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Miguel Christopher De Guia
By Miguel Christopher De Guia
Last updated: July 17, 2024
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10 Best Print Designs of All Time 

1. Pepsi Halloween Print Design 

Move aside Apple vs. Samsung and Ford vs. Chevrolet; the most enduring business rivalry unfolds between none other than Pepsi and Coca-Cola. This saga, as ancient as time, sees the soft drink behemoths engaged in a decades-long clash. Amidst their vast arsenal of print ads, one iconic campaign stands out — the infamous 2013 Halloween ad by Pepsi. Crafted by Buzz in a Box, a leading Belgian advertising powerhouse, the print design ingeniously depicts a Pepsi can donning a Coca-Cola cape, gleefully wishing fans a spine-chilling Halloween.  

The brilliance lies in its simplicity and humor, skillfully navigating the eerie holiday ambiance. This cheeky provocation triggered an unofficial response from Coca-Cola, bearing the retort, "Everybody wants to be a hero!" Such ads exemplify the charm of print collateral, speaking a universal language that resonates with everyone. 

2. Norwegian Airlines Print Design 

In the realm of print design, where every inch holds significance, Norwegian Airlines has demonstrated a remarkable prowess for creativity and efficient use of space. Crafted in 2015 by the Stockholm-based agency M&C Saatchi, their print ad has become a perennial favorite, celebrated for its simplistic ingenuity. 

Entitled "Flag of Flags," the design proudly showcases the Norwegian flag while concealing five additional flags within its folds, representing France, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, and Thailand. What makes this piece stand out is its ability to seamlessly integrate information. The destinations and corresponding prices are meticulously presented within neatly outlined white rectangles, employing a clean and bold sans-serif typography that enhances both clarity and visual appeal. This thoughtful and visually engaging design exemplifies the art of conveying information creatively in the confined space of print material. 

3. KFC Apology Print Design 

Who could forget the infamous spring of 2018, a time etched in the annals of fast-food history when the unimaginable occurred: - KFC ran out of chicken. Some, leaning toward conspiracy theories, speculate it was a turning point for global society. The saga unfolded with persistent issues from a new supplier, leading to the closure of over 900 restaurants in the UK. However, KFC navigated the crisis with finesse, eschewing deflection and boldly owning up to the blunder with a simple statement: "We f***ed up!" 

This unanticipated apology, spreading like wildfire, showcased the brand's resilience and wit. This may not have been the first great KFC print campaign, as the company is renowned for its marketing efforts, but it was definitely one of the greatest. Transcending the realms of a typical PR nightmare, KFC transformed it into a masterful apology print design, deploying humor and unfiltered honesty. This candid approach resonated with their loyal customer base, turning a PR nightmare into an opportunity for the brand to emerge unscathed. In the world of marketing, where artistry meets strategy, KFC's handling of this crisis stands as a testament to their ingenuity and ability to turn adversity into triumph. 

4. Band-Aid and BMW Superhero Print Designs 

These marvelous and flashy print designs share something in common. They use pop culture and superhero icons to convey brand values! (Explore the best branding professionals who can help with your project.) Band-Aid highlights the durable, flexible fabric of their bandages by showcasing the Incredible Hulk’s massive hand with a bandage on it, cleverly using the gigantic character known for his shifting stature. Not to mention that even the emerald regenerative giant needs help from time to time. On the other hand, the Flash, renowned for its agility and alacrity takes a back seat (or the driver’s one in this case) to the speed of BMW’s M3 model. 

Designed by JWT (Band-Aid) and Creative Director Marco Gioe (BMW) respectively, these prints showcase how leveraging established icons and invoking nostalgia can brilliantly shine a spotlight on the products themselves. 

5. WWF Print Ad Design 

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is no stranger to brilliant and impactful print ads aimed at raising awareness and funds for global wildlife preservation. Unlike many organizations that rely on feelings of angst and worry, WWF takes a distinctive, yet playful approach, steering clear of fearmongering. Their philosophy of making the "horrifying more horrifying" translates into striking print campaigns that leave a lasting impression on our collective psyche, and this one is no exception. 

