24 Most Impressive Logo Redesigns That Give Brands a Refreshing Look

24 Most Impressive Logo Redesigns That Give Brands a Refreshing Look
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: July 24, 2023

Choosing to change your company logo, particularly when you’re already an established brand or organization, can be an expensive, time-consuming, and risky decision. That said, if the decision pays off, your company will be refreshed under a design that reflects the modern world, resonates with your current (newer) audience, and ultimately, positions your brand as innovative and forward-thinking.

This article covers some of the most impressive logo redesigns created by the top logo designers in the industry today.

Typically, brands redesign their logos to reintroduce themselves with a refreshed branding identity or if they want to update their visuals to be in sync with the trends. The designs below are effective in elevating the companies they represent. Besides, the best logo designs give new life to the brands, ultimately strengthening brand recall.

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1. BioAroeira by R11 Design

[Source: R11 Design]

Standout Features:

  • Relaxing colors
  • Simple yet impactful
  • Modern-looking logo

When BioAroeira decided to refresh its image, the client tapped R11 Design to develop a logo that symbolizes a fresh start. The result is a simple yet impactful logo, utilizing modern elements that exude a refreshing touch.

With its sans-serif font and relaxing blue color scheme, the logo is more aligned with the brand since the company offers pool water cleaning, maintenance, and water analysis products.

2. Joeli Carvalho by Pri Bellafronte

[Source: Pri Bellafronte]

Standout Features:

  • Elegant design concept
  • Floral design in a circle
  • Thick sans-serif font

From a colorful logo design with a playful typeface and cute images, Pri Bellafronte redesigned Joeli Carvalho's logo into a sleek, elegant creation.

The logo features a floral pattern inside a circle resembling a stove. The name is placed below, written in lowercase bold font style. These visual elements showcase a polished logo that fits perfectly with the chef's rebranding.

3. Treetech by Angulo Design

[Source: Angulo Design]

Standout Features:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Thick sans-serif font
  • Simple color story

Treetech's logo redesign by Angulo Design follows the minimalist approach while radiating with meaningful representations.

Their old logo features many different visual elements, while the new logo design focuses on keeping things simple. From the color story, the font, and the geometric shapes that form a tree, this new logo is a refreshing twist and is more dynamic in the eyes of the target audience.

4. Whole Foods by George Smith

[Source: George Smith]

Standout Features:

  • Modern typography
  • Refreshing color story
  • Circle enclosure

Whole Foods' logo redesign is a breath of fresh air, giving the brand a modern look thanks to George Smith's creative talent.

Its refreshing color story features pine green and white, similar to the old logo. However, the handwritten typography adds a layer of personality. Parts of the logo also resemble stacked fruits. The circle wraps everything together, forming an impressive logo redesign.

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5. Capital One by Indika Jayatilake

[Source: Indika Jayatilake]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized monogram logo
  • Bold sans-serif typeface
  • American color story

Capital One has expanded since 2005, but its logo has remained virtually unchanged. Logo designer Indika Jayatilake redesigned their logo and gave it an innovative, dynamic new look.

The new logo looks cleaner and simpler. The logo mark features a C on top with a '1' in its negative space, while the name is in bold sans-serif typeface to symbolize the brand's reliability as a banking institution.

The agency's use of red, white, and deep blue is a clever nod to the American flag, showing Capital One's commitment to serving Americans.

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6. TECHLAND by Marufiam

[Source: Marufiam]

Standout Features:

  • Unique stylized initials
  • Cool color story
  • Use of negative space and logo grid

Techland's old logo needed flair and a unique identity, so they tapped Marufiam to redesign it. The result is an impressive and memorable logo design that captures the brand's essence.

The new logo uses blue, black, and white as primary colors, a popular choice in the tech industry. The stylized initials, negative space, and logo grid create consistency and balance.

Lastly, the agency created a responsive design, allowing the brand to use it in different forms of media.

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7. Haileybury by Toucari Design

[Source: Toucari Design]

Standout Features:

  • A modern take on crests
  • Burgundy color
  • Winged heart

Logo redesigns for schools and educational institutions may be challenging, but Toucari Design's take on Haileybury's logo design embraces today's trends while retaining the school's rich history.

From an archaic-looking crest designed in 1858, the agency transformed it into a burgundy winged heart crest on a white background. The new crest is simple but versatile and projects a welcoming and friendly look for the school. Make sure to check out our article on best school branding designs.

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8. Saker Music by STB.design

[Source: STB.design]

Standout Features:

  • Saker silhouette
  • Versatile design
  • Calming color story

Saker Music's old logo needed a facelift to resonate with the brand's target audiences and communicate its identity. That's why STB.design stepped up and created a logo redesign that perfectly captures Saker Music's essence with its versatile design.

The logo features a modern and minimal silhouette of a saker. It is adaptable and designed to work well in various formats. These may include business cards, CD covers, and roll-up designs.

