Super Duper Amazing Homepage

Creative design studio Super Duper has combined clean concepts with parallax scrolling to create a refreshing website. The company's URL is humorous; it replaces “.com” or “.org” with “.wtf,” which makes the website stand out, boosting branding and SEO strategies.

Super Duper Amazing Website Design

In the middle of the page is the company logo, which is a traditional square that uses an animated color scheme. The website utilizes a minimalist approach, and it uses shapes like rectangles and squares to grab the user’s attention. In the top left corner is a black square, and a side menu will pop out when a user clicks on it. The side navigation bar uses a black background and menu titles that aren’t distracting, making it extremely simple for viewers to cruise around the pages.

Super Duper uses a parallax scroll. As the user scrolls down, a distorted shape appears in the background that imitates an artist’s color palette. As the user moves through the website, the shape morphs and changes color.

Super Duper Amazing About Page

On the bottom right of the screen, a Facebook messenger button lets users interact with the company via chat—an ingenious UI feature.

Super Duper’s “About” page showcases a playful design that uses parallax-controlled imagery. This approach makes each profile picture look like a three-dimensional image in a two-dimensional space. The animated shape in the background is a deep purple, reinforcing users’ attention to the individual panels placed against it.

When viewers move the cursor over a team member’s image, the photos become animated. On the bottom left corner of the panel, a social media button connects users to Instagram. This feature allows viewers to interact with each individual team member’s personal social media page.

Super Duper’s website is fun and innovative. Its use of Javascript and CSS programming and a parallax concept depicts a clear display of their digital design talents.

Super Duper is an amazing website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.