Petrachor Website Design

Petrachor’s Website Masterfully Balances Functionality and Streamlined Design

Cryptocurrencies are one of the fastest growing areas of interest on the globe and judging by their impact on the world economy, rightfully so. Just about everyone, from your neighbors to global investment houses, aims to dig (or mine) for more information about cryptocurrency investment.

While still in its infancy, this sector is already very competitive. Petrachor platform aims to ride atop its gaining momentum which is why the company made crypto web design a primary topic of interest. Enter Scopic!

The agency produced an attractive and highly functional blockchain network for exchanges, wallets and various resources for anyone aiming to become a 21st-century prospector. In fact, Petrachor gives you an opportunity to mine and exchange crypto instantly, create NFTs & blockchain games and much, much more. With its advanced Ariel Protocol, the platform is empowering powering DeFi to reach its limitless potential.

Now, that was a mouthful, especially for the uninitiated, which is exactly one of the primary challenges that stop the masses from entering the industry. Besides sheer aesthetics, Scopic introduced a streamlined design sprinkled with bite-size copy sections to bring said industry right to your doorstep. You may look into several web design companies like Scopic, that will help you develop attractive websites. 

Simple and easy to use

Petrachor Website Design Redefines the Blockchain Network with Scalability, Responsiveness and Simplicity

Right from the get-go, the website captures attention with simplicity and ease of use. The homepage clearly displays the accessibility of the platform. It is intentionally straightforward and quick to navigate.

Scopic created a web application and a website that enables users to tap into the Petrachor network from any device. Collaborating with a mobile app development agency comes in handy in developing responsive sites like Petreahor's. 

Here are just some of the features that elevate Petreachor’s website lead acquisition:

  • Convenient and ready-to-use digital wallets
  • Media and podcast features
  • Investor presentation

Design-wise, all the visuals and iconography support the company’s future-forward and tech orientation flawlessly, while the white, sans-serif font permeating the website conveys complex information in a clear and digestible way.

When it comes to the color palette, Petrachor opted for an unusual combination of orange and gradient dark blues. This in turn communicates to users that they’re on the threshold of digital innovation. All they need to do is step forward.

You may also consult with branding agencies to ensure all your business assets, from design collaterals to websites, are coherent based on colors, typography, and more. 

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Copy and typography

Comprehensive Information Educates Users and Gives Petrachor More Authority in the Industry

There are tons of information on this website — the company makes sure visitors know innately who and what Petrachor is all about, providing them with extensive sections about the current industry trends to enlighten and dissuade fears such as:

  • Inefficient transaction processing
  • High entry barriers
  • Penalties for quitting the mining process
  • Compatibility issues and smart contract development limitations
  • And more

These problems have made many users wary of the limitations of different Blockchains. Thanks to Petrachor’s development superiority, it tackles the problems of limited scalability, security, and compatibility better than any other Blockchains and the prominent bits of copy make sure all those fears are dispersed.

Each landing page is packed with content,  graphs, timelines, visuals, service explanations and more. If you come to the site with questions, Petrachor will answer them by the time you’ve surfed the entire web design.

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