In this print design, WWF utilizes a powerful image of a feared predator to underscore the urgency of preserving our ecosystem. The juxtaposition of two seemingly identical images, the only difference being the presence or absence of a dreaded shark fin, delivers a clear-cut message — the world becomes a far scarier place without it. WWF's ability to convey a compelling message without resorting to fear tactics showcases their commitment to engaging and informing the public about the critical need for environmental conservation. 

6. Keep Calm and Carry On Poster Design 

Talk about influential. Originally designed by the British Ministry of Information back in 1939, right before the start of the inevitable World War II, it was meant to keep public morale up during the tides of violence. 

While some argue it was rarely used, it has become somewhat of a symbol of British defiance. Sixty years later the print was rediscovered, and its very posh slogan (as well as countless variations of the same) can be seen printed on everything, beaten only by the Superman logo and Che Guevara's face. 

Additionally, the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster has left a lasting impact on the graphic design industry. It serves as a prime example of how a well-crafted design, simple and memorable slogan, and contrasting color scheme can transcend its original purpose and resonate with contemporary audiences. The poster's revival also highlights the power of nostalgia and the ability of graphic design to evoke a sense of history and shared cultural experience. Its influence can be seen in the countless imitations and adaptations that continue to emerge, making it a cultural touchstone that remains relevant to this day. 

7. Live Aid Poster Design 

July 13, 1985, will always be remembered as “the day music changed the world.” Live Aid, organized to raise funds for famine relief efforts in Ethiopia, was one of the most ambitious live performances, since, well, forever. Simultaneous concerts in arenas in London and Pennsylvania, linked for live broadcast saw the likes of Queen, Elton John, Dire Straits, David Bowie, Madonna, Bob Dylan, and many, many more. 

It’s estimated that to date the event has helped raise over $230 million for famine relief. Designed by Steve Maher based on the idea of Bob Geldof, it depicts a stylized silhouette of the African continent as the body of a guitar. It beautifully amalgamates the symbols to communicate the event’s dual purpose: - entertainment and humanitarian aid. The poster's visual impact resonated globally, contributing to Live Aid's success in raising substantial funds. Beyond its immediate cause, the Live Aid poster remains a powerful example of graphic design's ability to merge artistic elements with social activism, creating a lasting impact on both design history and humanitarian efforts. 

8. Jurassic Park Book Cover Design 

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” rings hollow when our goal is, well, judging book covers. While numerous literary masterpieces “wear” recognizable covers (think To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, Catch-22, The Great Gatsby, Dune, and more), our spotlight falls on Michael Crichton's sci-fi gem. Not for its cautionary genetic engineering narrative, but for its elegantly simplistic cover. Crafted by the ingenious Chip Kidd, this cover jumped off the page, leaping onto the big screen to become a symbol synonymous with one of the most successful franchises in the entertainment industry (movies amassed over $6B).

Kidd's design metaphorically breathes life into dinosaurs through skeletal imagery, a captivating monochrome contrast, and avant-garde typography. What might seem standard today was a revolutionary novelty, especially within the genre, showcasing the designer’s foresight and cementing this book cover's status as an iconic piece in the graphic design realm. 

9. National Geographic Afghan Girl Magazine Cover 

National Geographic is also no stranger to historically poignant magazine covers, however, the world-famous “Afghan Girl,”, an iconic piece of print design and photography captured by Steve McCurry, became one of the greatest in the industry. Featured on the June 1985 cover, the hauntingly intense gaze of Sharbat Gula, a young Afghan refugee, instantly became legendary. The sheer power of the photograph’s storytelling, depicting the harsh realities of conflict and displacement, without actually showing the horrors of war, contributed to its historical significance. McCurry's magnificent use of color, paired with the striking green of Sharbat's eyes against the muted background, and the brand’s iconic yellow framing adds to the overall visual impact.  

