9 Best Honey Packaging Designs With Sweet and Unique Layouts That Make Your Heart Buzz

9 Best Honey Packaging Designs With Sweet and Unique Layouts That Make Your Heart Buzz
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: November 14, 2022

Sugar is one of those things that we all love, but we know that it doesn’t always love us back. We are used to associating sugary foods with something that should be limited or avoided in our nutrition. Delightful, sure, but often bad for your health.

But luckily, there are exceptions. That’s why we love honey. This superfood sweetener is incredible in both taste and benefits! You can spread it on a piece of bread, mix it with your favorite tea, or enjoy its raw taste! You can combine it with anything and everything – losing the guilt from eating sugar.

With so many uses, its natural origins and its amazing reputation, it’s not surprising to see how huge the honey market is. But when a product with an excellent evergreen reputation has such a close-fisted market, the question is: what makes people buy your honey? Do you take pride in the organic process, the premium quality, or the authentic origin of your honey?

Regardless of the answer, there’s only one way to convey these messages to your customers – through product presentation and clever branding. Not sure what we mean? Look at these nine incredible packaging designs to find out how they leveraged their products’ benefits and used them to promote their brand.

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1. Beelieve by Wade Robinson Design

[Source: Wade Robinson Design]

Standout features:

  • Beehive packaging model
  • Debossed elements
  • A practical use

Beelieve is a thriving honey business with a distinguished history. After perfecting their product and achieving top quality, they shifted the focus to branding. So, Beelieve approached Wade Robinson Design in search of a brand identity that reflects their quality and strengthens their position in the market.

The design team created a honeycomb-shaped jar to mirror the bees’ natural environment. To give it a more personal note, they debossed the company’s logo and tagline into the bottle, together with the honeycomb icon. The design strikes a balance between aesthetics and practicality, so the jar contains a honey dipper too. Even if they use up the product, honey lovers will have a reason to keep the pot.

The buzzwords explaining that this is 100% organic honey can be seen printed near the bottom of the package. And the font choice is different from the one used for indicating the brand identity. However, they work well together and do wonders in attracting the customers’ attention.

2. Gorski by Atelje Studio

[Source: Atelje Studio]

Standout features:

  • Premium packaging design
  • Black-and-gold color palette
  • Minimalistic pattern wreath

Gorski is a prime honey brand produced in Serbia. The brand dwells deep into assuring the quality of the product. However, Gorski also wanted that quality reflected in their packaging design.

With that in mind, Atelje Studio delivered a premium packaging design for the brand. The color palette explores the luxurious black for the background, with a bit of gold-and-white inscription on the label. A minimalistic gold wreath decorates the jar near the top and the bottom of the label, and this creative touch subtly implies its delicate quality.

The full-capital serif typeface is centered on the black label, accompanied by the logo above it. The logo is simple and luxurious, referencing the bees and the liquid gold that Gorski produces.

3. Florencas Val Bom by JBW

[Source: JBW]

Standout features:

  • Elegant & simple design
  • Circular text
  • Condensed sans serif typography

Florencas Val Bom’s packaging design places the product in the spotlight. JBW ensured to leave enough space for the honey to shine with this design while also alluding to the brand!

The designers went with a transparent honey jar, inviting customers to focus on the sugary star of the show. Sitting at the front center, you’ll see the brand logo with the brand name written around it.

The logo and the text are white, which, when mixed with the natural gold of honey in the background, provides a soothing visual experience. This elegant and simple design features a straightforward, condensed sans serif typography that further explores the unaggressive brand positioning, letting the product speak for the brand.

4. The Royal One by Elena Anagnostelou

[Source: Elena Anagnostelou]

Standout features:

  • Transparent label
  • Crown symbolism
  • Capital Doric font typeface

The Royal One is a brand conceived by the joint efforts of Maria and Elias, a couple of beekeepers from Boeotia, Elena Anagnostelou and her design team. The product name reflects the quality and legacy of their premium honey, and the packaging design helped provide an appropriate visual identity for the brand.

The label features a logo that depicts a queen bee below the wordmark and the crown above it. The packaging design follows a modern, stylish, artistic approach with a fresh look. The label is transparent, letting the customers witness the color and fluidity of the product before purchasing it.

The jar is placed in a peach orange, peanut green or lavender purple box, each emphasizing the identity of the three types of honey marketed (Fir Honey, Pine Honey and Wild Herbs, Thyme Honey).

