9 Best Floral Logo Designs with Blooming Visuals

9 Best Floral Logo Designs with Blooming Visuals
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: April 02, 2023

Flowers symbolize new life, beauty and femininity so perfectly that many brands have incorporated these into their logo designs with varying degrees of success.

This article discusses the best floral logo designs and what makes them bloom among other best logo designs in the market.

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1. Ianua Arquitetura by Massaneiro Design

best floral logo designs
[Source: Massaneiro Design]

Standout Features:

  • Artistic floral interpretation
  • Classy design concept
  • A metallic gold color story

Opening our list of the best floral design logos is this gorgeous creation for an architectural firm that embodies beauty and complexity through floral art.

Massaneiro Design created a luxurious yet professional logo design. The agency zeroed in on posh and on-brand design elements to develop the Ianua Arquitetura floral logo design.

The metallic gold color story enforced the luxury side of the brand, making it seem like a frame for a stained-glass installation in some medieval castle in southern Europe.

The designers used the outline of the flower to show how architecture is all about establishing the best framework for your properties.

Overall, the design communicates that the brand is reliable, especially if you want something polished and professional.

2. Hanson Road Flower co. by Dustin Cordeiro

best floral logo design
[Source: Dustin Cordeiro]

Standout Features:

  • Blush pink and green colors
  • Rustic and fresh typeface
  • Simple yet impactful

Floral logos thrive when used in flower businesses, like this next-best floral logo design for Hanson Road Flower co., a one-woman flower shop in Melbourne, Australia.

Women and flowers come a long way in art and symbolism, with flowers commonly associated with feminine values of beauty and delicacy.

Designer Dustin Cordeiro made it a point to highlight the women aspect in the design, thus coming up with a stunning logo design made with love.

The designer used Arapey fonts, bringing freshness and a rustic feel to the design. And with the logo's blush pink and green color palettes, this design blossoms beautifully.

The design is simple yet impactful. The visual elements blend well and reinforce the message of a woman's pure love for the people around her.

This is perfect for the brand as we typically give flowers to commemorate occasions or to express various emotions.

3. Ofelia by Samuel Torresi Studio

floral logo designs
[Source: Samuel Torresi Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Sleek design concept
  • Feminine color story
  • Serif fonts for luxury

Ofelia offers intricate floral arrangements made with fresh flowers that are perfect for every occasion. Incorporating flower elements in this design is such a wise move.

Courtesy of Samuel Torresi Studio, the logo design features a side profile of a blooming flower and the company name in a sleek and simple serif font.

Serif fonts are typically associated with richness and elegance, so using this for the logo design is perfect. The font style elevated the design to another level of sophistication.

The symbolism behind the blooming flower conveys there will always be flowers for anyone who wants to celebrate life's special moments.

Tying all these elements together is the old rose-color story, the icing on the cake.

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4. Mary Bloom Floral Boutique by Irina Liechti

floral logos
[Source: Irina Liechti]

Standout Features:

  • Unique portrayal
  • Whimsical approach
  • Sans-serif fonts

Choosing the right fonts for your brand identity does wonders for everything. And this next floral logo design doesn't disappoint.

Irina Liechti designed a logo for this floral boutique highlighting elements of understated elegance added with a splash of whimsical to it.

The sans-serif fonts enforce an image of severity that blends well with the hand-sketched flower perched on top of the brand name, representing the whimsical and carefree elements of the brand.

The hand-drawn rose element makes this floral logo design look dainty and soft.

5. Blakemore's Flowers by Max Detrich

floral logo ideas
[Source: Max Detrich]

Standout Features:

  • Stenciled flowers
  • A black and white color story
  • Harmony between fonts

Black and white are the last colors you might use when creating a floral logo design, but this next floral logo design on our list just made it work with stunning results.

Designed by Max Detrich, the design features the company name in a stenciled sans-serif font and the store location at the bottom. A gorgeous, black-and-white flower bouquet art sits beside the typeface.

Some people might think using colors is the prime strategy in this logo design, but looking at the output, it just heightened the level of luxury by not using any other color.

Black and white are often used to convey elegance and extravagance, and this creative approach perfectly aligns with the company's identity.

One thing to note is how the designer balanced the serif and sans-serif fonts in the logo design without overpowering the other.

6. Floora bark by Peter Melad

floral design logo
[Source: Peter Melad]

Standout Features:

  • Bold lines
  • Sense of reliability
  • Easy on the eyes

Lines are typically used in design to portray specific messages and emotions. The Floora bark's floral logo design took advantage of lines and yielded excellent results!

The design by Peter Melad focused more on bold lines from the font style to the portrayal of the flower itself, communicating that they can be trusted with your flower needs.

Bold lines typically offer a sense of safety to viewers, with how sturdy and durable these lines look even from afar.

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This also assures the brand that its logo will be seen even from afar with the thick lines. The logo is also friendly to the eyes with how the elements blend perfectly.

7. Flowered & Co. by Giada Tamborrino Studio

best floral design logo
[Source: Giada Tamborrino Studio]

Standout Features: 

  • Minimal emblem logo
  • Incredible unboxing experience
  • Emanating luxury

As a brand known for bringing the bloom and beauty of flowers to the indoors, Flowered & Co needed an updated visual identity that buds into the same experience as their luxurious boxes of flowers. 

Drawing inspiration from the intersection between natural shapes and geometric design, Giada Tamborrino Studio turned to a delicate minimalistic approach that would inspire a feeling as unique as the brand’s flower boxes — and seamlessly merge with anyone’s interior design.

Giada opted for a sans-serif typeface that balances a modern yet timeless design and combined it with a logomark symbolizing an infinite flower and a color palette that reaffirms the brand’s effortless sense of luxury.

8. Leah Erickson Floral by Outlaw Creative

Best Floral Logo Designs with Blooming Visuals
[Source: Outlaw Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Ingenious logo abbreviation
  • Visual exclusivity at its finest
  • Romantic and vintage appeal

Leah Erickson, a Seattle-based entrepreneur and floral designer, is known for creating lush, romantic and above all, elegant floral work. Her distinct creative style, unique florals and striking arrangements blur the line between business and genuine art.

Drawing crowds with big blooms, delicate flowering branches, and loose vine-y tendrils, Outlaw Creative added another layer, i.e., elevated visual brand, to her already impressive work.

Capturing the organic, deep and artful nature behind the brand, the agency set the tone with moody greens and a sophisticated charcoal blue, then worked on a simplistic yet elegant and ingeniously evocative logomark. Opting for romantic serifs it carefully balances an L, E and F to create a unique and beautiful monogram logo with hand-drawn florals to personalize the look further.

9. Merakia by Linart Lab

floral design logos
[Source: Linart Lab]

Standout Features:

  • Subtle duality
  • Minimal illustrations
  • Literal stem in monogram

Merakia's design by Linart Lab takes a similar approach to our previous entry adding a more colorful twist that walks a fine line between sophisticated elegance and contemporary, millennial-oriented aesthetics.

Both the rich greens, minimal, linework illustrations and serif-freehand typography combos reveal this duality effortlessly putting Merakia in a league of its own.

Although it's a Mexican brand, its name derives its meaning from the Greek "Meraki" which translates to the "essence of ourselves". Essentially it refers to the act of doing something with your entire being, body and soul, and the company's branding showcases it perfectly.

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