This cover not only exemplifies exceptional photographic composition, it also brings global attention to the plight of Afghan refugees, emphasizing the intersection of journalism, photography, and print design in conveying profound narratives. 

10. Yoga Mat Business Card Design

While they allow creativity and innovative approaches, business cards should be on-point, clean, classy, and concise to efficiently deliver the necessary information. Precision is key! For this reason, brands often experiment with the material and fonts, but none did it better than the Vancouver-based Flow Yoga center. 

They’ve set an exemplary standard, delivering a simple business card that mimics the roll of a yoga mat. This inventive design seamlessly aligns with their brand ethos, proving that simplicity can be ingenious. While many brands experiment with materials and fonts, Flow Yoga captures attention with a tactile representation of their values. The card's tactile resemblance to a yoga mat not only makes a memorable impression but also serves as a tangible embodiment of the brand's commitment to balance, innovation, and a harmonious flow of elements. 

Best Print Designs 2023 - 2024

Best Print Designs of 2023

Best Print Designs of 2023
Noto Gin
Noto Gin’s Print Design

Noto Gin's print design combines cultural homage and artistic innovation, turning each sip into a voyage to the Noto Peninsula's lush landscapes. It shines among the best print designs by embedding its origin’s spirit into the gin’s visual narrative. With a palette of pastel colors overlaid on a detailed map, the print invites enthusiasts to embark on a serene journey through Japan's picturesque coastlines.

The design's hand-drawn elements reveal a story of passion and tradition, illustrating the gin's botanical ingredients in a personal and universal way. These illustrations, along with tranquilizing colors, encourage a deeper appreciation for the craft behind Noto Gin. Immerse yourself in this masterpiece that perfectly encapsulates tradition and the art of gin-making!
Noto Gins Print Design
Artbook Bottega Veneta X Tyrone Lebon Print Design

Tamim Mortaza's Artbook celebrates the synergy between Bottega Veneta and Tyrone Lebon with a visual narrative that marries minimalistic design with profound photographic art. The print's soothing and nostalgic color scheme invites viewers into a serene yet emotionally charged atmosphere. It stands out among the best print designs with its philosophy of "less is more," where images are given ample space to speak.

The limited typography and symbolic visual effects further distill the collection's essence, focusing attention on the central figures and narratives within each frame. Step into a curated experience that bridges the tactile and the visual, celebrating Lebon's work and Bottega Veneta's aesthetic in a tangible form!
Artbook Bottega Veneta X Tyrone Lebon Print Design
Coimbra 2027's Print Designs

The Coimbra 2027 beautifully illustrates the city's cultural wealth through vibrant prints. The collection is regarded as one of the best print designs by interweaving elements of modern sensibilities and popular art. The mixture of bold colors, from pastels to solid hues, forms a compelling narrative of Coimbra's dynamic character.

The striking color story and geometric shapes introduce a layer of visual movement. This fusion of loud color schemes, dynamic forms, and clean typography culminates in a print design highlighting Coimbra's cultural hub status. Discover the vibrant tapestry of Coimbra 2027's print designs, where each piece shows the city's unyielding spirit of artistic innovation!
Coimbra 2027's Print Designs
YMCA of the North Print Design

The YMCA of the North Adventure Magazine shines among the best print designs by showcasing a meticulous collection of high-definition photography. It invites readers to explore the diverse activities available across the YMCA's 17 camp locations. The imagery highlights the scenic splendor of the North and serves as a compelling call to action for individuals and families to connect with nature.

The simple, sans-serif typography throughout the magazine ensures that the breathtaking visuals match the content. This design choice enhances the reader's experience, making the stories of discovery clearly seen and easily understood. Immerse yourself in this guide to the great outdoors, where every page turn invites you to embark on an exhilarating journey!
YMCA of the North Print Design
The Budva & Petrovac Tourist Map's Print Design

The Budva & Petrovac tourist map is hailed as one of the best print designs by offering a comprehensive guide to the coastal gems of Serbia. By integrating high-quality photos with vibrant illustrations, the map sets realistic expectations while also sparking the imagination about possible adventures. This innovative approach ensures the map is a compelling navigational tool.

