Havas Organized Website

Eye-catching. Breathtaking. Electrifying. That’s the approach Havas uses when creating advertising and marketing materials for its client. They work hard to take you and your business to the next level in the eyes of the consumer.

There’s no better way to make an impact than to bear it all. That’s exactly how Havas imprints on you. An eclectic display of images collides, creating a busy home page. It’s not without purpose, though, as you’re giving an on the spot introduction to some of what the company has created.

Filling your screen, the very first image takes precedence. It’s larger than the rest, drawing your attention to what Havas has deemed important. The choice is a perfect way to build your interest right away. But wait! Don’t scroll quite yet because that project isn’t the only one. An automatic effect slides through multiple projects. The transition is seamless and lingering, giving you time to soak in each of the featured portfolio pieces.

Before you pick one to dive into, scroll down and enjoy the rest of the vibrant page. Pieced together in evenly shaped squares, photographs create a colorful display to excite and invigorate. The imagery is fantastic and a great way to build your curiosity, but leaves you wanting more. Slip your cursor over each image to activate a sheer green screen. It covers the portfolio piece just enough to bring your attention to the client’s name. The effect is subtle and effective in giving each piece its due focus.

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Havas Website Design About

Opting for a simpler appearance, the About page shies away from vivid colors and gives you sleek, monochromatic tones to look at. These shades of gray are a fantastic complement to the rows of Havas team portraits. Each one comes across as classy and professional as a result.

As you move your cursor around the page, you’re greeted by a playful lighting effect. Individual portraits illuminate with realistic colors, giving you a sense of real life. It helps to create a connection between you and the magic minds behind Havas. The combination sets the page apart, reducing the visual impact. It’s a subtle effect that pushes you toward their flashier pages, where your impulse is built to invest with them.

Havas Amazing Website Design

Showing off their talent, Havas creates a dual menu design that’s both simplistic and unusual. As you journey through their website, both menus are consistently available, but one is visible while one is hidden. The initial menu lines the top of the page, see-through and discreet. It’s there, but never overbearing and never taking away from what you’re doing.

However, the secondary expands and collapses, opening a solid black bar over the right side of whatever screen you’re viewing to give you a list of pages. Adding a bit of flair, Havas changes the highlighting color of the menu depending on what page you’re viewing. It’s a bold choice to offer both menus, ultimately giving you control of how you navigate through Havas website while also testifying to their unique mindset.

Creativity and imagery meld together to showcase the vast talent that Havas employs. The strong visual stance builds a stunning website design that aims to delight and draw users in through their dominance.

Havas is a top website design in the Arts & Recreation, Professional Services and Advertising industries. 

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