9. Dot Print by Bruno Rodrigues

[Source: Bruno Rodrigues]

Standout Features:

  • An image of prosperity
  • Bold sans-serif font
  • Gradating colors

Dot Print's logo redesign by Bruno Rodrigues exudes an image of prosperity through the vivid color orange, communicating the brand's commitment to success.

The logo shines in a bold sans-serif font, adding a sense of security and assurance. From the previously colorful logo, this redesign presents a modern and fuss-free logo. In the end, the agency succeeded in tapping new audiences by simplifying the look while maintaining its visual impact.

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10. Tanck Suplementos by Osmosis Design

[Source: Osmosis Design]

Standout Features:

  • Greek-inspired
  • Relevant symbolisms
  • Powerful messaging

Osmosis Design gathered inspiration from Greek culture and aesthetics when developing a logo redesign for Tanck Suplementos, a Brazilian fitness supplements brand. It resulted in a sleek logo design that speaks of strength and vitality.

The brand believes in attaining a balance between the human body and mind. With this philosophy, combined with the brand's Greek inspirations, the agency designed the letter T like that of Grecian columns.

On some logo versions, the brand name sits beside the stylized T. The typography remains consistent, paying homage to the beautiful, resistant, classic Greek architecture.

11. Coca-Cola by Anmmol Tyagi

[Source: Anmmol Tyagi]

Standout Features:

  • Solid color story
  • Loopy typography
  • Modern-looking visuals

Anmmol Tyagi's redesign of the iconic Coca-Cola logo features modern-looking visuals while retaining some of the iconic aspects of the brand.

The agency retained the famous Coca-Cola red and white brand colors, then used a thin and loopy typography. The logo redesign also includes two Cs with bubble-like graphics, giving it an unconventional look but impressive, nonetheless.

12. NK NAŠK Našice by LSH Creative

[Source: LSH Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Modern shield design
  • Intertwined brand initials
  • Adaptable layout

NK NAŠK Našice's 100th anniversary called for a modern logo update. LSH Creative took on the challenge, merging the club's rich history with today's design standards.

The result? A refreshed logo that doesn't forget its roots!

The familiar shield stays but with a streamlined approach. The intertwining 'N' letters are a clever nod to the acronym 'NAŠK' and the town of Našice. The diagonal lines also hearken back to the white ribbon from the original logo.

A masterful blend of old and new, this redesign seamlessly carries a century's legacy into the future.

13. South Forsyth Bands by Missy Husereau

[Source: Missy Husereau]

Standout Features:

  • Abstract eagle design
  • Sky-themed colors
  • Sleek and elegant

For the South Forsyth Bands, logo designer Missy Husereau took on the inspiration of the eagle as the school’s official symbol and gave it a modern twist, with the abstract version used in this logo.

The abstract eagle design made it look fresher to the eyes, coupled with the colors white, blue, and silver that complement each other flawlessly. The result is a sleek and elegant logo design that heightened the school’s prestige in terms of academic image.

14. L.A Artistry by Empyreal Studio

[Source: Empyreal Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized initials
  • Loopy line embracing the letters
  • Tall and proud

Empyreal Studio created a stunning logo design for the LA-based hairdresser and her brand, L.A Artistry. The result is this tall and proud-looking logo design that looks sleek, trustworthy, and professional for everyone.

The stylized initials L and A are seemingly hugged by a loopy line across them, signifying the brand’s commitment to treat their customers as family. This shows the warmth and connection that the brand cherishes from their customers, which is a good sign of a strong brand identity.

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Now that we've gone over some of the finest logo redesigns in recent years, let's take a closer look at some of the more renowned international brands and their logo evolutions.

Calvin Klein Logo Redesigns

1. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has a new logo (the bottom logo in the image above), which has been tweaked and redefined by graphic designer Peter Saville. The fashion label decided to opt for an uppercase logotype and reduced the smaller kerning gap between letters. However, the black color and sans-serif font style remain the same.

The logo aims to “return to the spirit of the original” logo which was launched when the company hit the market in 1968. what's interesting is that Calvin Klein didn't tease the release -- they simply unveiled it on Instagram with minimal fanfare, letting the design speak for itself. 

Formula One Logo Redesigns

2. Formula One

Formula One, the motorsport brand, has replaced its iconic 'flying one' logo (on the left), which has been the sport's trademark since 1993, with a slick, streamlined version. The new logo (on the right), which is set to officially launch at the beginning of the 2018 season, is representative of speed and efficiency. The singular use of the iconic red serves as a candid reminder to F1 fans that although the design has changed, this is still the beloved Formula One.

The logo takes its inspiration from the low-profile shape of the modern F1 car, as well as the concept of two cars racing around a bend to cross the finish line first. It is an incredibly bold and simple design, but it reflects a need to be mobile and digitally led. The redesign allows the company to be much more flexible and versatile with their wider rebrand going forward.

