10 Best Dental Web Designs That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

10 Best Dental Web Designs That Will Put a Smile on Your Face
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: May 28, 2023

Uncover the secrets behind a captivating smile and a stunning website in our list of the best dental web designs.

These websites go beyond mere aesthetics, showcasing exceptional user experiences and informative content, as well as the exceptional work of some of the best web designers.

Join us as we dig into the designs that make dental care a visually engaging journey.

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1. Odonto Nit by Henry Szames

[Source: Henry Szames]

Standout Features:

  • Friendly color palette
  • Scarce typography
  • Lots of smiling faces

We’re opening our list of best dental web designs with Odonto Nit. This landing page, designed by Henry Szames, takes the edge off going to the dentist with its positivity through a lenient environment.

There’s not much text on the website, so the accent is on the friendly color palette that encompasses several shades of blue and multimedia visuals. The thorough typography is replaced with multiple instances of engaging videos and images full of smiling faces with gorgeous, healthy grins.

The friendly and reliable atmosphere is further developed through rounded elements and cute digital illustrations that match the age of the, often scared, children who need dental care.

2. Piara Waters Dental by Shoutout Digital

[Source: Shoutout Digital]

Standout Features:

  • Extensive category description
  • Blend of soft and cool colors
  • Accessible FAQ section

Shoutout Digital worked with Piara Waters Dental to develop another representative of the best dental web designs.

The website features a clear section division with an abundance of well-combined visual elements that rest on a blend of soft and cool colors. The hero section consists of large blue typography on the left supported by a photo of a woman smiling on the right.

The background entails a soft color gradient ranging from soft pink to light blue and the following section contrasts it with a deep blue shade that provides more information on the brand. The “About” section is integrated with the service menu thatt contains extensive content that thoroughly explains each category.

Although self-explanatory thanks to its coherent presentation style, the design also includes an accessible FAQ section as you scroll further.

3. DEEP Company by Kernix

[Source: Kernix]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and transparent
  • CTA in the header
  • Legible, uniform typography

The next best dental web design on our list is DEEP Company. The clean design was built by Kernix.

With a legible, uniform typographic choice, the website relies only on a single font style to communicate headers and body text. The keywords in the content, like the buttons, are emphasized through a bright shade of orange that stands out from the white and grey canvas. One of the said buttons marks a distinctive CTA and it’s easy to spot in the header.

Overall, the design is simple and transparent. While there’s an array of colors in the palette, they’re cleverly distributed so that they don’t obstruct the browsing experience.

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4. Dentist24 by Stuone

[Source: Stuone]

Standout Features:

  • Minimal and modern
  • Dental office color palette
  • Quirky testimonial section

Stuone’s work for the Polish brand Dentist24 is another website design we’ll analyze.

The palette mimics the most common colors found in a typical dental office. The four primary colors encompass darker and lighter blue, gray, and white. The palette, supported by various industry-related images, helps build a modern, minimal solution for the brand – with a delightful user interface for its customers.

There’s also a quirky testimonial section with a starred review next to happy customers hovering around in a chaotic fashion that helps the design get a more lenient feel to it.

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5. Faliam Dental by Metacarbon

[Source: Metacarbon]

Standout Features:

  • Practical, fixed navbar
  • Cool iconography
  • Great use of positive space

Next up, we have Metacarbon’s main marketing website for Faliam Dental. This eCommerce design secured its spot on our best dental web designs list thanks to its clean look and accented functionality.

As there are many categories and many more products to browse for, the design features an integrated fixed navbar that hints at the site’s exemplary UX. With only two buttons and a search query to help you save time shopping, the navigation system is as straightforward as it is effective.

The design embraces a clean look through vast positive space that’s used as an excellent supplement for exhibiting the featured products but also for emphasizing the cool iconography that’s placed in small teal circles.

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6. DentCare by Codeflash Infotech

[Source: Codeflash Infotech]

Standout Features:

  • Teeth outline
  • Cute dental icons
  • Helpful blog section

Codeflash Infotech is behind our next choice for the best dental web design list. The agency’s concept for DentCare’s landing page is built around reliable staff photography and a neat blend of dentistry colors.

The sections are divided through interchanging white and gray backgrounds decorated by large outlines of teeth across the layout. These elements complement the cute teal dental icons used to illustrate the range of provided services.

Content is sparse and the design communicates largely through real-life photography of the dental workers and their workflow. If the customers seek a more thorough explanation of any procedures, they can head over to a helpful blog section at the bottom of the page.

7. The Dental OP by Web Casa Design

[Source: Web Casa Design]

Standout Features:

  • Carousel of courses
  • Comprehensive list of benefits
  • Prominent, detailed “About” section

The next project we’re going to dive into is Web Casa Design’s solution for The Dental OP. Clean and serious, the design lures you in with a short but engaging video in the hero section.

The layout uses a classic combination of extensive content chunks set next to photos of dentists at work. As you start scrolling, you’re introduced to a gallery of courses presented via a manually controlled carousel that lists your options, four at a time.

Although thorough with the details in the “About” section, the landing page also contains three bulletin lists directly listing the benefits of becoming a student.

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8. Dr. Schweppe Pediatric Dentistry by Kite Media

[Source: Kite Media]

Standout Features:

  • Emotional video display
  • Circular dynamic elements
  • Scaled-up emblem

Kite Media’s approach to Dr. Schweppe Pediatric Dentistry’s web design is bound to place a smile on your face as you browse through lots of happy children enjoying their trip to the dentist.

The design’s hero section takes you through the brand’s interior, showcasing state-of-the-art equipment and toddlers arriving for their dental procedures with their parents. The delightful video features a heavy white tagline in the center and a contrasting orange CTA below.

As you start scrolling, you engage in the site’s categorization through four circular dynamic elements that appear on the screen.

Although it’s built for the young ones and their parents, the soothing, playful design always keeps a scaled-up logo design in the top left that helps the brand recognition.

9. The Denture Room by Social Space

[Source: Social Space]

Standout Features:

  • Muted color palette
  • Large images of dental prosthetics
  • Dynamic elements

Our penultimate pick for the best dental web designs list is Social Space’s work for The Denture Room. The straightforward design features a drop-down menu of services and delicate font styles that add a sense of sophistication to it.

The design rests on a muted color palette, with backgrounds ranging from white and beige to pink, teal, and green. The buttons and CTA content retain the muted note but use a distinctive orange hue to stand out.

The services menu is ubiquitous as, apart from the navigation bar, it’s also presented in the “About” section and on the landing page. However, the presentation differs. So, you have purely textual in the drop-down menu and rounded illustrations with supplementary text on the landing page.

As for the “About” section, the range of services is showcased through large dental prosthetics images.

10. Boca Alegre by Bilaweb

[Source: Bilaweb]

Standout Features:

  • Hero section carousel
  • Reliable, white-and-blue palette
  • Prominent iconography

Finally, we’ll talk about Boca Alegre. Created by Bilaweb, this website design marks a standard modern dentistry design that embraces a clean aesthetic that’s easy to follow.

Relying on extensive positive space and large headlines, the design embodies a reliable, white-and-blue palette decorated with a touch of orange.

The hero section entails a soothing carousel, with each image highlighting a single service with a short copy and an unintrusive rectangular button.

The iconography is prominent and apart from representing tooth icons in small blue and orange rounded frames, it can also be found in the “Contact” section.

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