The warm Mediterranean hues enhance the map's allure, promising sunny days and clear, inviting waters. The tips and QR codes transform the map into an interactive experience. Tourists can dive deeper into each location's unique story and attractions. Embark on a meticulously designed journey with the Budva & Petrovac tourist map that leads to an unforgettable coastal adventure!
The Budva & Petrovac Tourist Map's Print Design
The Ballet Austin 2023/2024 Season Print Design

Ballet Austin's 2023/2024 Season print design captures ballet's grace and visual art's expressive power. Regarded as one of the best print designs, it transforms each promotional content into a celebration of movement and artistic diversity. Depicting ballet dancers against backgrounds inspired by various art movements showcases ballet's fluidity and emotive strength as a contemporary art form.

The brochure's typographic variety further enhances this journey, with each font selection echoing the unique narrative of the performances. Using a broad color spectrum strategically also crafts a multi-sensory experience on paper. Dive into the pages of Ballet Austin's brochure and see the beauty and dynamism of ballet through a lens of artistic innovation and color!
The Ballet Austin 2023/2024 Season Print Design
Furthermoor's Book Cover Print Design

Furthermoor’s book cover deserves its place among the best print designs for its captivating illustrations and vibrant color palette. The ingenious color division on the cover represents the novel's dual settings: the mundane reality versus the enchanting realm. The visuals entice readers with a visual feast that hints at the richness of the story within.

The contrast is a narrative device, suggesting the thematic depth and the characters' journey between two worlds. The darker and brighter tones speak volumes, alluding to the story's multifaceted nature, from its somber moments to its bursts of magical wonder. Discover every detail in this design where the boundaries of time and reality will hook readers!
Furthermoor's Book Cover Print Design
The United Way x Pantone Print Design

The United Way x Pantone is a groundbreaking print design that merges the vibrancy of art movements with the gravitas of social advocacy. Through Malika Favre's compelling illustrations, this work of art transcends traditional charity messaging. It stands out among the best print designs by engaging the audience with its visual narrative and a custom color that commands attention.

The iconic Pantone layout, reimagined for this partnership, leverages brand recognition to cement its mission in the public consciousness. This innovative approach transforms the familiar into a powerful tool for social change. Get a closer look at this print design that invites audiences to see beyond the surface and engage with the pressing issues of our time!
The United Way x Pantone Print Design
Illuminati Vodka’s Print Design

Illuminati Vodka’s print design exudes luxury and exclusivity, setting new benchmarks for ultra-premium brand positioning in the spirits industry. The deep black color scheme highlights the vodka's refined qualities and embodies the brand's aura of sophistication and mystery. It’s the perfect canvas against which the white typography and bursts of neon colors vividly stand out. The layout shines among the best print designs by creating a visual experience that beckons the viewer closer.

The high-resolution imagery alongside graceful typography further elevates the brand's narrative, offering a glimpse into the meticulous seven-times-distillation process of the rye vodka. Experience the essence of luxury and craftsmanship with Illuminati Vodka, revealing the meticulous care and passion infused into every bottle.
Illuminati Vodkas Print Design
Umberto Eco's Book Cover Design

Umberto Eco's book cover engages readers on a meta-level by transforming the book into a visually arresting piece of art. The strategic cutouts on the dust jacket sleeve introduce a layer of intrigue and sophistication, beckoning readers to delve deeper. This design choice cleverly balances revelation and concealment, sparking curiosity while maintaining the book's mystique.

