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10 Best Packaging Designs of All Time 

1. Tiffany Blue Box Packaging Design 

Tiffany & Co.'s blue box is without any doubt the most recognizable packaging in the world. Arguably, it's even more recognizable than the brand’s jewelry. The iconic box represents a blueprint (pun intended!) for retail containers ever since it was introduced almost two centuries ago. 

World-famous Tiffany Blue Box

Originating from the founder's selection for the Blue Book in 1845, this turquoise hue has become synonymous with luxury. Protected as a trademark, Tiffany Blue represents purity and elegance. The packaging, a complete luxury experience, comprises intricate details, a custom Pantone blue, foil-stamped logo, and a luxe matte material. The logotype, a serif font reminiscent of Tiffany's 1837 launch, enhances the brand's authenticity. Beyond aesthetics, Tiffany adapts to the 21st century with sustainable materials, resonating with audiences worldwide and leaving an indelible mark on the jewelry industry. 

2. Amazon Packaging Design 

Unlike our previous entry, Amazon’s delivery box hasn’t been around for long, nor does it emanate luxury, but it is probably one of the most recognizable, most talked about, and most often seen boxes in our lives. Seemingly a plain old brown box was designed for functionality more than anything else, perfectly epitomizing the Amazon brand. Amazon's Frustration-Free Packaging service, initiated in 2008, has transformed the eCommerce landscape by prioritizing customer experience and sustainability. With over 300 million customers globally, Amazon's influence is unrivaled.  

Focusing on protecting products and ensuring easy unboxing, Frustration-Free Packaging adheres to eco-friendly practices, reducing packaging material usage. Amazon's guidelines encourage sellers to enhance their packaging, showcasing care for customers and sustainability. Qualifying packages offer quicker unboxing, reduced waste, and cost savings. The certification process involves rigorous testing, ensuring durability through simulated supply chain demands.  

3. Pringles Packaging Design 

In the snacks aisles crowded with bags of chips and salty treats, Pringles stands tall, literally! The brand disrupted the snack industry with its revolutionary cylindrical packaging, departing from traditional bags. The iconic design, conceived in 1966 by Fredric Baur, sets Pringles apart as the sole brand with this distinctive container.  

Beyond aesthetics, the cylinder ensures chip integrity, addresses storage concerns, and offers a convenient, space-efficient solution. Pringles' diverse color-coded packaging for various flavors enhances visual appeal and product identification. The brand's friendly mascot complements its approachable image, adding fun at every crunch. Pringles further excels in legible typography, transparency, and environmental responsibility, using recyclable, sturdy materials. Globally recognized, Pringles' reliable packaging reinforces its status as a trusted, top-tier snack brand. 

4. Apple’s Packaging Design 

Apple is renowned for its sophisticated smart devices brimming with convenient functionalities and its product design philosophy is seamlessly translated to their packaging as well. The simple, elegant, and slim white boxes look as elegant as any iPhone. Beyond aesthetic appeal, Apple’s packaging design reflects the brand’s commitment to premium user experience. The unboxing process is somewhat of a ritual. Each box includes high-quality material, devoid of any unnecessary paper or plastic wraps, and precisely engineered compartments. 

With a clear focus on sustainability, Apple’s design credo extends to the most minuscule details, showcasing the products in their full glory. This way, the brand not only elevates the perceived value of their technological marvels but also sets the standard for packaging visuals across the industry. 

5. Toblerone Packaging Design 

Toblerone brand can be described as “a triangle in a world full of squares.” The distinctive triangular prism shape became synonymous with Toblerone and an icon in the confectionery industry. This design not only commands attention on store shelves but elevates the entire consumer experience.  

The origin of Toblerone's distinctive design sparks intrigue, with theories ranging from Theodore Tobler's admiration of the Swiss Alps' Matterhorn peak to a Parisian cabaret show inspiring the unique shape. Regardless of its genesis, Toblerone's packaging stands as an unparalleled masterpiece in the world of design. The triangular peaks and valleys don't just distinguish the product; they provide a user-friendly experience, solidifying Toblerone as a global emblem of Swiss craftsmanship. Check out the best product design companies on DesignRush.

6. McDonald’s Happy Meal Packaging Design 

No matter how old you may be, no matter where in the world you live, chances are you’re quite familiar with the iconic McDonald’s Happy Meal! For over four decades, the jolly red and yellow box has been an enduring symbol, solidifying McDonald's as a beloved family-friendly brand. 

This packaging not only brings joy and excitement, particularly for children eagerly anticipating the toy within but also holds a nostalgic charm for adults. While it may have undergone some evolution over the years, the fundamental structure of the box remains unchanged, a testament to the lasting impact of McDonald's on both the collective memory and the joyous moments shared by generations of families. 

7. Campbell’s Soup Packaging Design 

Campbell’s Soup can is a classic example of packaging from the end of the 19th century. While charming, its enduring design, with familiar warmth and tradition interweaved throughout the iconic red and white container, became legendary after Andy Warhol helped popularize it and make it known around the globe. 

With his pop art masterpiece, "Campbell's Soup Cans”, created in 1962, this series of 32 paintings, each depicting different soup flavors, Warhol elevated mundane, mass-produced packaging to the realm of high art. The result? Campbell’s Soup packaging design became an integral part of the American culture that none dared to change. It’s a timeless symbol in the culinary world and an enduring legacy among the best packaging designs of all time. 

8. Heinz Ketchup Bottle Packaging Design 

Introduced back in 1876. Heinz’s distinct, upside-down ketchup bottle revolutionized condiment containers. Its unique shape and narrow neck became synonymous with the brand, fostering immediate brand recognition. Its signature shape allows for effortless pouring and minimal waste, setting an industry standard. The ketchup's slow pour mirrors its commitment to quality.

Heinz's packaging has not only become a symbol of trust and consistency but has also influenced packaging norms across industries, showcasing the enduring impact of thoughtful and functional design on consumer experience and brand success. 

9. Chanel Packaging Design 

Chanel's packaging design transcends mere material presentation; it’s more than a perfume vessel, it's a tangible symbol of timeless elegance and luxury. The sleek black and white color scheme with the iconic logo design exudes sophistication, reminding of Coco Chanel’s unique style that revolutionized the fashion industry.

With its meticulous attention to detail, from embossed logos to quality materials, Chanel's minimalist approach to packaging emphasizes quality, aligning with its brand ethos. In fact, it has become a coveted item in its own right, with a thriving second-hand market. 

10. KFC Bucket Packaging Design 

While it’s truly more of a product than the packaging, KFC’s iconic bucket is certainly a triumph in fast-food branding, shaping the industry with its celebrated design. Ever since Kentucky Fried Chicken sold its first bucket of chicken to-go, back in 1957, the bucket has become one of the most recognizable images in the industry. 

The red and white color scheme, adorned with Colonel Sanders' image, has become synonymous with the brand. Beyond aesthetics, the bucket is convenient offering a communal dining experience, encouraging sharing, and reinforcing KFC's social appeal. Now, that is a seamless blend of functionality and brand identity.  

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