logos
[Source: Roverts]

Standout Features:

  • Playful & fun
  • Minimalist
  • Cutesy Visual

Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. It can also be a fun activity where you experiment with friends and family. Homecake’s logo reminds you of that overlooked fact. With its playful colors and cutesy art style, you just want to enter the premises and see what delicious treats they came up with.

Roverts aimed to give this bakery a dynamic graphic identity, indicating that the best pastry and sweets are born out of passion. This minimalist logo design includes drawn hands holding a cake and a youthful inscription surrounding the emblem. The pastel colors used are there to convey the harmony and sweetness of the food coming out of the oven (Explore the cool logo designs here).

Through an extensive menu of creative confectionery, Homecake’s logo design helps them reach more potential customers. The design itself serves as a perfect ID card – it showcases their dedication to decoration!

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5. Sugar Bakery by 2767

creative bakery logo
[Source: 2767]

Standout Features:

  • Stencil-like color fill
  • Straightforward messaging
  • Expressive lettering

This Seattle-based bakery decided to go with an upfront messaging for their logo by having a rolling pin with an expressive logotype. Design agency 2767 kept it minimalist and used stencils at the ends to bring focus to the center of the layout.

This is an excellent example of a straightforward yet evocative design. The aesthetics take the customers back to the old-school atmosphere of a lazy day at your grandparents' house, watching them make pastries, then inhaling the aroma of freshly baked goodies once the oven is open. One look and you know you're in for a delectable treat.

The wooden design and its expressive lettering help you grasp the comfortable atmosphere that can be found in this bakery. The logo creates vivid imagery of what goes on behind the kitchen door, inviting you to have a taste of their fresh baked goods.

6. SANTO PAO BAKERY by Fer Mininelli

bakery logos ideas
[Source: Fer Mininelli]

Standout Features:

  • Warm colors
  • Soft font
  • Versatile design

With its playfully positioned wording, this design paints a picture of a warm and relaxed atmosphere. There’s enough room for expressing each letter. You’ll notice that the glyphs’ linear connection never breaks, helping the logo exude comfort more. It is highly versatile, applicable to various colored backgrounds, and easy to read.

The logo’s designer, Fer Mininelli, has communicated the bakery’s cozy and warm atmosphere. This creative bakery logo design is inviting, but not aggressive, forming an unspoken bond between those looking for a fresh snack and the local artisans in the kitchen.

The soft font in warm colors works wonders in conveying the pastries’ freshness and the pleasant ambiance inside the bakery.

7. CakeDay by CLVB Studio

bakery logo design ideas
[Source: CLVB Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Custom typography
  • Evocative design
  • Warm color scheme

CakeDay is a brand specializing in the creation and sale of personalized desserts, bento cakes, cookies, and bakery goodies in general.

The visual identity, courtesy of CLVB Studio, is made up of various, illustrative graphic elements that perfectly translate to zany stickers generating a casual and fun feeling - the very same one you feel while eating a tasty cake.

The logo is a perfect blend of fashionable elegance and tasty writing made of whipped cream. The color palette (or the solitary radiant orange) was carefully selected to convey celebration and emotion, generating a warm and memorable experience.

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