F1's logo redesign, which was created by Wieden + Kennedy, was met with mostly negative fan reviews initially, although we'll see if consumers come around in the end, as they did with Juventus F.C. 

Huffington Post Logo Redesigns

3. Huffington Post

The Huffington Post’s rise to become one of the most-read publications online is a fascinating story in itself. With that, came the need to rebrand and refocus their attention on what matters to them as a publication. HuffPost’s new editorial mission is to “provide a platform that presents news in an inclusive and expansive manner.”

In short, the aim was to switch from the “internet’s newspaper” to the “people’s platform,” and the new logo (bottom) puts the focus on this objective. The bold font style in tandem with the brighter green, allows the brand theme to echo across the internet via the new logo.

Interestingly, the social icon for HuffPost collapses the name down to a green square, which forms an abstract forward slash “H.”

Medium Logo Redesigns

4. Medium

Only two years after its last rebrand, the online publishing platform Medium got rid of its green “M” and revealed a new wordmark logo (on the bottom) resembling a classier look and feel. The redesigned logo was based on Noe Display Bold, and it seems to maintain an appropriate balance between modern and traditional styles.

Strong, sharp serifs are an effective addition to the design and the contrast between the white and black helps sell the Medium brand as a more defined online publication.

Ubisoft Logo Redesigns

5. Ubisoft

Ubisoft released an updated version (on the right) of its iconic swirl symbol with a flatter, colorless option. It’s the first change in the French publisher’s logo since 2003 when the iconic swirl design was originally introduced as a three-dimensional royal blue design. The new swirl marks a new era for Ubisoft, one with an increased focus on live and digital games. Ubisoft themselves described the revised logo as “minimalist, modern, and monochromatic.”

While the new logo may be devoid of color and depth, there’s no shortage of life about it. The flat design, a style that has been popular in the last year, does a good job of emphasizing the brand name and the aura of ‘focus.’

Fanta Logo Redesigns

6. Fanta

Fanta, the soft drinks brand, has switched its rounded logotype for an angular one, with the aim of leaning towards the more “fun” and “vibrant” side of life. The design inverts the colors so that the logotype is now white and the background is blue. The circular border and leaf emblem remains, but you’ll notice that brighter shades of blue, orange, and green have been added.

It would seem that the new visual language, resembling what looks like paper-cut letters and shapes, is geared towards the younger audience, and aims to leverage social media as a tool for attracting new consumers.

Audi Logo Redesigns

7. Audi

Audi released a new logo (bottom) and opted for a flat design. The introduction of an all-black color scheme and the removal of its wordmark showcases the desire for a minimalistic update to the brand. However, the iconic four-ring design remains as the leading symbol for the globally renowned car manufacturer.

Overall, it’s an incredibly simple, yet timeless, and easy-on-the-eyes design. In many ways, it reflects perfectly on their range of vehicles, which ooze class and simplicity from the outside.

YouTube Logo Redesigns

8. YouTube

YouTube changed its logo for the first time in over a decade, and it’s understandably big news! The new logo (right) emphasizes the iconic play button and removes the red box around the word “tube.” Over the years, the play button has become a UI element that is front and center on every single video watched, and thus, it’s understandable why it has been added to the logo. In many ways, the play button acts as a brand ambassador for the wider brand.

YouTube stated the new logo was “designed for our multi-screen world,” and it is certainly a cleaner version of the YouTube wordmark and icon. The flexibility of the design comes into play on a mobile device, where the brightened-up icon acts as an abbreviated logo.

Juventus FC Logo Redesigns

9. Juventus FC

In one of the most public and talked about redesigns of the year, Juventus -- known as the “Old Lady” -- shifted their focus towards a drastically modern design. The new logo (on the right), was launched during an event entitled “Black and white and more”, representative of the club embracing its potential as more than a football club, but also an identity brand.

Juventus aims to appeal to the football fan while also resonating with entertainment enthusiasts who aren’t quite as familiar with football as a sport. The updated logo is a bold change, but the team’s defining black-and-white stripes remain untouched. It’s a simple design centered around sharp lines and uses a popular black-and-white minimalistic combination.

Plus, it seems Juventus F.C. has inspired a new wave of soccer logos. Don't believe us? Just take a look at F.C. Colentina aka the former Juventus Bucuresti. 

Tinder Logo Redesigns

10. Tinder

With Tinder reaching near ubiquity as a dating app, the company decided it was time to update its famous wordmark and introduce a new flame-only logo. Icons are a big deal if you’re an app-based business, and this new logo is representative of this fact with the flame taking center stage throughout their updated brand.

The logo update follows an overhaul of the dating network’s app, both of which have seen the company introduce a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing option. The gradient background colors add a warm, friendly feel to the updated design, with the shape of the flame adding even more “heat.”

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