6 Best HTML5 Website Designs

6 Best HTML5 Website Designs
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Last Updated: April 05, 2023

Designing a website in today’s competitive digital landscape takes a lot of creative touches. A basic static page just won’t cut it these days. You need a unique and outstanding website to impress users and convert them into customers.

This is where an exceptional HTML5 web design comes in.

This universal programming language lets professional web designers get creative with their creations. With game-changing capabilities like native audio and video support, and enhanced website interactivity, the sky’s the limit in designing websites that WOW site visitors. Plus, it’s free!

From exciting website animations and smooth transitions to creative image sliders, here are the best HTML5 website designs you can draw inspiration from!

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1. Topas Imperial by Braue

best html5 websites
[Source: Topas Imperial]

Standout Features:

  • 3D website animation
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Neatly-organized content blocks

Designed by the brand developers at Braue, Topas Imperial’s website is a marvelous example of an HTML5 creation that found the sweet spot between simplicity and creativity.

The brand offers future homeowners and professionals a sustainable, healthy, functional-aesthetic living space. They have successfully conveyed the brand's unique value proposition through this website design (Learn more about brand USPs here).

Upon entry, site visitors are treated to a fresh, lush green homepage presenting all the vital information about the company: its background, mission statements, services, resources, and more.

Here's another visual surprise: a beautiful 3D-animated hummingbird flies around the screen, following the user as they explore the webpage.

The designers also integrated a parallax scrolling technique, creating a 3D effect as visitors scroll down the website. Everything is super immersive, from the nature-inspired illustrations to the actual content blocks!

Framed images of Topas Imperial are scattered around the website to give visitors an inside look into the company’s process. Text descriptions also complement them in a neat and easy-to-read layout.

2. De Republiek by De Barbaren

best html 5 websites
[Source: De Republiek]

Standout Features:

  • Large fonts and animated text
  • Banner-style website crawlers
  • Full-page navigation window

De Republiek is a place where a community of passionate urban dwellers meet, innovate, or experience Bruges' food, art, and dynamic culture.

Their HTML5 website is a beautiful and accurate representation of their creative space, thanks to the design expertise of Ghent-based branding and communication agency De Barbaren. It’s like walking into the historic establishment itself!

Captivating images of events and meetups populate the page – both as standard image blocks or overlaid visuals. It captures the location’s atmosphere and gives site visitors a preview of what to experience at the Grand Cafe.

Large fonts and bold typography make the website content easy to read and scannable. Plus, some of the texts are animated for that extra visual treat!

And speaking of animation, the designers added banner-style web crawlers containing powerful brand statements, CTAs, and partnerships that completely elevated the site layout and added a modern flair.

The sticky “+” button opens up a full-screen navigation page prompting site visitors to explore De Republiek further and find more specific selections.

3. Decompressed Prism by Laura Piccolo

top html 5 websites
[Source: Decompressed Prism]

Standout Features:

  • 3D images and videos
  • On-screen navigation instructions
  • Interactive website content

If you want to see HTML5’s capabilities at maximum potential, go ahead and step into Decompressed Prism’s website, designed by Berlin-based web designer and programmer Laura Piccolo.

It takes site visitors on a technical adventure into Salvator Vitale’s artistic reflection on technology.

The website offers a non-linear narrative at the intersection of technology and philosophy with fictional and documentary elements, video archives, text, sound designs, and accurate data.

Like a person sitting behind a surveillance desk, site visitors immerse themselves in the content in all its digital glory!

Unlike most websites, Decompressed Prism laid out all features and elements in a single-page format with a slider navigation style. Each section is represented by a unique 3D-modeled and animated artwork that redirects users to the in-depth content upon clicking.

On-screen navigation instructions make it easier for site visitors to interact with the website content. It’s a helpful design trick, considering the site veers away from the typical navigation styles like scrolling and dragging.

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4. Yoga by Nina by Ocrism Studio

html5 website design
[Source: Yoga by Nina]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and minimalist website design
  • Single-page site layouts
  • Animated backgrounds and color-changing pages

People do yoga to establish harmony between the mind and the body – a fitness goal perfectly represented in this HTML5 website design created by Ocrism Studio for Yoga by Nina.

The simplicity and sophistication of the website in terms of aesthetics and user experience are enough to entice site visitors to click that “book a class” button.

And the booking process is easy, too! The site’s booking appointment window offers straightforward options in a split-screen layout.

The homepage and About section are dressed in a single-page layout containing the bare essentials: the brand name, the instructor’s background, and a CTA button to spark user engagement.

The “Classes” section offers a comprehensive view of the brand’s offerings, details, and available sessions. Even with the wealth of information, the content is arranged neatly using lines and tables for an easier read.

These elements are wrapped in a light and earthy color that switches to dark mode upon further scrolling (Browse more dark-themed website designs).

5. 908 Devices by Metropolis Creative

html5 web design
[Source: 908 Devices]

Standout Features:

  • Information-rich drop-down menus
  • Comprehensive Resource Hub
  • Realistic product snapshots and visuals

Wondering what an ideal HTML5 medical website looks like? Here’s a great example – 908 Devices’ online portal, designed by Metropolis Creative.

The company specializes in chemical and biochemical analysis technology, developing devices that answer critical questions in life science research, biopharmaceuticals, forensics, and more.

Their technical solutions are presented easily for site visitors to discover and learn. The dedicated section featuring the company’s top devices contains realistic images, bite-sized product details, and a CTA button.

A well-designed Featured Products section is always a MUST for every business website!

Site visitors can also access a wealth of information right at their fingertips. The Resource Hub contains a comprehensive collection of device manuals, application notes, case studies, mission briefs, and more!

The drop-down menus are also just as comprehensive as the resources. Each one displays a full preview of the content to give users a more detailed view of the selections. Check out best 3D websites designs here.

6. High Mountains by AAndrea

html 5 example websites
[Source: High Mountains]

Standout Features:

  • Striking visuals
  • 3D maps
  • Color palette

Basically, High Mountains is a project born from the desire to showcase the imposing beauty of Italian mountains. Since its inception, the website is constantly evolving to showcase mountaineers' latest excursions accompanied by photos, video, and 3D maps and ultimately - love and respect for nature.

Having a great personal interest in both visual communication (photography, graphics, web design, video making, 3D, etc.), as well as mountain hiking, it was only natural for AAndrea to join the project and reshape it to bring the mountains of Piedmont and Val d’Aosta to our level.

Written in HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP, the site's layout is designed to provide all the information you seek in one place. The various pages are linked together with suggestions and refer to the complete list of excursions. Besides the several neat sections, the standout is an interactive 3D map with all the places marked.

Just like the mountains themselves, the website is beautiful and impressive, and as is usual, the more time you spend climbing, ahem, scrolling through it, the higher (pun intended) the chance you'll fall in love with its summits. 

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