Automotive Marketing Strategy: 12 Ways to Highlight Your Car Selling Offerings

Automotive Marketing Strategy: 12 Ways to Highlight Your Car Selling Offerings
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: October 05, 2022

When businesses made the online transition, the automotive sector followed suit. This entailed adjusting automotive marketing strategies to drive growth in the digital era.

However, strategies for other businesses may not work the same for automobile firms.

While car dealerships need to keep up with the market transformation, they also need to look out for various costs and challenges.

Let’s check out the key points of an automotive marketing strategy:

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#1: Customer Reviews

Besides the product quality, customers also need to gauge the credibility of the firm they are purchasing from.

Customer reviews are a great way for audiences to do that. They’re also a cost-effective way for car dealerships to spread the positive word about them.

Reviews showcase the firm’s reputation and service quality.

Firms may have negative as well as positive reviews. However, car dealerships should give assuring responses to negative reviews while focusing on increasing positive ones.

Car dealerships should also pay attention to feedback posted on car dealership sites.

Customer reviews on platforms such as Google and Yelp showcase reviews to a vast audience base. This saves the buyers from dubious dealerships and finds genuine ones through reviews that communicate previous experiences.

Other buyers also refer to social media, ads, and newsletters.

To improve customer reviews, brands may ask to cover customer success stories or create video testimonials to boost authenticity.

#2: Customer-Friendly Website Experience

A customer-friendly website should be easy to navigate, responsive, and quick to load.

Your website should offer comprehensive knowledge to customers by answering queries and addressing concerns. Based on the target audience, consider the features they are looking for by thinking from their perspective.

Local SEO strategies can also be implemented to reach buyers who prefer buying from dealers near them.

A complete Google My Business listing can highlight authentic information easily.

#3: SMS Marketing

Another impactful automobile marketing strategy is SMS marketing, which communicates a message to the audience promptly.

Google Internal Data shows that 60% of automotive-related searches come from mobile devices.

This is because a vast audience base owns smartphones, making them highly responsive to a marketing strategy.

Hence, this strategy brings in the majority of the traffic and can significantly put you ahead of your competitors. Moreover, smartphone users use their devices for a considerable part of their day, and text message open rates are also notably high.

#4: Social Media Group Interactions

A study by Facebook proves that 63% of buyers identified their vehicle on social media, which makes it a highly rewarding automotive marketing channel.

Although being active on social media is essential, maintaining business pages is equally relevant.

Facebook business pages allow prospects to find you when looking for similar businesses. An all-around SEO strategy can also be helpful for your Facebook business page to be found on SERPs.

Ensure optimizing the ”About us” and "Description" sections while also joining and interacting in Facebook groups for increased visibility. Sharing information and insights helps build authority and credibility.

Moreover, each post or comment highlights the brand name, and doing so consistently will make the brand name a familiar one.

#5: Google SERP Rankings

Google is the first platform for anyone researching online, making it imperative for brands to rank on search engines.

Google’s importance cannot be overlooked as the portion of people who would prefer searching on the other pages is critically low.

This makes it vital for brands to have their website displayed on top of the result page along with a map. Ensuring relevant keywords in your Google business profile makes this possible.

Ensuring a top position on SERPs requires the strategy to be highly effective, here’s how to do it:

  • Including relevant keywords to the ad text and ideally include 2-3 ads per ad group or the keyword list
  • Using ad extensions
  • Adding negative keywords to block out irrelevant searches
  • Allocating budget for specific campaigns

#6: Adding Relevant Keywords

Having relevant keywords in the website content, blogs, and ad copies can highlight your website to your audiences. Brands may utilize keywords that audiences are likely to search for. These keywords should be low difficulty and high volume.

Brands may also appeal to the target audience by filtering the demographic. Once the target demographic is identified, create content that adds value or hits their specific pain points while also offering a solution.

You can also utilize competitor bidding by targeting users that might search for your competitors.

#7: Managing Negative Keywords

Blocking keywords may come out as counterproductive.

However, without highlighting negative keywords, ads can also show up for irrelevant searches for businesses, and if anyone clicks on them, brands will have to pay for them.

If you are bidding on broad or phrase-match keywords, it is still possible to show up as an irrelevant search.

Brands should also note that bidding on the exact keyword match may limit their reach potential. Although the search query report can also be a time-consuming task, it is a highly necessary task.

Moreover, if the ads show up as irrelevant searches, they will also lose their credibility. Filtering the negative keywords will not just save money but will also save your reputation.

#8: Adjusting Campaign Budgets

A campaign’s budget can be adjusted on multiple factors; for example, the right timing.

There are specific weeks and times when buyers may prefer buying an automobile.

This could be the Black Friday sale, New Years’ Eve, or others. It is ideal to increase the marketing budget during these times.

Besides other metrics, gauging customer behavior and setting an ideal ad schedule can be helpful.

Figure out the busy, slow, or steady phases and then adjust the online advertising budget for them. This will require planning.

Other ad platforms such as Google make it easy to adjust the budget. Assessing the audience demographic can also help in allocating the campaign budget.

#9: Effective Targeting

Targeting boils down to the type of automotive business, demographics, and user persona.

Automotive marketing may differ for different vehicles and how they may be marketed. Prospective customers may have varied concerns, questions, needs, and wants when they wish to invest in an automobile.

