Ginkgo Bioworks Great Logo Design

Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc. designs organisms to solve the world’s problems.  

Biology, Ginkgo claims, is the most advanced manufacturing technology on the planet.

Ginkgo engineer’s enzymes whose range of use includes cheesemaking to pharmaceuticals to stonewashed jeans. Or cultured ingredients processed via fermentation like yeasts that are used in perfumes, foods, and cosmetics.

The logo featured a symbol that hovers to the left of the company name. It is based on the Ginkgo plant. The font color is a green #207144. Green paying homage to the ginkgo plant as well as a color that represents nature.

The Ginkgo plant is a living fossil. It is the only member of the phylum that can survive. This plant was around during the Jurassic period.

Chinese monks worked tirelessly to preserve and maintain the trees over the course of many years. The plant spread from China and could be found in virtually every city.

The plant’s distinctiveness and enchanting evolutionary history inspired the founders.

The font size of the logo cascades in smaller increments with each word. It acts as a waterfall for the eyes to take in the full breadth of the company brand.

It serves as a visual catalyst and makes the logo one of a kind.

Ginkgo Bioworks Engaging Logo Design

In the logo, the ginkgo leave is inside a gear.

Ginkgo Bio works is a company where biology and engineering collide to produce innovations that one would think are only reserved for science fiction.

This logo is enchanting. It combines the homage to the founder’s original inspiration, the Ginkgo plant, and combines a gear to represent engineering. This is memorable. This is Engaging. It looks alluring and is visually enticing.


Ginkgo Bioworks Logo Design

The best logos have one purpose: serve as the torch, the light, that draws people to your brand.

Ginkgo’s light is shining for the entire world to see.

Ginkgo Bioworks is great logo design in the Manufacturing industry.