16 Best Simple Logo Designs That Show Less is More

16 Best Simple Logo Designs That Show Less is More
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: May 08, 2023

We've compiled the best simple logo designs that have proven effective in their respective industries. Produced by the most sought-after logo creators and agencies, these logos are scalable, easily recognizable, and memorable.

If you're looking for a more complex logo that uses different design principles, check out our best logo design collection. We feature monograms, abstracts, dynamic logos, and many more from successful brands and designers.

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1. AO Architects by Emmanuelle Designs

[Source: Emmanuelle Designs]

Standout Features:

  • Interconnecting letters
  • Attractive accent on the "O”
  • Classy

Emmanuelle Designs' design for AO Architects is a simple logo design that perfectly fits the architectural firm’s brand identity.

It features an interconnected A and O, creating a classy monogram design. The attractive accent on the letter O adds a little flair, making the simple logo come alive. "Architects" sits under the elegant AO lettermark in a thin typeface, adding a nice touch to the meaningful logo design.

2. DAU by Victor Gama

[Source: Victor Gama]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist logo design
  • Shapes as letters
  • Soothing colors

This next-best simple logo design for DAU by Victor Gama highlights the use of shapes in spelling the brand's letters.

Instead of using the usual font styles to spell the brand name, the designer used half-ovals to present the letters DAU. This design move adds a splash of personality to the simple logo. It is a minimalist design that goes well with the soothing colors of cyan and white.

3. CuraLoca by Little Bird Creative

[Source: Little Bird Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Inverted C on LOCA
  • Colored half-circle
  • Thin sans-serif fonts

CuraLoca's simple logo design by the Little Bird Creative features an inverted C on "Loca,” with a dot on top and a colored half-circle underneath.

The inverted letter is also a subtle yet impactful touch to the design. It highlights the brand's mission to "Curate locally," as its name suggests.

And if we look with a more playful perspective, it also accentuates the word "Loca," which means "crazy" in Spanish — a nod to the brand's roots. The thin sans-serif font logo design is also perfect because it allows the viewer to read the brand name easily and focus on what it offers.

4. Groundwork by Togue Studio

[Source: Togue Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Badge-like logo
  • Thin typeface
  • Earthy colors

Togue Studio's logo design for Groundwork offers another variation of a simple logo design that uplifts the brand's image by adding class and sophistication. It features a lowercase letter G in a typewritten font in the center, surrounded by the brand's full name.

The typewritten font style makes Groundwork's logo look more appealing and welcoming. Its thin and delicate style resonates well with the brand's target audience: LGBTQ+, women, and athletes.

Lastly, the earthy colors communicate the brand's commitment to health and wellness. The agency predominantly used moss green and white with brown, beige, and black touches.

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5. Rush Foods by Koloursyncc

[Source: Koloursyncc]

Standout Features:

  • Fun
  • Round typeface
  • Cherry on top

Rush Foods’ logo design by Koloursyncc takes the phrase "cherry on top" literally by having two cherries perched on top of the H in the logo, making this simple design look fun.

The agency used a rounded font style and a vibrant purple and white color story to double down on the brand's fun image. These elements work together well, relaying a friendly yet elegant identity.

6. Femi Intimates by Second Society

[Source: Second Society]

Standout Features:

  • A combination of fonts
  • Strong yet soft image
  • Tagline is enclosed in an oval outline

What sets Second Society's logo design for Femi Intimates apart from its competitors is the perfect harmony between the two different font styles.

The design agency used a thin serif font and a handwritten one to highlight the letter M from the logo. This represents the brand's intention to be seen as mature and sensual yet relatable to the customers as a sustainable lingerie brand.

The design also gives off stable vibes from how the other letters in serif fonts seem to hold the M upright, demonstrating their commitment to helping women stand up proudly from within. The brand's "Fiercely Feminine" tagline follows the same typography with a delicate oval outlining around it.

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7. The Leader's Ship by Envy Co

[Source: Envy Co]

Standout Features:

  • Pink-orange gradient
  • Use of lines and dots
  • Sans-serif fonts

The Leader Ship's logo design by Envy Co is a perfect example of how you can stand out from the competition even with a simple logo design.

The agency used a flashy, vibrant pink-orange gradient for the brand icon (rocket ship) to stand out from a sea of podcast shows on various streaming services. They combined lines and dots to present the rocketship, with orange hues at the bottom gradually changing to pink at the upper half. Beside it is the brand name in white, legible text.

The intriguing yet simple logo design catches people's attention and makes them curious about what the podcast is about, proving its effectiveness.

8. Kurt's by Matteo Mueller

[Source: Matteo Mueller]

Standout Features:

  • Circles forming the letter K
  • Cloverleaf-inspired design
  • Classy black-and-white palette

Logo designer Matteo Mueller showcases his creativity with Kurt's logo design, featuring two circles and two ovals arranged strategically to form the letter K.

