10 Best Animated Logo Designs That Spark Life to the Brands

10 Best Animated Logo Designs That Spark Life to the Brands
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Last Updated: May 22, 2023

Animated logos add life and movement to any business, which is why many brands use them to represent the company along with their static symbols. Some businesses are also perfect for animated logos as a sign that they are dynamic and can go with the times.

This article explores some of the best animated logo designs crafted by seasoned logo designers in the industry today. You may also look into other stunning logo designs in our collection for inspiration.

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1. The VFX Company by The Vfx Company

[Source: The Vfx Company]

Standout Features:

  • Play button
  • Shapes becoming letters
  • Dynamic colors

The VFX Company's business logo design features a play button that easily links them to every other video effects company in the industry.

The play button dismantles and becomes the letters TVC as the acronyms for the company, with the full name spelled in a black sans-serif font. The dynamic colors of orange, white, and black represent movement, an essential aspect of video editing.

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2. Tak Innovation by hero/dot

[Source: hero/dot]

Standout Features:

  • Stenciled letters
  • Lively color story
  • Bold sans-serif font

With its lively color story of blues and oranges, the animated logo design for Tak Innovation by hero/dot is one of the best-animated logo designs in this list.

The logo features the word tak stenciled in a slightly oval-shaped color mark, with a period at the end of the word and the color background moving smoothly.

The bold sans-serif font represents stability, as one of the most respected companies in Germany, while the vibrant colors present add a splash of life and character to it.

3. OCAD University by Bruce Mau Design

[Source: Bruce Mau Design]

Standout Features:

  • Three adjacent squares
  • Letters and images popping out
  • Monochrome colors

Taking animated logo designs to the next level is Bruce Mau Design's logo for OCAD University, a modern design university for future creatives.

The logo features three squares adjacent to each other in small, medium, and large sizes. The largest square has letters and images popping out of the box, representing the university perfectly, especially to onlookers.

Adding the monochrome colors of the logo adds a refreshing yet reputable feel to the design. The logo design shows what the university offers to the students and why it's the best place to study design.

4. Mobee Dick by Redkroft

[Source: Redkroft]

Standout Features:

  • Dialog cloud with emojis
  • Shaped like a whale
  • Pastel color story

Mobee Dick's animated logo design by Redkroft stands out. A simple dialog cloud with different text emojis popping out makes the logo come alive.

The brand's previous logo is modeled based on the famous novel Moby Dick (the company name's inspiration). The agency redesigned said version focusing on what the company does as one of the biggest UX businesses in Poland.

The new logo now has a text dialog cloud with different text emojis inside, conveying emotions in text messages and changing color backgrounds. The logo looks very dynamic and perfectly aligned with the brand's identity.

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5. Conformify by Monish Khara

[Source: Monish Khara]

Standout Features:

  • Blue rectangles
  • C coming out of the rectangle
  • Smooth movement

What sets this next-best animated logo design is that its transition and movement are so smooth it reflects the company's commitment to staying abreast and updated on the latest trends.

Designed by Monish Khara, the logo features two flat rectangles forming a Less Than sign (<) where the C for Conformify comes out and completes the brand's spelling.

It's a unique monogram logo because the Less Than symbol represents the C for Conformity. The smooth movement between the different elements makes it the best-animated logo in terms of animation itself.

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6. Of Monsters and Men by David Urbinati

[Source: David Urbinati]

Standout Features:

  • Shapes into letters
  • Color-filling the shapes
  • Swift movement

Of Monsters and Men's animated logo by David Urbinati features the brand's initials (OMAM) as shapes. The lines, shapes, and colors fill the spaces and bring firmness to the brand.

It's like watching an aquarium or a glass sphere be filled with colored water that adds identity and personality to the container. It's a perfect animated logo for such a fantastic brand.

7. Virti by Besnowed

[Source: Besnowed]

Standout Features:

  • VR-inspired animation
  • Cool color story
  • Super-thin sans-serif font

This remarkable animated logo by Besnowed for Virti, a company specializing in VR (virtual reality), gives the target market a glimpse of what they can offer as a brand.

The whole design concept is about showing VR newbies what virtual reality is about. It features a VR-inspired animation and an excellent color story. The super-thin sans-serif font used in spelling the company name fits the overall aesthetic.

8. Go Stellar

[Source: Go Stellar]

Standout Features:

  • Lines forming an airplane
  • Circle enclosure
  • Sky blue color story

Go Stellar's business logo features four lines forming the shape of an airplane enclosed in a circle, the lines moving upwards and set on a sky-blue background.

The logo is perfect as the upward movement of the four lines before forming the plane is on-brand with the company's identity: to go high and soar to greater heights. Also, the sky-blue background is like the clear blue sky on a sunny day – the ideal condition to fly airplanes.

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9. Personal Logo by Ben Fryc

[Source: Ben Fryc]

Standout Features:

  • Smiling figure
  • Loopy lines
  • Familiar colors

Ben Fryc's personal logo animation features a smiling figure of a man with a hat composed of loopy and swirly lines that add charm and personality to it.

The colors used by Ben Fryc are familiar as they look like the colors from Google's website. This shows that, like Google, he wants to provide the best quality service that his clients rightfully deserve.

Also, the animated lines and lively colors all tie to his brand personality: fun and simplistic.

10. Softland by JohnAppleman

[Source: JohnAppleman]

Standout Features:

  • Semicircles forming S
  • Infinity sign
  • Rounded edges

The Softland animated logo by JohnAppleman features an effective monogram logo.

The logo features two semicircles connected to form the S from Softland. The animated monogram also looks like the infinity sign, signifying the company's commitment to providing its customers with the best quality of service.

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The font's rounded edges in the brand name also provide a touch of a caring personality.

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