Rightfully earning its spot among the best print designs, this book cover’s tactile exploration encourages potential readers to physically engage with the medium. Marrying the cutout sleeve with the elegantly designed paperback shows mastery in pairing various design elements without overwhelming the senses. Dive into the layers of this book cover that invites readers into a world of intellectual discovery!
Umberto Eco's Book Cover Design

Best Print Designs of 2022

Best Print Designs of 2022
Typographic Calendar 2023
Typographic Calendar 2023 Print Design

The Typographic Calendar 2023 print design elegantly marries functionality with contemporary aesthetics, making it a standout among the best print designs. Its clean, sans-serif typography enhances readability and caters to a practical yet stylish mindset. With a focus on January, June, and December, this calendar encourages reflection and planning at pivotal points of the year. Adaptable to various interior styles, it exemplifies exceptional design that beautifully serves its purpose.

View our editor's full thoughts on Typographic Calendar 2023 Print Design.
Typographic Calendar 2023 Print Design
Leica Print Design

The Leica print design’s series of eloquent prints showcasing cinematic artistry has earned recognition as one of the best print designs. The designs employ circles and abstract shapes against a luxurious black-and-gold palette. Punctuated by white typography, it symbolizes the sophisticated bond between the artist and their tools. With a blend of orderly geometry and chaotic placement, these prints invite viewers into a realm of artistic interpretation.

View our editor's full thoughts on Leica Print Design.
Leica Print Design
Women’s Foundation 25th Anniversary Campaign Print Design

The Women's Foundation 25th Anniversary Campaign print design stands among the best print designs because of its beautiful delivery of historical inspiration with contemporary flair. Key statements in impactful typography and striking fluorescent ink underscore the foundation's mission. Portraits of influential individuals add depth and gravitas. This fusion of vibrant and neutral colors creates a compelling narrative, connecting the past's struggles with today's ongoing fight for women's rights.

View our editor's full thoughts on Women’s Foundation 25th Anniversary Campaign Print Design.
Womens Foundation 25th Anniversary Campaign Print Design
Autumn Pattern Collection & Notebook Design

The Autumn Pattern Collection and Notebook Design joins the elite ranks of top print designs by transforming ordinary stationery into artistic expressions of sultry beauty. Adorned with rustic leaves, pumpkins, and rain clouds, it immerses users in the season's charm. Blending hand-drawn illustrations with vector art balances tradition and modernity. The design’s earthy and vibrant color palette contrasts with lighter hues to perfectly evoke the warmth and coziness of autumn.

View our editor's full thoughts on Autumn Pattern Collection & Notebook Design.
Autumn Pattern Collection & Notebook Design
Cassa Rurale AltoGarda-Rovereto Print Design

The Cassa Rurale AltoGarda-Rovereto Calendar 2022 print design is a splendid fusion of art and travel, warranting its place among the best print designs. Each page brings to life different scenic travel destinations through the unique medium of plasticine clay. The transition from three-dimensional clay models to striking 2D illustrations demonstrates a masterful blend of traditional sculpting and digital artistry.

View our editor's full thoughts on Cassa Rurale AltoGarda-Rovereto Print Design.
Cassa Rurale AltoGarda-Rovereto Print Design
Nammed Corporate Outdoor Campaign Print Design

The Nammed Medical Aid Fund outdoor campaign secures its spot in the best print designs catalog by using the brand's vivid color and potent message to create a visually arresting canvas. The clever use of transparency reveals captivating images reinforcing the campaign's health message. White outlines of body organs cleverly positioned over these images add an educational layer. This design proves simplicity and creative execution can lead to powerful visual communication.

View our editor's full thoughts on Nammed Corporate Outdoor Campaign Print Design.
Nammed Corporate Outdoor Campaign Print Design
Hirect Print Design

The Hirect print campaign redefines outdoor advertising with witty, candid, and punchy messaging. It distinguishes itself among the best print designs with its innovative use of direct, meme-like messaging that resonates with employers and job seekers. With visually simple yet strategically provocative ads, Hirect cleverly cuts through the noise of traditional business communication. It exemplifies how a clear, bold message combined with a striking logo can create an effective advertising strategy. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Hirect Print Design.
Hirect Print Design
McDonalds Norway Print Design

The McDonald's Norway print campaign balances minimalistic design with powerful messaging to reinforce the importance of responsible waste disposal. It marked its place among the best print designs by masterfully employing McDonald's iconic yellow "M" and familiar typefaces to evoke instant recognition. This campaign's strength lies in its raw imagery that candidly highlights the issue of litter, prompting viewers to reconsider their environmental footprint.

