10 Best Coffee Logo Designs in 2023

10 Best Coffee Logo Designs in 2023
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Last Updated: March 31, 2023

Coffee products have eased their way into most people's daily dose of essentials. For some, coffee is more than just a must-have beverage. Coffee enthusiasts study everything from brewing and presentation to branding, packaging, and logo. It's art.

That's why creating an attractive and memorable logo for your coffee brand should be at the top of your marketing and branding priorities!

The logo is the face of your brand. It represents your business, identity, and what you can offer to your potential customers. When people think about your product, they think about your logo first. Working with successful logo designers to create a memorable identity can influence their purchasing decisions.

So, get some style inspiration for your coffee branding strategy by looking at these excellent examples of the best coffee logos that will elevate your visual game.

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1. DAMA by VincDesign Branding Co.

best coffee logos
[Source: VincDesign Branding Co.]

Standout Features:

  • Vintage-inspired layout
  • Coffee-inspired color palette
  • Outlined ingredient icons

The first on the list of the best coffee logos is DAMA, a vegan brand that speaks to plant-based food enthusiasts. And for coffee lovers within that space, their Drip Bag Coffee is an absolute hit.

Hong Kong-based branding agency VincDesign created a beautiful brand logo that features a vintage-inspired layout. One look and consumers get that warm and fuzzy feeling of having their first sip of coffee! Also, the framed logo design sits well with the artisanal box packaging.

Along with the elegant wordmark, the logo features two icons representing the essential ingredients of drip coffee. To make the brand even more recognizable, the agency used shades of brown, beige, and white. You absolutely can’t go wrong with a coffee-inspired color story!

2. Kafeo by Arthur Azevedo

popular coffee brands logos
[Source: Arthur Azevedo]

Standout Features:

  • Youthful wordmark style
  • Distinguishable brand tagline
  • Dark and vibrant color combos

People who love casual coffee runs can get their daily caffeine fix at Kafeo. This local cafe in Sao Paulo serves coffee and sweets in a to-go fashion, targeting young audiences with a modern visual language.

Looking at this logo masterfully designed by Arthur Azevedo, Kafeo is well on its way to becoming one of the hottest options in the area!

The logo features a wordmark and a short tagline that reads “coffee to go.” Instead of an abstract statement, they went with this straightforward messaging that effectively conveyed the brand's business model and unique value proposition.

Lastly, the logotype's slightly jumbled style in vibrant shades of orange and yellow brings out the brand's fun, youthful and outgoing character!

3. Better Beans by Insigniada

Best Coffee Logo Designs in 2023
[Source: Insigniada]

Standout Features:

  • Outlined coffee bean icon
  • Fresh and organic tones
  • Tropical visuals

Coffee tastes ten times better when you know it’s ethically and sustainably sourced. That’s the taste and experience that Better Beans offers as an eco-friendly coffee company.

As an environmentally conscious brand, this fresh and tropical-inspired logo design by Insigniada is the perfect testament to that.

The logo has some great style sensibilities that make it approachable and memorable to older and younger generations. The coffee bean + letter B combination makes a stunning and instantly recognizable logo symbol.

Shining in fresh hues of blue and white, the logo design is an instant audience-pleaser! Adding to that positive personality are the handwritten and sans serif fonts used by the agency.

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4. Boru Coffee by Lucas Queiroz Design

Best Coffee Logo Designs
[Source: Lucas Queiroz Design]

Standout Features:

  • Egyptian-themed aesthetic
  • Dark and luxurious
  • Ancient logotype and symbol

Boru is a premium coffee brand in Dubai with a distinct and memorable visual language. Inspired by the Egyptian god Anubis, its stunning logo created by Lucas Queiroz Design screams greatness and royalty.

The dark, sophisticated, and ancient logo aesthetic communicates the brand’s luxurious positioning. The star of the show is the outlined illustration of the Egyptian god’s image, sitting atop the wordmark. A glorious visual treat!

The agency went with the Egyptian hieroglyphics look for the font style, blending well with the style inspiration.

Solidifying the premium messaging is the black and gold palette. This color story elevates the brand as an exquisite choice for coffee!

5. Pacama Coffee by The Upturn Studio

creative coffee logo ideas
[Source: The Upturn Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Bold and wide logotype
  • Symbolic ‘signet ring’ icon
  • A warm and subdued color story

Pacama Coffee caters to caffeine lovers looking for premium, specialty, and high-quality options. They specialize in crafting modern lifestyle coffee products - a unique selling point perfectly conveyed by its logo designed by The Upturn Studio.

The main element of the logo is the logotype which features a wide, strong, and inverted styling. It brings out the bold and defiant brand character while keeping the aesthetic tasteful and well-balanced.

