Ginventory Creative Website Design

Ginventory is an app containing more than 3000 different gins and offering the best serves with approximately 500 different tonic waters and garnishes. The app is available, free of charge, on iOS and Android devices in English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch.

This website was tailor-made for advertising the app “Ginventory”. The interface design was inspired by the app, including the illustration, the color palette and the typefaces. A mobile screen always stays front and center, which demonstrates the steps of the usage about the app. The four steps -- search, find, explore and suggest -- are all introduced by a short looped video. They made it look like recording a user interaction in real time. This design approach is simple and straightforward. The transition between the slides, and the user behavior causes the transition are very creative. When users scroll down or up, the screen rotates, while the colors of the background flips upside down. The typography treatment on numbers and the name have made the design modern and elegant in addition to the indication purpose. The sided arrows and indicators enhance the user experience. 

All in all, the smooth animation, the unique transition, the intuitive interaction, the minimalist design concept, and the direct visual connection together make the website exceptional and memorable.

Ginventory is a creative website design in the Food & Beverage and Technology industries.