breast cancer support fund logo designed by mistique brand communications

Breast Cancer Support Fund (BCSF) Logo Identifies A Worthy Cause With A Simple Yet Meaningful Icon

The Breast Cancer Support Fund (BCSF) is a Canadian charity organization that financially supports low-income women diagnosed with breast cancer. The fund helps with rent, childcare, treatment, medication and other expenses to provide relief from everyday stress.

To help the BCSF establish a strong recognition across the nation, a Toronto-based creative studio called Mystique Brand Communications designed their logo with an aim to reflect the fund’s mission.

An important element of the BCSF’s brand identity, this logo identifies the organization’s cause through a minimalistic yet meaningful icon with a strong visual and emotional impact.

As designers from Mystique Brand Communications explain:

“The heart in the logo is used to denote the compassion shown by everyone involved in changing the lives of women diagnosed with breast cancer. Some will see the bottom half of a circle as a ‘smile’ which symbolizes both optimism during tough times, as well as the end goal of wellness and happiness. Others will instantly recognize the symbol as a breast. What might not be as obvious is that the half-circle is actually supporting the breast.”

This explains the reason behind the logo design and the outcome of offering a simple solution that conveys multiple layers of meaning.

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BCSF Logo Inspires Trust And Reliability With An Engaging Tagline

Knowing that simplification and original geometry are growing as logo design trends, the team of designers behind this logo did a good job of using simple elements in an original way to amplify the meaning.

Besides a purposeful icon, the BCSF’s logo design inspires trust and reliability with the engaging tagline “Helping Women. Today.”

As a contrast to the sans-serif font in all caps for the name of the fund, the tagline, written in a script font, softens the logo by making it more appealing. This tagline is a great example of using clear, to-the-point copy to create a strong bond with both donators and patients.

The tagline is expanded within the BCFS’ website copy to add context:

“We want to help women with breast cancer. Not someday. Today. Because the rent is due. Groceries must be bought. Hospital parking is expensive. And lost wages during treatment and recovery means less money for the bills.”

BCSF branded stationery

BCSF Logo Uses A Recognizable Color to Raise Awareness About Its Cause

The meaning of colors and the psychology behind their use in logo design, especially in non-profit logo designs, is one of the key elements to consider when building a brand’s visual identity.

Choosing the right colors can help a brand to send the right message to its audience, evoke emotions and prompt behaviors.

The BCSF’s aim is to change the conversation surrounding breast cancer and emphasize the importance of providing financial support for the nearly 26,000 Canadians diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

That is why the designers used a soft peach color for the logo. Because, ever since breast cancer survivor Charlotte Haley began sending out peach-colored ribbons to raise awareness of this type of cancer in 1991, the peach color has been connected to this cause.

The peach and dark blue colors from the logo match the overall brand identity of the BCSF, including the color palette on the website, social media profiles, print materials, and other branded assets.

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breast cancer support fund logo white

BCSF Logo Emphasizes Elegant Simplicity To Reinforce Support And Encouragement

The strength of the logo created by Mystique Brand Communications is in the elegant simplicity that symbolizes the organization’s mission: to raise awareness about the importance of financial support for breast cancer patients and their families.

The symbol of a breast in the logo expresses care and optimism, while also reinforcing support and encouragement. It shows the purpose of the BCSF in a clever and appealing way.

Together with the wordmark, including the organization’s name written in an unpretentious font and the empowering tagline in hand-written, script font, the BCSF logo is a great example of a strong, timeless design.

As an important element of the fund’s visual identity, the logo helps grow the visibility of the BCSF nation-wide and increase the number of donors to help as many women as possible throughout their treatment.

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