Wyss Center Website Design

Standout features:

  • A simple main menu
  • Vivid post-production colors on photographs
  • Generous use of images and large fonts

Wyss Center is Harvard University’s division for bioengineering research. Its website, conceived and delivered by AREA 17, uses vibrant colors, stylish typography, and minimal navigation to trigger interest and promote an understanding of neuroscience and technology.

The website’s homepage promotes recent updates, while the content’s “meat” is on other pages - be it an extensive overview of each department’s scientific team or an insight into Wyss Center’s capabilities.

The most noticeable visuals are the vibrant, saturated photographs. Its custom typography, on the other hand, is a sans-serif breed. Certain sections come in swashes of royal blue to distinguish them from the rest of the content.

The main menu navigation is located in the top right corner and consists of a search icon and three dots that open a full-screen panel with links. The menu takes on a more traditional layout on other pages past the homepage.

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