YHTBS Minimal Homepage

Yoan Hautbois is a digital communication and design expert who uses a sense of identity to inform the interfaces and experiences he designs. The website seeks to explore the identity of Hautbois, in the hopes that it will reflect his design process.

His home page serves as a powerful introduction to both the man and the site. In big bold letters, we see his nickname and his title just beneath it. There's not much else going on. We're told right away what the most important thing on this site is: Yoan Hautbois. This design reflects both his brand and the intention of the site. His process is informed by identity and this site is about him, so the focal point of the design will naturally be his identity. This is an example of how skilled designers can create experiences that express both brand and purpose, rather than one or the other.

YHTBS Minimal Website Design

Here on his portfolio page, Hautbois starts to discuss his process and its various influences. In the background, we see a dynamic book filled with technical text and two gender icons. This textual background evokes a sense of process, research, and workmanship that synergizes well with the content of the page. Additionally, the inclusion of the gender symbols represents his interest in identity. Most importantly, though, the selected background is actually an example of his work. It’s an excerpt from a previous project that clearly demonstrates his interest in identity. This kind of multilevel theme is powerful and effective. Every nook of this page has something interesting to contribute.

YHTBS Minimal About Page

Finally, users see the man himself. On Hautbois’ “About” page, he directly describes his background, resume, and style. Viewers see his name, his face, and his identity fully revealed. We now know the man by his name, work, history, and appearance. The site design has effectively communicated his identity in as many different ways possible. What's more, it did so while selling him as a designer and providing relevant information to users. Hautbois was able to bring both powerful subtext and effective content to the site. Imagine what he could do for a visiting prospective client.

YHTBS is a minimal website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.