Also, the brand uses a deconstructed signet ring illustration composed of oval lines inscribed in a circle. The image represents the sun rising over Pacama’s intricate coffee tree cultivation - the thing that sets the brand apart from the competition.

Being a company that focuses on evocative craft products, the Moche typeface used in the typography creates a warm atmosphere for the visual language filled with class and charm. And for the finishing touches, the dominant gold detailing comes through beautifully!

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6. No. 28 Coffee Shop by Elif Yardimci

coffe logos
[Source: Elif Yardimci]

Standout Features:

  • Framed logo design
  • Brand name and icon integration
  • Monochromatic color palette

The thing with minimalist logo designs is they might look too easy and uninviting without appropriate design touches. If you want minimalism done right, look at No. 28 Coffee Shop’s logo, designed by Elif Yardimci.

Even with just four characters on the brand name, the designer was able to stylize and integrate it into a simple yet sophisticated logo icon. The agency transformed "No. 28" into an icon that connects the letters and numbers to the boxed frame, outlining the image.

A symbol and logotype wrapped into one!

Overall, keeping the layout free from other outrageous visual elements resulted in a clean look. And the use of monochromatic colors concluded the design nicely to a modern and pristine logo.

7. Liberty Café by YA2 Design

coffee logo ideas
[Source: Liberty Cafe]

Standout Features: 

  • Intrinsic NYC spirit
  • Symmetrical
  • Merger of traditional and contemporary elements

YA2 Design refreshed the Liberty Cafe's image by creating an identity that draws heavily from world-famous traits attributed to New York City such as dynamism, diversity, and freedom. When it comes to logo design these attributes are best encapsulated by NYC's most famous landmark - the Statue of Liberty.

This way, Liberty Cafe not only became the extension of the colossal neoclassical monument but a new beacon or a lighthouse that guides your every morning with a fresh cup of coffee. The logo is timeless, providing both a retro and classy look - an Art Deco style that references the city's architectural and cultural heritage.

8. Soliloquio by Imigrante Estudio

coffee logo designs
[Source: Soliloquio]

Standout Features:

  • Striking color combination
  • Classy typography
  • Traditional illustrations

Soliloquio, a new Colombian coffee brand created in the heart of the country's coffee zone, was designed to conquer the European markets, starting from Berlin, Germany.

When designing the whole brand identity, Imigrante Estudio focused all their efforts on the so-called "The Brightside", or the hopeful light at the tunnel we now know as the "pandemic". The resulting brand is a reminder that what builds your reality is not what happens to you, but what you do with those things that happen, it's a constant invitation to actively seek new opportunities.

A Soliloquio is a discourse that a person keeps with oneself as if thinking aloud, fed by what is part of his daily routine. It's a complete mental wandering between problems, solutions, and daydreaming. The entire graphic proposal and the logo design, its crown jewel, were based on the visual representation of what could be the Soliloquio of a peasant who picks coffee in the middle of the Colombian mountains.

The lettermark, on the other hand, is less rooted in fantasy but keeps a robust auto-reflective note with its classy typography that unites both traditional and modern design trends.

9. Asante by Sara Neves

coffee logos

[Source: Asante]

Standout Features:

  • Colorful
  • Minimal illustrations
  • Classy typeface

ASANTE, a Portuguese specialty coffee startup was carefully brewed with a philosophy of authenticity and ethically sourced coffee.

Given the opportunity to design both the branding and the product packaging, Sara Neves drew generously from this credo, resulting in a modern brand that values tradition and sustainability.

Combining minimalist, colorful illustrations with all-caps, elegant typography, and almost free-hand, free-flowing illustration, ensures ASANTE's product will turn heads.

10. Benca by Lucas Lemini

coffee brand logo

[Source: Benca]

Standout Features:

  • Evocative design
  • Merger of contemporary and traditional
  • Warm color scheme

"Benca" is the act of blessing or invoking divine grace on someone that basically turned into a daily habit (like a coffee!) for residents of the Brazilian countryside; those that acknowledge the undeniable authority of their elderly relatives.

Respecting your elders and tradition is deeply rooted in the Cardoso family which specializes in coffee production on their land, Sítio Serra. Ever since 1925, with the acquisition of the farm by the late Mr. Zé Cardoso, a man who knew coffee like few others, the Benca brand followed some of his key traits - honesty, openness, and meticulousness.

When drafting the brand's logo and interviewing his family members, Lucas Lemini discovered Mr. Zé's most striking features: the hat, mustache, and nose. Thus, as a central element of this visual identity, Lucas incorporated them all ingeniously, creating the letter B in a manual layout that, when rotated, forms the silhouette of a hat, the mountains of the production region, and the smoke of a coffee cup, among other elements.

When combined with the bright and sunny colors, the Benca brand literally shines, like the wide smiles of the Cardoso family members.

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