View our editor's full thoughts on McDonalds Norway Print Design.
McDonalds Norway Print Design
Argent Print Design

The Argent print design earned acclaim in DesignRush’s top print designs by weaving a visually compelling narrative of London's King’s Cross rejuvenation. This publication is structured like a walking tour, captivating with its innovative unfolding cover that doubles as a map. It seamlessly guides readers through 21 architectural sites. Its simple layout and high-resolution photography enrich the long-form articles, making the content engaging and educational.

View our editor's full thoughts on Argent Print Design.
Argent Print Design
Restorative Pain Management Print Design

The Restorative Pain Management print design smartly reinvents the medical logo, turning traditional symbols into an emblem of restoration and renewal. Its calming shades of black, cyan, and dark blue exude professionalism. The print’s inspiring messaging and clear typography effectively communicate RPM's healing mission. This display of modern aesthetics, symbolic logo design, and impactful content is exactly why it belongs to our roster of the most impressive print designs.

View our editor's full thoughts on Restorative Pain Management Print Design.
Restorative Pain Management Print Design
Scottish Chambers Print Design

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce print design combines corporate sophistication with vivid storytelling, cementing its place among the best print designs. Focusing on Scotland’s financial landscape, these materials bridge cultural gaps, evident in their meticulously tailored color palettes and imagery. The design balances the organization's corporate identity with luxurious touches, creating materials that are as informative as they are visually inviting.

View our editor's full thoughts on Scottish Chambers Print Design.
Scottish Chambers Print Design
Talavera Print Design

The Talavera print by Clark Studios redefines the hotel guest experience by weaving minimalism with distinct touches. It showcases the Bohemian-style boutique hotel with a mellow autumn color palette and elegant arabesque motifs. The strategic use of complementary fonts across various collaterals enhances readability while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. The design's successful fusion of subtle elegance and intricate detailing merits its place among the finest print designs.

View our editor's full thoughts on Talavera Print Design.
Talavera Print Design

Best Print Designs of 2021

Best Print Designsof 2021
The 2021 Festival Vallenato
The 2021 Festival Vallenato Print Design

The Festival Vallenato 2021 print design features a dynamic tri-color palette that vibrantly conveys the vitality and artistry of Colombia's cultural scene. Joining the ranks of DesignRush’s best print designs, its street art-inspired visuals forge an immediate connection with viewers. The illustration celebrates the festival's musical heritage and masterfully adapts to various mediums, showcasing the power of visual storytelling in print design. 

View our editor's full thoughts on The 2021 Festival Vallenato Print Design.
The 2021 Festival Vallenato Print Design
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Print Design

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens print design uses vintage floral illustrations and mask shapes to merge the past and the present. The design's elegance is accentuated by its restrained use of color. Strategic touches of red enhance the predominantly black-and-white palette. Its combination of Baroque extravagance and modern minimalism honors the gala's grandeur. It also redefines the sophistication of event branding, earning a spot among DesignRush's best print designs.

View our editor's full thoughts on Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Print Design.
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Print Design
Keefer Bar Print Design

The Keefer Bar print has made its mark among the most impressive designs by showcasing ancient illustrations and diagrams interwoven with authentic Chinese lettering. Using vintage-looking materials like rice paper and faux leather adds depth and texture, immersing patrons in a culturally rich experience. The typography blends Western styles with the nuanced elegance of Eastern art, balancing legibility with authenticity.

