Katrina Stumbos Elegant Homepage

Human creativity has the power to change the mundane into something truly magical, and that is what Katrina Stumbos does with her interior designs in California. By working to draw the personality of her clients into the work she creates, Stumbos crafts stunning modern interiors that capture the eye and the heart. Each dwelling is designed with its inhabitants in mind, and she works to make spaces that will create meaningful memories.

Using her own passions for neutral colors, a simple elegance, and vibrant textures, the site design for Stumbos’ work pulls from themes important to this artist. Negative space fills pages with light and allows dark fonts to echo similar shades in images and text boxes. Deep gold accents the clean black and white themes, and it draws out the neutral colors visible in sample photographs of Stumbos’ work.

Katrina Stumbos Elegant Product Page

Site pages display stunning portfolio material with sharp images of kitchens, living rooms, and other residential spaces. Fullscreen photos are linked to more detailed collections of featured work, and users can easily navigate between projects by using forward and backward buttons at the end of each page. Fonts are wide and crisp, and they visually respond to user interactions by changing colors just before a click. A vertical menu bar featuring the same black, white, and gold color scheme familiar throughout the site directs users to additional information or pages.

True to her own mission, this site pulls out plenty of personality with the luxurious interiors elegantly on display. An entire site page is dedicated to the fun and frisky dog, Stella, who accompanies this interior designer in her work to build relationships with clients. She is ever present in her career to understand what will make the best possible creative and comfortable space for clients’ needs. This page relies on the same contrasting themes and engaging effects featured throughout this interface to create human connection.

Katrina Stumbos Elegant Contact Page

Personality continues to be prominently featured throughout the site, including on pages dedicated to blog material. Using large artistic and friendly photos, with minimal text content linking to longer blog articles, these pages keep users interested in learning about the woman behind the exhibited work.

Style tips and inspiration make education a helpful part of this business and draw users into the experience in a more personal way. Social media icons link to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms where the personal connection can continue. From beginning to end, Katrina Stumbos’ site design skillfully balances a professional elegance with a personal touch to spark users’ imaginations for their own stunning interior spaces.

Katrina Stumbos is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation, Luxury and Real Estate industries.