We Are Mucho Beautiful Homepage

Innovative designs connect you to products and to the brand itself. They make you feel; they make you think. That’s the way Mucho approaches branding for their clients. They pore over each and every design they create with the sole purpose of making a connection with the intended audiences.

Mucho knows their dynamic designs speak for themselves, so their website is simplistic and minimal. They don’t rely on heavy background imagery and animations to hold the user’s attention. With flat coloring of white and pink, the focus is placed strongly on their portfolio of past work samples.

We Are Mucho Beautiful Website Design

To allow users to learn more about the company and what they do, Mucho presents an innovative video that combines pieces of their portfolio with audio sound bites to share their purpose with audiences. They offer very little written information except for their company motto and an explanation of why they do what they do.

By scrolling down the “About” page, consumers are able to find out who works for the company, various classes the company will be teaching at different universities, and where they can see the company give presentations. The “About” page maintains the same design scheme featured on the landing page, with a pink background, text that stretches across the screen, and a simple sans serif font.

We Are Mucho Beautiful Gallery

Mucho’s portfolio is easy to navigate, allowing consumers to select a specific project to go through in depth. Each portfolio piece includes three to five images of what Mucho accomplished for the company. Flipping between photographs is easy to do, as the cursor transforms into a large arrow to help users move back and forth, enhancing the overall UX. Mucho also makes it possible for consumers to download portfolio advertisement pieces that interest them just by clicking on the download button at the bottom of the page.

We Are Mucho Beautiful Modal Window Design

To inspire innovative ideas, Mucho offers one product for sale on their website: a “100 ideas in images” book. The book depicts one hundred different logos that have been created by Mucho. It’s an original way to inspire people who may be in the design industry, as well as to show off the different logos the company has developed.

Mucho’s simple and minimal presentation of their website places an emphasis on their work. By letting their past projects speak for their abilities as a creative design company, the rest of their design can stay quiet and reserved.

We Are Mucho is a beautiful website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.