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5. Medove Fuzy by MAISON D'IDEE


Standout features:

  • Doodle-like typography
  • Embossed elements
  • A straightforward yet simple design

Some honey producers emphasize the beekeeper culture, others the organic origins, and Medove Fuzy’s packaging design relies on conveying that all-too-familiar sweetness. MAISON D’IDEE helped this brand by highlighting that flavor with an attractive packaging design.

This honey jar is labeled with a digitally printed design decorated with UV-embossed typography. The golden reflection emits a sugary taste, and the doodle-like typography utilizes a ‘dripping’ effect, similar to the slow motion of honey dropping from the spoon.

The rest of the label is covered with a matt coating, focusing more on the embossed elements and their brilliance. Overall, this simple design exemplifies how less can be more.

6. Bee There by AIDA Pioneer

[Source: AIDA Pioneer]

Standout features:

  • Quirky typography
  • Clean, white background
  • Line patterns symbolizing types of honey

Bee There is a honey producer that wanted to celebrate the leading actor in their products’ production – the bees. So, AIDA Pioneer tried to emulate the gratefulness of the bees by integrating their “culture” into the packaging design.

We see a clean, white-label surrounding the jar. On it, there’s a simple brand representation with quirky typography focused on the second “E” in “BEE,” tilting it diagonally. Below it is a cut-out lined pattern.

At first glance, this is a minimalistic design with limited features. However, like all great designs, it has a story behind it. The geometric design of each label depicts the bees’ way from the hive to different places of the honey flow. The patterns and the dispositioned “E” refer to the bees’ means of communication: the waggle dance. So effectively, this packaging design conveys the bees’ language to the jar with an extraordinary visual device.

7. Daily Dairy by Smak Graphics Design

[Source: Smak Graphics Design]

Standout features:

  • Pastel colors dominate the label
  • Meadow imagery
  • Centralized textual information

Daily Dairy is a distinctive brand that offers honey made from the foothills of the Himalayas. The brand asked Smak Graphics Design to help them with the packaging design. We got a lovely warm iteration we’ll talk about today.

Smak Graphics Design took a typical honey jar and beautified it with pastel colors, each representing a particular taste. Blue and purple labels let us in on a story about the product, setting both a natural and an imaginative atmosphere behind its creation. The pastel labels are accompanied by faint meadow illustrations, depicting where the honey came from.

Customers are taken on a journey to the Himalayas meadows every time they look at the jar, an interactive way to let them envision the honey's origin.

The bottom right corner features the main plant the product was made from, and the center of the square label is reserved for the brand name and vital information.

8. The Queen and The Sea by Ninteen Design

[Source: Ninteen Design]

Standout features:

  • Cropped-out elements highlighting the product
  • Metallic-silver label color
  • Gear wheel symbolism

The Queen and The Sea is a premium quality honey brand made by the Papafigos family from the island of Chios. Ninteen Design made a unique packaging design for the brand to capture their efforts and product quality.

The all-around metallic-silver label embraces the packaging. The bottom and top borders are not flat. They resemble a gear-wheel pattern – symbolizing the nomadic lifestyle of the Papafigos family. The family moves the bees around the island, ensuring they are exposed to various herbs.

The brand logo is at the forefront of the label. The logo is cut out of the label to showcase the product inside the jar. The jar is in distinctive flat-folding cardboard packaging. The cardboard was made using black paper and white-hot foil printing.

9. OPG Marinović Pčelarstvo Honey Jars by Trollenium Art

[Source: Trollenium Art]

Standout Features:

  • Intricate patterns
  • Customizable logo design
  • Inspired by local folklore

Inspired by the local legends about fairies, Trollenium Art, crafted a series of three different types of honey for OPG Marinković Pčelarstvo. In this Slavic myth, each plant houses a strong, forest spirit, a fairy of exquisite beauty that rivals the antic Greek nymphs and muses.

The agency created three distinct labels for sage honey, linden tree honey and oak honey. Each one of them got its front and back 900g jar labels and wide 135g jar labels. Trollenium walked a fine line between uniform design and custom, color-coded approach, as each jar sports a dark, baroque hue adorned with rich, gold patterns that symbolize different flavors if you will.

These labels show how masterfully-crafted packaging manages to contain something more than, a quality product, but a magical experience that enriches the sweetness.

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