5 Best Software Logo Designs That Push the Boundaries of Industry Conventions

5 Best Software Logo Designs That Push the Boundaries of Industry Conventions
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: February 20, 2023

Living without some kind of software is unimaginable. We've become so dependent on its various spawns, that we don't even realize we're hooked, willingly or otherwise.

Whether you are a business that relies on that good ol' computer software to optimize your daily operations or a content creator needing video editing software to create compelling content for your audience, everyone needs these in their daily lives.

The best software logos often reflect their company values and ideals and the images they want to send across to their target audiences as creatively as possible. In this article, we will talk about some of the best examples of software logos that have made an impact on their brands and the audience positively. Get inspired!

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1. WideFix

Standout features:

  • Simplistic layout
  • No-frills design
  • Appealing color story

Contrary to our somewhat ominous intro, WideFix believes that software should be accessible to everyone and with their easily recognizable logo, you can quickly see how they walk the talk to their target audience.

The overall design may be close to competitors, blending well while breaking the mold with the positive vibes and agility the hummingbird graphic brings. The color story is also typical in the IT niche, with subtle changes that accentuate convention. They did not try to look fancy or unique, the colors simply reflect a robust identity that's "light on its wings", if we may.

There are times when all you need in your logo design is the right color combination to make yourself stand out from the pack. With its simple design, WideFix has done a great job identifying itself with its customers without standing out like a sore thumb.


Standout features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Bold, professional typography
  • Simple execution

One characteristic of companies in the IT field is that they need to look professional to their target audience. ARTJOKER takes it up a notch with its software logo design.

The overall design is minimalistic but bold in its execution, using monochromatic hues and typography to get their point across. The arrangement of the lettering creates a feeling of power and trustworthiness, which many IT companies strive for.

The simple and basic design gives ARTJOKER a mature look that assures their clients of quality service. Their logo speaks volumes without having to say much, which can be very useful in today's crowded software market.

It may not appear as eye-catching as your flashy design agencies logo designs, but you cannot deny its effectiveness. ARTJOKER has succeeded in making a professional statement with its logo design.

3. Tooploox

Standout features:

  • Creative diamond logo
  • Reliable feel
  • Shows personality

When it comes to software logos, the Tooploox logo lets go of the expected. Its diamond-shaped design is creative and eye-catching, making it stand out among other software logos.

Using a reliable black-and-white color scheme, the logo gives off an aura of quality and reliability, which is essential for any IT company. The friendly typeface also adds to its professional feel and gives it an edge over other software logos.

Even though the design is quite minimalistic, its creative use of shapes and colors still manages to make a statement. It looks like something that could be quickly identified in any crowd, precisely what Tooploox wants their clients to do with great ease.

In addition, if you look closely, you can see a capital T on the diamond design included in the logo. This is a creative way of showing Tooploox's personality while keeping the design modern and professional.

IT companies need a logo design that looks professional and polished but retains its character, and the Tooploox logo design is an inspiration for achieving that. It is an excellent example of how creativity can be balanced with professionalism.

4. Crema

Standout features:

  • Elementary design concept
  • Has a stable feel
  • Short and clear execution

The IT industry is full of mission-focused people with like-minded ideals and the Crema software logo design is an excellent example of how to embody those values without losing itself in overdesign.

The logo design features an elementary concept, with a sans-serif font spelling out the company name in black. The idea behind it is simple yet effective, giving off an aura of stability and trustworthiness.

The Crema logo is short and to the point, allowing its clients to identify them quickly without getting distracted by something unnecessary.

5. Merixstudio

Standout features:

  • Interesting color palette
  • Use of geometric shapes
  • Robotic type font style

Merixstudio takes a different approach and goes for something slightly more creative. The logo features an exciting color palette of black, orange and white. This color combination is relatively uncommon in the software industry, making it stand out from most other logos.

The use of geometric shapes further enhances this appeal, giving the logo a robotic feel that is perfect for Merixstudio. This use of forms also creates an interesting visual effect and makes it look more modern.

Combined with the robotic type font style, the logo design looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, futuristic yet professional at the same time. It is an excellent example of how modern and creative a software logo can be without looking too out of place.

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