Phillips Soda Works Colorful Homepage

Phillips Soda Works was founded by Phillips Brewing Company in 2012 and built on the simple premise that our commitment to hand-brewing craft beer with real ingredients could extend to soda. Phillips Soda Works handcrafts all-natural sodas with real ingredients in their Victoria, BC brewery.

To mark their fifth year in the Canadian market and a big move into the American market, they transformed their Soda Works website into a fun, playful and simple user experience, leveraging the original artwork created by Phillips’ in-house talent.

Phillips Soda Works Colorful Product Page

Driven by the unique illustration style of the packagings, the site is designed to be simple and straightforward, just to make the characteristic of each product stand out. From a galactic robot to a speedcar-racing monkey, they brought the quirky characters to life, showcasing the original artwork with larger-than-life character bios and new, custom product photography. The background of each product page is a tailor-made animation, which echoes the comic essence of the packaging design.

Phillips Soda Works Colorful Website Design

With ingredient call-outs, they demystify what’s in the bottle and leave users wanting to try a taste. The strong graphical impact, alongside intuitive user interaction make the web experience joyful. It shows a combined effort in branding, the result is remarkable.

Phillips Soda Works is a colorful website design in the Food & Beverage industry.