82% of marketers will invest in podcasts in 2022. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the ways businesses can use podcasts as a content marketing tool.

MIAMI - OCTOBER 05, 2022

HubSpot reports that 82% of marketers will invest the same amount or increase their podcast investment in 2022. In fact, podcast ad spending is forecasted to grow by $1.74 billion this year, as shared by Statista.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 16,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the ways businesses can use podcasts as a content marketing tool.


In the opinion of Flynn Zaiger, CEO of Online Optimism, organizations should use the podcast as a tool to discover which type of content drives audience engagement.

“Podcasts are a surprisingly good way for organizations to test out which content is going to spark engagement among their audience,” said Zaiger. “Most content marketers think of podcasts as a way to share their best soundbite or a proven concept, but we've found that bringing new ideas to a podcast will let you see if people are interested in them or not depending on the social media conversation volume after the episode drops.”


Alamo City Marketing Solutions Owner Operator Evan Swanson claims that podcasts help businesses drive engagement and revenue.

“Podcasts are content goldmines that drive high levels of engagement,” said Swanson. “A business can use a podcast [as] the top way to build a relationship with [the] audience [...] to retain customers successfully. A survey by VMG Studios found that ad revenues for podcasts in the US alone topped nearly $1 billion in 2020. Any podcast takes time and work to build popularity, but once it does, it can be another avenue for revenue.”


As stated by Praveen Kumar, chief decision maker at Wild Creek Web Studio, podcasts are a great tool to leverage to establish yourself as an authority in the industry.

“For one of our finance clients we wanted to establish the founder as an authority in the space [...and] saw podcasting as an untapped opportunity,” said Kumar. “The personal nature of the podcasting allows for authentic conversations to flow through and it allows for building a genuine relationship with the audience. So, we went ahead with the podcast and started pushing it on the founder's social media. [...] We saw people emailing with specific points mentioned only in the podcast and signing up for the services. Unlike other mediums, podcasts do not need thousands of listeners. Even a few is enough and since the content was very specific, we were able to see ROI without much effort.”


Complex Creative Managing Director Sabrina Chevannes shares that businesses can use podcasts to develop a whole content marketing strategy for different platforms like social media and email, depending on what they wish to achieve.

“The reason we love podcasts is [that] you can record one episode of audio content with just a microphone and computer and suddenly, you have a whole content marketing strategy,” said Chevannes. “You can create clips for social media, transcribe your podcast into SEO-friendly blog posts and create email campaigns from the content. [...] It will depend on your content strategy [and] what effect you wish this to have.”


According to BlckPanda Creative Managing Director Lior Manelis, podcasts are an excellent way to build trust and loyalty by way of authenticity.

“Being yourself, no scripted words or overly practiced cue cards, is one way to get your viewers to latch onto you! Someone real,” said Manelis. “This way, your viewers build trust in your vlog and take your opinions seriously.”


Cofruition Director Sam Floy says that rather than viewing a podcast as an additional cog in your content strategy, it can become the engine that drives everything else.

“One of the trickiest things about running content marketing is the need to constantly look for new topics,” said Floy. “However, by interviewing relevant people in your industry, you get fresh talking points and insights each week — all you have to do is ask the right questions! Once the episode is made, your marketing team has a treasure trove of soundbites, quotes and cases to create content from, for example, short social videos, but also a relevant way to reshare, for example, links to a white paper or long-form post that you've invested in previously [...]”

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