• Fundrise Investment Website Homepage

    “We’re looking to reinvent the way people invest their money.”

    That’s the mission of Fundrise. An investment company that strongly encourages consumer relations, Fundrise is reaching out to get to know you however they can.

    Needing to build a connection with their consumers, Fundrise creates a user-friendly website design that focuses on visual stimulation and easy use.

    Their homepage is the perfect testament to this. Set on a wide-open background, the page employs a combination of large and medium-sized font to list out specific statements and ideas they find important. Images, infographics, and design accents complement the font combination. When all these elements combine, you’re giving a visually splendid homepage that not only serves to be informational as you go through it, but the layout lets you fly through each section with ease. It’s a perfect combination that keeps the user in mind.

    Fundrise Real Estate Website

    As you’re getting to know and understand Fundrise on their About page, take note of the two timelines the company incorporates on their page to help drive home the point they’re trying to make.

    The first timeline uses transitionary colors from yellow to red to outline what the company has been doing for the past seven years. Points along the timeline connect to different images outlying around the timeline. Lines are drawn between the two, laced in coordination with additional information, to create a multifaceted timeline that’s highly informative and hits every visual and literary sense.

    The secondary timeline is chart graph, which outlines the impact Fundrise has had on investors over the years. The timeline speaks for itself, showcasing the growth of the company in undeniably vivid coloring. It makes you stop and acknowledge just how impressive Fundrise is. The use of these two timelines creates a vital tool for you as you’re learning upon the company for both informational purposes as well as design purposes.

    Fundrise Informational Website Design

    Self-educating oneself is a thing these days and Fundrise makes it easy for you to do so. Employing a blog that’s entirely set on helping you help yourself, Fundrise offers a wide array of resources for you to utilize whenever you feel you want to. With no real sense of rhyme or reason, the page fills up with blog articles. Certain areas are more organized than others, but the overall goal is to fill the page with resources for you and Fundrise accomplishes that.

    Big, easy to read titles are shown off in vivid orange colors, complementing the Fundrise logo by doing so. Some articles are partnered with photographs and others are not, which builds variety and adds a fresh spin to their blog. It makes it easy for you to pick an article and dive right in to explore!

    Pulling from the Fundrise logo design, the Fundrise website heavily incorporates the use of red and orange to accent each page you’re viewing. This color additive makes for a lively, fun atmosphere that makes visiting Fundrise a pleasant user experience.

    Fundrise is a professional website design in the Banking & Finance and Professional Services industries.