View our editor's full thoughts on Keefer Bar Print Design.
Keefer Bar Print Design
Chamdor Nigeria Print Design

Chamdor Nigeria's print design’s compelling visual storytelling uses vivid imagery and relatable narratives, making each sip synonymous with life's milestones. The campaign's rich color palette and dynamic imagery radiate class and timeless appeal. This design's consistency across various materials creates a cohesive and striking brand identity – a standout quality that makes Chamdor Nigeria deserving of the best print design recognition.

View our editor's full thoughts on Chamdor Nigeria Print Design.
Chamdor Nigeria Print Design
Orluna Print Design

Orluna's print design transforms architectural downlights into an artistic vision, solidifying its place among DesignRush’s roster of exceptional print designs. Inspired by nature and soft Provencal light, this brand book showcases Orluna's LED lighting through elegant photographs and 3D renders. The vibrant, feminine color palette breaks industry norms, infusing warmth and modern luxury. This branding masterpiece visually represents Orluna's products.

View our editor's full thoughts on Orluna Print Design.
Orluna Print Design
Mayfair Brand Print Design

Mayfair’s new print branding interweaves the district's historic allure with a contemporary twist, marking it as a standout among the most remarkable print designs. The striking electric blue injects modern luxury into the design. It’s a notable style choice that strays from typical black and gold luxury hues. The innovative "ribbon" motif and elegant Mayfair typography, inspired by Roman lettering, reflect a fashionable status akin to iconic brands like Chanel.

View our editor's full thoughts on Mayfair Brand Print Design.
Mayfair Brand Print Design
Moloko Print Design

Moloko's creation for Savushkin Dairy Products shines among the best print designs by stimulating the senses with mouthwatering visuals. The book’s accessible recipes and infographics make it an invaluable resource for cheese enthusiasts of all levels. The design gracefully balances modernity with tradition, offering a fresh perspective on a timeless subject. Its ability to transform the sensory experience of food into stunning and creative visuals engages and educates the reader.

View our editor's full thoughts on Moloko Print Design.
Moloko Print Design
BMS United Bulletin Print Design

BMS United’s redesigned annual report elevates financial data presentation into an art form – a top-tier example of remarkable print design. The bulletin's striking use of contrasts and visual hierarchy transforms complex financial information into a visually captivating narrative. The sophisticated blend of red, white, and black hues gives the report a high-end appeal. Paired with impactful imagery, it successfully conveys the company’s modern and industrial nature.

View our editor's full thoughts on BMS United Bulletin Print Design.
BMS United Bulletin Print Design
Modelos Out-of-Home Print Design

Modelo’s “Dia de Los Muertos” masterpiece brilliantly fuses traditional print design with augmented reality. This captivating OOH campaign transforms hand-painted murals into an immersive 3D experience. It displays the power of AR in bringing a static image to life. Simply pointing a smartphone at the mural treats viewers to an animated spectacle. This campaign easily secured a spot among the best print designs by integrating print design with digital innovation.

View our editor's full thoughts on Modelos Out-of-Home Print Design.
Modelos Out-of-Home Print Design
UDEM's Annual Report Print Design

UDEM's Annual Report design has made its way into DesignRush’s top print designs by using custom fonts and vibrant colors to transform mundane text into an engaging visual experience. It balances sophistication with clarity, making complex data easily digestible and visually appealing. The strategic use of imagery and typography communicates UDEM's achievements and commitment to holistic education. This unconventional layout turns a standard report into an artistic showcase.

View our editor's full thoughts on UDEM's Annual Report Print Design.
UDEM's Annual Report Print Design

The Design Research Process

Our design research process is a dynamic journey in the ever-evolving landscape of print design. We search the web, contact brands and agencies, and evaluate the designs worthy of being part of our collection. To be acknowledged among the best print designs, one must master innovation, trends, impact, functionality, user experience, and even branding. 

Designs that manage to transcend expectations and take print aesthetics to the next level gain recognition, and the finest among them may advance further and compete for the title of Design Award winner. 

If you believe your design embodies these principles, you too can submit it for consideration, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of print design excellence. 


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Video Design Award - June 2024

Recognic Explainer Video

Best Print Designs FAQ

How are the best print designs made?

