Headspace Simple Logo Design

Headspace is an app for making meditation simpler. It aims to let its users live a happier, healthier life with just a few minutes of meditation a day on the Headspace app. It also intends to make meditation and mindfulness simple. Its logo is an accurate representation of its brand identity.

The Headspace logo is an orange dot, symbolizing the feeling of being centered and calm, completely on brand with the identity of the company. The round dot stands for the temple of the forehead, the source of mental energy required for concentration and meditation. It acts as a visual reminder of the company and is meaningful to the brand it represents.

What makes the headspace logo unique is that it doesn’t appear to be a perfect round, but resembles a circle drawn by hand. This makes it stand out, ensuring that the logo is memorable in the minds of users. The bright orange color, symbolizing harmony, also makes the logo stand out. The orange also symbolizes purity of mind, indicative of mindfulness and meditation, qualities that Headspace endorses.

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Headspace Minimal Logo Design

The Headspace logo is also scalable and flexible, depending on where it is being used. The logo is on the brand’s social media channels, websites, app, and other platform that it uses, and wherever it is used, it has been scaled keeping in mind the size and proportion. The logo is usable in many different situations, and is visually appealing even when scaled. It resonates with the viewers, reminding them of what the company stands for.

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Headspace Branding Design

The Orange Dot is also the name of the Headspace website’s editorial section, and this makes sure that the logo stays relevant and keyed into the Headspace brand identity. In all, the Headspace logo avoids unnecessary complexity, enabling wider usage and memorability. It is simplistic, rooted in the brand’s identity, and contemporary.

Headspace is minimal logo design in the Arts & Recreation, Medical & Pharmacy and Sports & Leisure industries.

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