Hence, brands should understand their customer journey before interacting with them on the platform. Likewise, brands should also consider the tonality of the specific social media platforms.

Moreover, aspects may also differ based on the type of vehicle to be purchased; for example, luxury cars or sedans. Furthermore, audiences must also be well-segmented and targeted specifically.

Segmentation may be done on more than one metric, i.e., groups can be segmented into layers. This ensures that a carefully crafted message is sent to the right prospect based on their specific customer journey.

Facebook targeting and other automated tools can also be majorly helpful.

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#10: Video Marketing

Video continues to be king in the content spectrum.

Videos help gauge the look and feel of the vehicle, which allows buyers to envision the vehicle up close. In simpler terms, it offers them an immersive experience of the vehicle without stepping outside.

When added to social media platforms, websites, and YouTube, videos may also appear in Google search results.

Google research shows that 40% of auto shoppers that watched a video visited the dealership in person.

This helps reduce the on-site work as the video does most of the work. Eventually, the physical dealership will only have to give a final nudge for conversion.

The video lengths can vary while highlighting the vehicle’s build and main features, test drives, accessory demos, or 360 virtual reality videos, which can give a realistic and immersive experience.

Such videos establish that the car is just as shown and functions similarly. As they say – show, don’t tell!

Rather than telling all about the vehicle, focus on giving them an experience.

The best video production companies can provide this service.

#11: Remarketing

Remarketing refers to reminding the audiences through interesting remarketing ads while also ensuring that all leads are covered in the process.

This further improves the conversion possibilities rather than having the prospects drop out of the funnel.

This also reduces the abandonment rate and closely targets website visitors. Its main aim is to remind audiences that you are there to lead and help them through the process.

Apart from display ads, introduce a deal for them to purchase from the store while also ensuring to connect with the sales team.

Remarketing ads can also be configured through Google ads and other social media platforms such as Facebook.

#12: Introducing Market Offers

What sets your dealership apart from others? Answering this question can substantially set your offerings apart.

This highlights why customers should choose you over the others. Some common examples include unique incentives and lowered prices, along with a time-sensitive offer.

Incentives may also create a sense of urgency to persuade people to buy an automobile before the offer runs out.

The Best Agencies For Automotive Marketing

1. AntiDoto 56

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Some of Antidoto 56’s clients include DirectTV, Say Whiskey Co, Pepsi Co, and Entel.

2. Fox Digital

  • Location: 49 Marguerite Rd, Los Angeles, California 90275, United States
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Based in Los Angeles, Fox Digital is a digital marketing agency trusted by clients to drive digital growth.

The agency highlights its "Fox Smart Approach" strategy that implements a data-centric plan of action to drive high-quality traffic and conversions while minimizing costs and boosting revenue. Their wide array of digital marketing services helps you break through various online platforms, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Fox Digital's clients include Super73, Monday Motorbikes, American Needle, Packs Travel, and Publish Brands.

3. EDOT3

  • Location: 63 Westgate Road, Tyne & Wear, Newcastle, NE1 1SG, United Kingdom
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EDOT3 is a Newcastle-based digital agency that has been "finding, convincing, and converting" businesses' target audiences since 2007. They specialize in web design, branding, and SEO.

The EDOT3 team is composed of experienced design and marketing experts. They can boost your online presence through a clean SEO strategy, branding and website optimization focused on generating conversions and sales. Their website services are user-friendly, customized, responsive, CRM-integrated, and built for search.

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4. Fenix Media

  • Location: 523 Lakeside Cir., Miami, Florida 33326, United States
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Fenix Media is a video production and advertising agency well-decorated with awards throughout its 20 years in the industry.

If you want that extra leverage through memorable, limitless visuals that are viral-worthy, video marketing is the way to go. Create a catchy commercial, cover an event or animate your branding — whatever your idea, Fenix Media can give life to it.

The agency boasts a portfolio of thousands of video projects, hundreds of artworks and numerous ideas and scripts. Their most notable clients include HBO Latin America, Univision, Telemundo, KFC and P.A.N.

5. Distribute Digital

  • Location: Grosvenor House, 11 St Paul's Square, Birmingham, B3 1RB, United Kingdom
  • Average Hourly Rate: $60/hr
  • Expertise: Digital Marketing, 360° Digital Services, Creative, Web Design, Video Marketing...

Composed of world-class digital marketing experts from across the globe, Distribute Digital offers affordable, comprehensive marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

The agency is focused on driving growth through web design and development, SEO, PPC and social media. They help ensure that the right people find your business online through content, technical optimization, outreach, SEO audit and monitoring. Round it off with PPC management and tailor-made social media campaigns by Distribute Digital.

Their clients include Leighton Vans, Kay Garage Doors, Maxim Lifting Services, Wharton and Miller Metcalfe.

Automotive Marketing Strategy – Key Takeaways

Selling cars has drastically changed over time. Brands cannot depend on singular platforms, verticals, and strategies to boost their sales.

Keeping up with the current trends is crucial.

While digital marketing is essential, it is important to know the right strategy to align it.
By promoting modern channels to an already saturated market, an automotive marketing strategy offers varied benefits for buyers and sellers alike.

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