Typically, designers would go the traditional route and use a unique font as a monogram, but this approach is refreshing and creative. It also reminds us of the cloverleaf, which signifies good luck in Irish culture.

The elegant black and white palette and the brand name underneath the symbol bring cohesiveness to the design.

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9. Withers Studio by Whiskey & Red

[Source: Whiskey & Red]

Standout Features:

  • Thin sans-serif typeface
  • White font color
  • Versatile design

Whiskey & Red created a simple yet impactful logo design for furniture brand Withers Studio using a thin sans-serif typeface that exuded understated elegance perfect for the brand.

Since the brand aims to have a clean and collected image, the design agency used a sans-serif font that blends effortlessly with the brand identity. They also used white as a primary color, making it a versatile choice for the company's simple logo design.

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10. EC&D by ElephantMark

[Source: ElephantMark]

Standout Features:

  • Black and orange colors
  • Thick sans-serif font
  • Orange ampersand

Design agency ElephantMark created a simple logo design for EC&D focused on the thick sans-serif fonts to relay a message of stability to its customers.

The logo design’s bold typography conveys dependability. It bolsters the idea of the company being trustworthy and responsible.

The logotype is in black, with the ampersand in orange as an accent. This color combination signifies class and energy.

11. Enger Energia Solar e Engenharia by Mauricio Zanon Studio

[Source: Mauricio Zanon Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Meaningful icon
  • Vibrant color story
  • Combination of the sun and gears

Mauricio Zanon Studio created an appealing logo design for the Brazil-based brand Enger Energia Solar e Engenharia that features artistic interpretations of the main elements of the brand: sun and gears.

As a solar energy company, the sun and gears represent nature and technology. The agency used squares and rectangles to form a sun with gears, blending two symbols effortlessly.

Tying all this up is the golden yellow and royal blue color story that added professionalism to the simple logo design.

12. Mouvart by Matheus Paschoalini

[Source: Matheus Paschoalini]

Standout Features:

  • Rounded M shape
  • Triangular shapes
  • Ballet references

Mouvart’s logo by Matheus Paschoalini is a simple design that captures the elements of ballet without cramming too much on the logo.

According to the Royal Academy of Dance, the rounded M shape symbolizes the ballerina's arm movements. The triangles represent the movement toward art and culture, and the alignment of the letters borrows references from the feet positions of a ballerina while dancing.

13. Dunn Pariser Peyrot by Newman Grace

[Source: Newman Grace]

Standout Features:

  • Infinity symbol using the initials
  • Clever design execution
  • Warm earth color

Newman Grace's logo design for Dunn Paiser Peyrot features a uniquely made infinity symbol utilizing the brand initials.

The designer connected the letters D and P and turned them into an infinity symbol, implying that the company will always be with its customers from dusk till dawn. This is a sign of their unwavering commitment to their valued clients.

Using a warm earth color in the logo is also a clever way of relaying empathy toward their clients.

14. dtox day spa by SPECIAL MODERN DESIGN


Standout Features:

  • Negative space
  • Use of circles
  • Comforting blue and white

As a spa that provides comfort and relaxation to its clients, dtox Day Spa's logo design by SPECIAL MODERN DESIGN exudes comfort and calm through its soothing choice of colors.

The simple logo design uses sky blue and white, setting the mood for customers, especially first-time clients. A circle was used in the negative space part of the design which allows people to feel protected in all aspects of the word.

The negative space logo design also provides a feeling that dtox Day Spa will soothe the emptiness in their minds with the spa's fantastic array of services.

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15. A Place at the Lake by Tessa De Jong Design

[Source: Tessa De Jong Design]

Standout Features:

  • Well-rounded design
  • Tranquil color set
  • Logo variety

Simple doesn't mean dull by any means and A Place at the Lake's logo showcases this credo marvelously. Designed by Tessa De Jong, it's a straightforward, albeit charming and evocative representation of the brand that banks on relaxation for all senses.

Each element, from the clever, bold font that looks as if it follows the wind-driven currents of the lake, to its well-rounded (quite literally!) abbreviation and minimal symbolic illustrations, everything whispers - perfect vacation, or a "time away together", if you will.

16. Cooee Native Therapy Oral Care by Plenty

[Source: Plenty]

Standout Features:

  • Flowy typography
  • Earthy color palette
  • Impactful bold typeface

If you want to see simple sophistication, look at Cooee Native Therapy Oral Care's logo design by Plenty!

Bold fonts always capture attention. Here, the wide letters are an instant eye-catcher. Their flowy font style also weaves a sense of calm and serenity. These two styles set the stage for a soothing and reliable oral care experience.

The earthy colors resonate with nature's essence, reinforcing the brand's commitment to harnessing the goodness of Australia's natural resources. And lastly, the color story emphasizes the company's promise of sustainable material sourcing.

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