BrandFoundry Ventures Simple Logo Design

BrandFoundry is an early stage venture capital firm dedicated to accelerating the growth of emerging, innovative consumer focused brands.

A serious venture capital firm requires a serious logo. The logo consists of a blue square in color code #223379. “BFV” is in bold white lettering and stands out thanks to a Roboto Bold typeface.

Roboto Bold matches with the idea of providing the early stage acceleration in the growth of emerging technological innovations that reach our fingertips through the apps in our phones.

The neo-grotesque sans-serif was developed by Google as the system font for the mobile operating system Android. The font is clear and captivating.

The blue background emits a shade of dependability. Blue is calming and tranquil.

Blue denotes strength and character and professionalism mixed with hardiness. Qualities that a venture capital firm need so they may nurture the chaotic firestorms that twirl inside start-ups. This logo is the anchor for companies to latch onto as they weather the storm. Amidst changing deadlines and debating user growth and new products and scrapping old ideas and radically changing the entire start up premise, BFV is there.


BrandFoundry Ventures Elegant Logo Design

When the ground is crumbling below founder’s feet and earth is splitting into ten million fractals they can leap onto this logo with the confidence that stable ground exists.

Startups need stability to survive. Injections of money and mentorship are important. Resources and connections reign supreme.

The BFV logo is a heavenly hand of integrity, strength, and hope. From the stable blue to the optimistic white, and the sturdy structure of the square, BFV is the start up founder’s sail to steer through the catastrophic winds fabled in the forging of creation.

BrandFoundry Ventures Logo Design

BrandFoundry Ventures is a simple logo design in the Banking & Finance industry.