Making outstanding print designs starts with understanding the project's purpose and target audience. Designers research the context, message, and objectives behind the design, which guides their creative choices. Then, they use graphic design tools and techniques to experiment with layout, color palettes, typography, imagery, and other elements that form the final print piece. 

The Illuminati Vodka print design is a prime example of this approach. Created by Propaganda Creative, the design blends luxurious visuals with an air of mystery. It employs intricate patterns, sophisticated color schemes, and high-end typography. All of these align seamlessly with the product’s high-end nature. This print design shows how thorough research and creative execution can create a visually stunning and brand-appropriate piece. 

What is the most important thing when creating print designs?

When creating print designs, the key is to create a compelling, clear, and well-structured layout. This guarantees that the content and visuals are easily understood and memorable. Plus, it must be versatile enough to work across various formats and printing specifications. A successful print design combines aesthetics with functionality, aligning with the brand identity. 

Consider the Leica print design crafted by Index, for instance. It embodies these principles by balancing elegant visuals and clear messaging. The design showcases Leica's classic and sophisticated brand image through refined typography, geometric style, and impactful imagery. This approach exemplifies how a well-executed print design can encapsulate a brand’s values and create a lasting impression on its audience. 

How much is a quality print design?

A high-quality print design project can start as low as $100 and go up to $10,000 or more. Many clients and print design companies prefer a flat fee for each project, providing clarity on budget and timeline. 

It is worth noting that prices can vary widely depending on several key factors: 

  • Complexity and scope: More intricate and extensive projects will naturally cost more. 
  • Type of print design: Different print materials, like brochures, posters, or packaging, can vary in price. 
  • Location: In the U.S., hourly rates for print design services range from $100 to $200. Meanwhile, agencies in Eastern Europe or India usually charge between $25 and $75 per hour. 

What do most print designers use?

Print designers often use software tools tailored to different aspects of the design process. They primarily use the following tools: 

  • Adobe InDesign: Great for layout design. This tool is ideal for creating complex pages and typography for print media like brochures and magazines.  
  • Adobe Photoshop: Has superb image editing capabilities. This is an excellent design tool for preparing and enhancing images for print.  
  • CorelDRAW: Utilized for its robust vector graphic capabilities, making it suitable for various print design needs.  
  • Adobe Illustrator: A favored tool for creating detailed illustrations and vector graphics essential in print design.  

These tools are helpful for their advanced features and flexibility, enabling designers to produce high-quality print materials. 

Do professional designers use Canva?

Yes, professional print designers do sometimes use Canva. It is particularly useful for projects where cost is a significant consideration or for quick customization on the client's end. It works well for basic layout tasks, templated designs, and instant graphics. However, for more complex print design projects that require advanced tools and features, professionals often prefer industry-standard software like Adobe InDesign or CorelDRAW. While Canva is helpful for diverse tasks, it might not always be the go-to option for high-end professional print design needs. 

What are the rules of effective print design?

To create visually appealing and compelling designs, you must consider the rules of effective print designs below: 

  • Clarity: Designs should be easy to read and understand. 
  • Hierarchy: Organize information clearly to guide the viewer's eye. 
  • Consistency: Use uniform colors and fonts for brand recognition. 
  • Color Accuracy: Ensure colors are suitable for print and consistent across all materials. 
  • High-Quality Images: Use high-resolution images to avoid pixelation in print. 
  • Balance: Achieve visual harmony through thoughtful layout and spacing. 
  • Purpose-Driven: Tailor the design to fit its intended use, whether informational, promotional, or educational. 

Where can I send my designs for consultation?

If you're looking to get professional feedback on your designs and potentially have them featured on DesignRush, you can submit them to our Best Designs Awards page for free. This opportunity offers valuable expert insights at no cost. 

A paid service is available for more in-depth reviews from our Best Print Design Jury. With this option, you'll receive detailed feedback from top experts in the industry. These insights can be instrumental in enhancing your design skills and improving your work. 

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